Chapter 32
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Gulp gulp*


The water was cool and refreshing. Before Rhea knew it, she had downed the entire cup.


While her tails waved enthusiastically behind her, Iris refilled Rhea’s cup.


Gulp gulp*


When Rhea finished, she passed the cup back to Iris.


“I’m going to sleep.”


“Nn, nn,” Iris nodded repeatedly while storing the cup away. Rhea smiled at her. She then laid down on the bed and closed her eyes, leaving Iris alone on vigil.


Iris sighed. It would be another long night. She looked up at the sky. It was cloudless and filled with stars.  


It was too bad, she never paid attention to astronomy, so she couldn’t make up what was what.


Still, it did nothing to stop her from appreciating it. It was something she couldn’t see in the city. 


It allowed her to feel a vastness in her heart. The world was so large, and they were in just a corner of the universe.

Unknowingly, time passed, and Rhea soon woke up. Iris yawned, and laid down on the bed. 




Rhea smiled at her while rubbing her cheeks with her hand. Her fingers were a little ticklish, causing Iris’ ears to twitch.




Iris glanced at her strangely before closing her eyes. For some reason, Rhea gave her an odd feeling. She couldn’t pinpoint what it was, and soon threw it to the back of her mind.


Rhea sat on the side of the bed. She closed her eyes and began to sense the surroundings.


It wasn’t until Iris was deep asleep that she made a move. Rhea spread her palm apart and a bronze spear formed on her hand. On the shaft were a bunch of groovy engravings, and if one looked closer, they would find that they were vines. 


She silently got off the bed, and made her way towards the woods. Her steps were neither quick, nor slow. 




From the tree, Aelis came out. 


“What do you want?” Aelis showed a vigilant look. In fact, she was already preparing to release her ability. 


With a smile, Rhea twirled the spear in her hand, before tightening her grip on the handle, causing it to stop. The tip pointed directly at Aelis.


“Taking back what doesn’t belong to you.”


Aelis flapped her wings, sending blades of wind at Rhea while retreating. 




Aelis’ eyes widened. The wind blades had missed, and instead she felt a piercing pain in her heart. Rhea had appeared behind her, while her spear was stabbed into her heart.




She opened her mouth, however, all that came out was a mouthful of blood. Was she going to die here? 


“Apologies.” The groovings on the spear began to activate, causing it to appear like bloody vines were wrapped around it.




Aelis screamed. She felt something tearing her insides. Ripping something from her. She was rapidly losing strength. She wanted to fall unconscious, yet the pain didn’t let her.


“Aelis!” Iris had also woken up. She widened her eyes in disbelief. For a moment, she was at a loss. However, all she felt was her heart hurt.


Rhea glanced at her. Although she didn’t want Iris to see this, she decided not to stop her. 


When Aelis went limp, and her screaming stopped, she pulled the spear out of her. 


Iris didn’t see the spurt of blood she was expecting. 




She asked a little cautiously. She didn’t dare step closer. She was also racked with guilt. She unexpectedly didn’t go forward to help Aelis.


“She’s fine.” Rhea dematerialized the spear and showed a hurt look. “Not coming over?” 


Iris shook her head. 


“I’m going…” In the end, she picked up her courage and walked over. When she saw Aelis, she felt a little complicated. Aside from the extra hole on her ragged shirt, she was unharmed. 


Not only that, her wings became hands again, while her talons became legs. She had turned human again. However, her white hair remained the same.


Iris glanced over at Rhea while pouting. “I want an explanation.” She crossed her arms in front of her. However, instead of getting one, all she got was Rhea pulling her into an embrace before having her lips plundered.


Rhea was like a starved wolf. 


Iris blushed. The time and place was a little wrong. However, she opened her mouth, allowing Rhea’s tongue to enter. The two hooked about. 


She could feel her longing and yearning. For some reason, she felt sorrow. Tears formed on her eyes before falling down her cheeks. Yet at the same time, her kiss was bringing her comfort, slowly eroding Rhea’s strong emotions.


When Iris felt like jelly, and her consciousness was all fluffy, Rhea finally released her.


She then picked Iris up in a princess carry, and brought her over to the bed, leaving Aelis on the floor. She glanced at the shark that tried to hide itself at the back of the bed.