79. The Spread of Their Wings (VII)
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In the Heavenly World, factions rarely sold a cultivation technique, and despite her teacher trying to find some for her, he failed in doing so.

Because of that, Yuan Yue had little protective means or methods to approach her opponent.

That said, Wu Qiangyan judged that this would be the most suitable way of dealing with her, as she did not have any defensive means.

And she was right, in many ways. However, the information the Heavens' Will had was flawed and outdated. After all, what they had was at least a month old.

Yuan Yue indeed only had this single Golden Vajra Palm and her Fist Arts. The latter she had already show in front of them, earning gasps of surprise from the entire audience.

However, her Golden Vajra Palm had not been fully exposed yet.

On a side note, Yuan Yue hesitated. Those wind blades were sharp, but at most annoying; if she gave her all she could dodge them by a few millimeters, though she would receive a few wounds and cuts here and there.

There was no need to waste more energy or show another of her cards.

However, remembering something, she changed her mind. 'No, I must do it.' After all, the others had not received a single wound while they were fighting, therefore, she had to be just as great!

Golden Vajra Palm, one palm suppresses the world!” Her pleasant voice ringed across the arena, reaching the stands.

But people had no time to enjoy it, breaking into surprised screams instead.

A lot of them knew about the Golden Vajra Palm as everyone had gone through a lot of techniques when choosing their own for the first time.

Moreover, despite rare, there were other people that used it, including a famous disciple. So they more or less knew there was no such affiliated technique.

Yet, seeing the golden palm floating above Yuan Yue's and Qiangyan's heads, it was as if they were dumb and wrong.

For a moment, they thought they had missed something while looking at the technique’s information, or that no one that had trained in it had exposed this same move before.

However, all those conclusions were illogical – after all, how could hundreds and thousands of people miss it, or dozen of them keep the technique in secret?

They were baffled beyond words.

Their surprise, though, did not affect the fighters.

With the golden and ethereal hand forming in the sky, Qiangyan felt her breath stiffen.

One had to know that Yuan Yue used this technique to suppress the whirlwind created by a stage six demonic beast – even if she had held back – so its effects were wondrous.

"This is amazing!" Qiangyan was astounded beyond belief.

She could feel not only the qi in the world becoming suppressed, but even her energy.

The scariest thing was that the ‘threads of qi’ that linked her with the wind blades were severed, and the resulting shortage of qi to maintain them resulted in their disappearance.

You lost!” As Yuan Yue’s word’s echoed across the arena, her palm hit her opponent’s chest, sending her flying.

At first, she was going to be a bit cruel as a payback for the last time, but she could see genuine admiration in the other's eyes during that last moment.

Moreover, from the start, she had not seen or sensed any ill will, so she decided against going too far. She could always find the bastards that attacked them later on, too.

Then, with a grin on her face, she looked toward Yueshi and the others below the arena, before pumping her fist in the air in victory.

Under the eyes filled with surprise and wonder if the crowd, Yuan Yue then made her way down the arena.

Just like Tian Tian, she felt a bit aggrieved for not being able to fight more. However, with a blush, her disappointment vanished.

Once more just like Tian Tian, she had someone she could find later to fight and release her boiling excitement… though they were going to be battling in a different way than what the world usually entailed.

Ah, why do I feel like he is turning me into a pervert?’ However, while she asked herself so, she was not against it.

In the first place, it wasn't just about the sex, though it was admittedly good.

She liked to be so close to him that she could hear his heart beating, so close that she could feel the warmth of his entire body, and, above all that, snuggling together after the intercourse was really nice.

But leaving that aside for a moment...

With Wu Qiangyan being sent flying out of the stage, the Heavens' Will had lost yet another battle.

However, while some were anxious, a few still believed Chengfei could deal with whatever came; what they did not know was that he was also a bit anxious.

Even if he could deal with Yueshi, what he believed he could do, he would still have to face Yuan Yue, Ling Tian Tian, and the others.

It wasn’t about being stronger than them or not, what he was, it was about the amount of energy he had. Chances were that he would be drained before winning all the fights.

Still, there was nothing he could do right now.

Gritting his teeth, he looked toward Gao Xiongli.

He was the one that started all this mess, which led to the conflict between the two sides.

"You are up next, and if you dare give up…" His words trailed off in the end, but his meaning was clear.

Gao Xiongli merely nodded, not saying anything. What could he even say, though?

Chengfei was his superior, and he was indeed the one to start this. However, that did not mean he was calm. Instead, his heart was beating furiously and madly, while his back was drenched in cold sweat.

One did not need to be a genius to understand that the other side had sent their weaker members first. He could not even deal with Ling Tian Tian right now, then what about their last member, Yueshi?

--- - -

When Yuan Yue made her way down the stage, she had a smug smile on her face, making everyone break into laughter.

She thought about whispering to Yueshi about how she was still full of energy, and that they had to spar later, however, with everyone around, she was too embarrassed to do so.

So, it’s finally time for Brother Yueshi to show his fangs!” Yuyi seemed the most excited of the bunch.

Honestly, seeing Yueshi break their bones would probably give her more satisfaction than doing it on her own.

Right, I hope to see at least a few broken ribs and arms, and that Chengfei… Boss, you should stab him right on that hole.” Baiyun contributed, laughing aloud.

He was just joking, but his words made the crowd around look at him with strange eyes.

Okay, okay. Rest assured that big brother here will vent your anger for you.” With a cocky look, Yueshi spoke with a grin dancing on his lips.

The mood over here was exactly the opposite of the one in the Heavens Will Association.

Everyone was merry and happy, expecting to see their opponents' faces when they completely lost. On a side note, they also had got a lot of money from prior bets, and that made them even happier.

Then, I will be going!” Smiling, Yueshi made his way up there.

He was a bit surprised to see Gao Xionli going first, but soon he understood it.

Yang Chengfei was probably aiming to test his combat power a bit, and also deal with his anger. Honestly, he did not think the man’s plans would work, particularly the first one.

As of now, Gao Xiongli was too weak to even test him.

To deal with you I don’t even need my spear.” Looking coldly at the one that started the entire conflict, Yueshi spoke with derision.

Then, with a swift movement of his hand, he thrust toward the stone pavement, his spear piercing through the hard floor with absolute ease.

Everyone was surprised with his actions, the crowd immediately bursting into screams and shouts – while some admired him, most thought he was being a little bit too arrogant.

What was the truth, however?

Also, I doubt you can even withstand a single attack.” His words echoed and silenced the crowd, Gao Xiongli’s already dark face darkening even more.

Soon, however, people would find that the seemingly wild arrogance was absolute confidence.

This day was bound to be spoken about many years in the future, and by generations and more generations of new disciples.

Still, it had to be said that Yueshi’s arrogant statement took even the judge by surprise.

Yet, instead of thinking he was being too wild, the man got curious about what gave him such confidence.

It was illogical, but he believed in Yueshi, not just because he was a genius, but also because of what the others had showcased before.

The lady he had seen just seen, for example.

He had been extremely shocked when she fused her martial arts move with her cultivation technique; yet, that was not all she had!

It was a bit less astounding, but she had also created a derivated move all on her own!

'Soaring Dragon Association… it makes one wonder what sort of achievements they will have in the future.' His eyes then turned toward Yueshi once more. 'And you, as the dragon's head, what is it that you have to show the world?'

They say the tallest trees are stricken by thunder first. However, in this world, only by showcasing one’s talent one will be able to acquire more resources and, as a result, even greater power.

He was sure those youngsters knew of that and knew their display of power today would also bring them trouble. Still, this was something they had to do.

"You can start now!" Seeing that the two were ready to go, he immediately gave them permission to start.

A few seconds later, his eyes opened in disbelief and he was left gawking.

--- - -

Gao Xiongli was extremely furious because of Yueshi's condescending and arrogant words - dragon-like veins bulged on his temples and his fury threatened to make his blood vessels burst.

He was arrogant, and he had anger management issues, however, with his background and talent, he had never been treated like so.

What could he do, though?

If Yueshi used his spear, he would be able to take care of him without great effort.

Because of that, he held back, thinking that if the other side did not use his spear he would have greater chances of putting on a fight – and avoid being a laughingstock.

Such thoughts were soon blown away.

As Yueshi charged toward him, he felt an intense pressure descend, as if trying to crush his bones.

Yueshi merely released his internal qi outward, yet it was as if a giant spear was pointed at him, threatening to take his life.

With a gulp, he swallowed his saliva, his heartbeats quickening at an absurd pace.

Martial arts and cultivation are not things far apart, but complementary to each other.

With Yueshi having stepped on the second realm of spear arts, the qi he released outward seemed to take the shape of spears, and it charged forward with extreme speed.

When one’s body is completely in synchrony with his weapon of choice, one seems to become the weapon itself.

That would be called the sword aura, spear aura, and so on.

When one's heart and weapon are in harmony, one's qi takes the shape of their weapon – like Yueshi's spear-like qi.

Even the judge was frozen in place seeing his qi infused with his comprehension of the spear arts.

It moved forward bringing with it the image he had of his spear – strong, powerful, and all-subjugating.

It made even someone at Xiongli's stage feel pressure as if he was being dwarfed by a deity.

The sound of flesh being pierced, torn and also ripped apart echoed in the endless silence that had descended in the region.

Then, Gao Xiongli’s sorry figure was sent flying, falling toward where the other members of the Heaves Will were standing.

Many small and big holes had been opened here and there, and he was bleeding profusely.

However, since the rules dictated he could not kill, Yueshi avoided hitting any life-threatening spot.

It was only when Gao Xiongli crashed against the ground that people recovered from their surprise.

Still, no one knew what to say. Just now, even the audience felt the pressure released by Yueshi's qi.

It had nothing to do with his cultivation stage and, instead, it was as if they had been looking at a proud spear standing erect while pointing toward the heavens – it was mighty, powerful and, above all, majestic.

Second realm of the spear arts – heart and spear as one…’ The judge stared in disbelief at the young man, before chuckling slightly.

To him, it seemed like turbulent times were coming. But he couldn't be happier about it.

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