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After a week of working, Wang Yibo brought Xiao Zhan into the Wang Family.

He (xz) may seemed at eased outside, but the truth is he was really nervous.

Even though he heard of Wang Yibo's father how many times and he saw his lover's parents in the financial news whether in TV, online or newspaper, it's still different when you see them personally.

Wang Yibo's car entered a nice and spacious villa. For Xiao Zhan, this is the first time that he entered in the rich place.

Looking it this way, he can really see the big difference of their social standing. Before they went inside, Wang Yibo hold his hand and smiled at him (xz).

"Everything will be fine." Wang Yibo reassured him.

"En." Xiao Zhan uttered and forced a smile.

When they opened the door, Xiao Zhan saw Chairman Wang sitting in the living room reading a newspaper.

Chairman Wang never spared a look at his son instead turned his head to Xiao Zhan like inspecting him from head to toe.

"You're both here?" Chairman Wang said.

"En." Wang Yibo just nod.

"H-Hello, Uncle." Xiao Zhan greeted him and politely smile.

Chairman Wang nodded at him and then talked to Wang Yibo, "Your mom and Mian Mian is in the garden. Both of them has a loved for plants and I escaped since I can't relate to them.."

"Why is she here?" Wang Yibo frowned and straightforwardly asked.

Xiao Zhan remember the name "Mian Mian". This is the girl that Wang Yibo met during his first day of work and whom Chairman Wang likes for his son.

"You'll both accompany her later in the art gallery right?" Chairman Wang answered. "I bet Xiao Zhan don't mind it either, correct?"

"N-No, Uncle." He (xz) answered right away.

While they were talking, Wang Yibo's mom and Mian Mian entered the living room with the behaved Jing Yi following them.

Xiao Zhan saw how beautiful Wang Yibo's mom is. He remembered that when he saw her for the first time in the television, he couldn't get his eyes on her. Just like everyone, he admired the temperament of this madam.

Then he also looked at the lady beside Wang Yibo's mother. She's also beautiful and had a sophisticated and youthful charm that most boys would definitely like.

Xiao Zhan knows even without introduction that this lady's name is Mian Mian.

"Mian Mian and I were having a good time talking without realizing it. I hope that you can visit me when you are not busy, Mian Mian." Mrs. Wang said.

"Of course, auntie." Mian Mian lovingly answered.

Then both of the two women looked at the father and son then turned their attention to Xiao Zhan.

"This is?" Mrs. Wang asked.

"Mom, my lover." Wang Yibo seriously answered.

"H-Hello, auntie.." Xiao Zhan greeted her and smiled at her.

Jing Yi smiled at them while the face of shocked also showed in Mian Mian's expression.

"Oh, right... You must be Xiao Zhan?" Mrs. Wang said and stared at him for a moment.

"Yes, auntie..." He answered.

She smiled at him, "Since everyone is here, why don't we have lunch? I heard that later today, Mian Mian and you guys will go to the art gallery, so it would be better to eat now so that we still have much time to catch up."

When everyone went to the spacious dining hall, a lot of dishes has been served and put already in the long table.

Wang Yibo and Jing Yi seated in between Xiao Zhan like it's so obvious that the two of them is protecting him (xz). While the one in the center is Chairman Wang,  and on the other side is Mian Mian seated with Mrs. Wang.

There's a lot of things that they talked about and Wang Yibo answered them with a few words every time he was asked.

As for Xiao Zhan, he just kept quiet and can't relate to everyone. Even so, his lover never failed on giving him attention and food to his plate. Like a worried person checking him from time to time. Same goes for him (xz) who also put foods on Wang Yibo's plate.

Despite he was alienated sometimes, his (xz) heart is at ease because of Wang Yibo.

On the other hand, Chairman Wang and the others also noticed the action of the two while they were talking. As for Jing Yi, it was already normal since the two always acted that way every time he ate with them before.

Mrs. Wang is secretly looking at her son and his (yb) lover. It's the first time that she saw Wang Yibo taking care of someone. She thought that her son will never find his mate in this lifetime because of his cold and back-off personality. She also noticed on how Xiao Zhan takes good care of Wang Yibo. Somehow, she felt good inside watching them.

After lunch, Xiao Zhan was left with Mrs. Wang and Jing Yi since Wang Yibo and Mian Mian needs to talked about business with Chairman Wang.

He was dragged by Wang Yibo's mother in her  garden while Jing Yi followed them.

"Xiao Zhan, I heard a lot about you from Jing Yi." Mrs. Wang started the conversation.

Xiao Zhan looked at Jing Yi who winked at him.

"I'm glad my son is not as stiff as before. He never really smiled at all compared to when he is beside you..." Mrs. Wang said with a satisfied smile. "That brat's personality is so serious and cold. Well, somehow it's our fault because we've been busy and never been beside him growing up." She admitted.

Xiao Zhan listened attentively to her.

"The first time I heard that he was in a relationship with a guy, I felt angry. It was a shocked to me and to his father. We never expected him (yb) to like a man. The only thought we had was that he was just rebelling so we hired a detective to check everything about you.." Mrs. Wang continued.

Xiao Zhan shook his head and trying to digest everything that he have heard from Wang Yibo's mother.

"Well, we heard a lot from the detective about your daily life with Yibo and aside from you having a different status in life and an age difference with my son, I saw that you have a good upbringing and you are a hard-working person. Most specially, I can sense that you really love my son so well." Mrs. Wang sincerely said.

For the first time today, the heavy feelings in his (xz) heart has been lifted away and he felt relief.

"T-Thank you, Auntie." Xiao Zhan uttered while having a teary eyes.

Mrs. Wang hugged him and then said, "Well what can I say? Welcome to the Wang family."

"Elder brother Zhan, welcome to the Wang family!" Jing Yi also said to him and smiling brightly.

Wang Yibo excused himself with Mian Mian and Chairman Wang to go to his lover  and only to witnessed this kind of scene.

He coughed and Xiao Zhan, Mrs. Wang and Jing Yi noticed him right away.

"Mom-----" he (yb) called out.

"What? I can't even hug your lover?" Mrs. Wang glared at Wang Yibo. "Drinking vinegar?"

[Drinking vinegar means being jealous. A common example is when a  person is jealous because her/his favourite man/woman is busy with others.]

For the first time in many years, Wang Yibo smiled sincerely to his mother and then looked at Xiao Zhan's teary eyes.

"Yes, I can only hug him. No one can." Wang Yibo replied that made them burst to laughter.