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Almost two weeks had passed after Wang Yibo brought Xiao Zhan to meet his parents.

Now, he already get to used to working in the company and waking up early.

Though he tried his best to fit in and went together with the higher-ups or his colleagues in the company during  lunchtime, he never buys food in the cafeteria since Xiao Zhan always prepared him foods all the time.

Since he's very opened and proud when asked about who prepared his lunch box everyday, a lot of them knew that he's in a relationship and that his lover is very hands on when it comes to the foods he ate.

After the meeting, Wang Yibo was asked by Chairman Wang to go with him for dinner later.

"Why? Are you going to introduce me again with someone? Whose daughter is it?" He sarcastically asked.

Chairman Wang looked at his stubborn son and can't help but deeply sighed. He asked himself if where did the two of them started to become like this. Even though he was not very doting before when he (yb) was young, this boy did not dare to talked to him like this.

"J-Just bring Xiao Zhan with you later.." Chairman Wang said.

"No. I just want to have dinner with Zhan Ge alone." Wang Yibo answered and then exited to his father's office.

Chairman Wang was left furious. He called his secretary and asked, "Give me the phone number of that boy..."

On the other hand, Xiao Zhan received a call from an unknown number. He frowned for a moment since he was not expecting any call at all from anyone. When he answered it, he learned that it was Wang Yibo's father!

"Come to the company later. Your auntie (means his wife) wants to have dinner with you and Yibo." Chairman Wang said.

"Uncle?" He uttered, unsure of what he had heard.

"What? Are you also going to reject my invitation? I won't take no for an answer." Chairman Wang said and then dropped the call.

Xiao Zhan stared at his phone for a moment and then realized what Wang Yibo's father said.

After he digested it, he thought why it was not Wang Yibo who informed him. And then he chuckled and conclude that maybe Wang Yibo rejected the invitation of his father.

He (xz) called Wang Yibo right away and informed him about Chairman Wang's phone call.

"Let's accompany your mom and dad for dinner. It's not really good to say no to elders all the time..." Xiao Zhan said trying to appeased his lover.

"Okay, Ge. Call me when you arrive later. I'll go pick you up right away."


After Xiao Zhan's shift, he went directly to the company and called Wang Yibo when he arrived.

While he was at the lobby, he checked his self if there's something wrong with his appearance. Suddenly, someone sneak attacked and kissed him in his cheek. He then saw Wang Yibo brightly smiled at him.

He was shocked and looked around to check if anyone saw those action. He sighed in relief when he realized that there were no people near them.

"D-Don't do that again..." Xiao Zhan said with blushing face.

"Why? I also want to be intimate with you in public, ge..." Wang Yibo said acting cute in front of him.

He glared at him and then, "I-It's not that you can't do that in public.. It's just that this is your w-work place..."

Wang Yibo laughed at him and hold his hand. The boy brought him to his (yb) office. Some of the staff who saw them could not help but be curious because the heir of their company was holding the hands of someone in public while smiling brightly, knowing that the personality of Wang Yibo is so cold and serious when facing with everyone...

Xiao Zhan let Wang Yibo guide him and could not help but blushed once again by the curious eyes that's been looking at them.

When they were inside Wang Yibo's office, the boy locked his door and to his surprise, he (yb) kissed him (xz).

"Ge, you look so handsome when you're blushing..." Wang Yibo said with eyes full of love.

"Y-You-----" before he could finish what he wanted to say, Wang Yibo kissed him again.

Then he was led by the boy to sit down and then hugged him (xz).

"Don't you have any work to do? G-Go and finish it... Don't leave any unfinish documents when you can just have it done for today..." Xiao Zhan lectured him.

"En..." Wang Yibo uttered. "Let me hug you for awhile, Ge..."

Xiao Zhan secretly smiled and also hug Wang Yibo back.

After that, Wang Yibo went back to his desk. While he's sitting in the sofa, Xiao Zhan looked around and admired the surroundings inside the office and then stared at his lover seriously looking at some documents.

He thought, 'Well, I kinda agree of what the other had said that a person looks more handsome and beautiful when they're serious of what they are doing.'

Xiao Zhan continued to gazed at Wang Yibo's face and then he stopped at his (yb) red lips... He also commended how dashing his lover when wearing a suit.

He could not help himself and swallowed his saliva. Then he suddenly noticed that he got a reaction in his lower part.

Wang Yibo looked at him (xz) and just like being caught red handed, he felt hot on his face.

Xiao Zhan coughed and then asked, "W-Where's the comfort room?"

Wang Yibo examined his face before answering him (xz).

"Should I accompany you to the comfort room, ge?" Wang Yibo teased him and seductively stared at him...

"N-No..." He answered.

"Then shall we have this roleplay when we get home, Ge?" Wang Yibo continued.

Xiao Zhan wanted to bury himself right away due to embarrassment..

"Y-You, roleplay your face!" Xiao Zhan annoyingly react.

Wang Yibo looked at his Zhan Ge's red face and he could also not deny that when Xiao Zhan was staring at him earlier (yb), he also got an erection down there.