Chapter 35: Rewards (Part 1)
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Ren opened his eyes to the sight of the face of the Ralts above him.

Its large eyes stared at him blankly.

‘Are you dead?’ The Ralts asked hesitantly.

‘If I was dead, why would I be talking to you?’ Ren thought.

Was it going to try and kill him now that the battle with the Oranguru was done?

No…Judging by the fact that he was still alive, that was probably not the case.

The Ralts was a strange Pokémon. It listened to him throughout the battle without any complaints and it had not attacked him when he was seriously injured.

‘Drag me towards the Oranguru’s corpse.’ Ren commanded the Ralts through the Telepathic Connection that the Ralts had created by using [Telepathy].

Ren was embarrassed. He was asking a potential enemy to help him?

He had no choice.

He could not move his body.

The middle section of his body had been crushed. His bones had been broken and blood flowed in trickles from his sealed wounds.

He had no choice but to call on the help of the Ralts.

‘Ok.’ Just like in the battle, the Ralts affirmatively responded.

The Ralts floated down onto the ground. It was also exhausted and could no longer float. 

The Ralts used all of its body strength to drag Ren’s battered body towards the corpse of the Oranguru.

Ren groaned in pain. His broken body was dragged across the mud…

Within a few seconds, the Ralts had dragged Ren to the corpse of the Oranguru.

Ren’s fangs pierced deeply into the Oranguru’s flesh, biting it into pieces and swallowing the chunks of the Oranguru’s flesh.

[You have gained one bioenergy. Your body grows longer. You slightly heal]

Messages went off in Ren’s head as he regained his lost energy.

Ren turned his head slowly towards the Ralts.

It was simply waiting by the side of Ren with its innocent eyes staring at him.

‘Go and eat.’ Ren said as he motioned to the corpse of the Larvitar.

He was not that greedy.

The Ralts had helped him out a lot throughout the battle and had even helped him after the battle.

Besides, the Ralts was also slightly injured and its spirit was also depleted.

The Ralts stared at Ren for a few seconds before moving towards the corpse of the Larvitar.

Ren observed the Ralts.

‘How is going to consume the corpse?’ Ren thought. It did not have fangs like him.

The Ralts put its hand on the corpse of the Larvitar. Throughout this entire process, its eyes constantly shifted back to Ren.

It continued to stare at him, while Ren stared at it.

‘Why is staring at me…?’ Ren thought.

It was as if the Ralts was constantly monitoring him.

Ralts thoughts soon drifted to the corpse of the Larvitar. Red light emerged from the hands of the Ralts, covering the corpse of the Larvitar.

Ren watched in shock as a type of red vapor escaped from the Larvitar’s corpse before being engulfed by the Ralts.


The Larvitar’s body begun to shrivel as more and more red vapor entered the air.

The Ralts continued to suck in this red vapor.

Ren turned his head back to the corpse of the Oranguru.

With increased ferocity, Ren pierced into the flesh of the Oranguru.

Messages continued to go off in his head.

The Oranguru’s whole body provided him with 25 bioenergy according to the system. This reconfirmed Ren’s thoughts.

The Bioenergy that different Pokémon provided was dependent on their strength relative to himself.

Due to the large difference in levels between Ren and the Oranguru as well as the fact that the Oranguru was a mutant double element Pokémon, its body provided a large amount of bioenergy.

As Ren continued to eat the flesh of the Oranguru, his wounds began to heal and his broken bones slowly began to mend themselves.

After he had transitioned into a Draconic Ekans, Ren’s healing ability had dramatically increased.

Ren continued to plow through the nearly 4-meter corpse of the Oranguru.

Messages went off in his head, as his body continued to grow longer.


[You have reached the limit. Your body undergoes a metamorphosis]

Ren could feel his body tingling.

He had once again reached the absolute bioenergy capacity of his body.

After more than 15 minutes, he had finally finished eating the corpse.

His bloated stomach began to rapidly shrink, as his bones began to shake. His muscles expanded and then contracted, becoming filled with greater explosive energy.

Ren’s lung capacity expanded and his bones became more and more dense.

He had completed his Second Metamorphosis.


A status window appeared in front of him


Host Name: Ren

Species: Draconic Ekans (Adolescent)

Element: Poison

Level: 2 [Limit: 5]

Bio-Energy: 100/50

Length: 201 cm

Spirit: 23

Power: 19

Wisdom: 9

Agility: 17

Defense: 17

Skills: Breathless Breathing Technique [22%], Poison sting [28%], Terrorize [47%], Acceleration [65%] Tier 2 - Limit breaker [22%] Pokémon Appraisal [35%] Spirit Concentration [31%], Stealth [7%] 

Passive Skills: Spirit Manipulation [99%],

Racial Skills: Shedding [20%], Draconic body [7%]


Ren gasped.

All of his stats apart from wisdom had increased by 5 points.

Not only that. His body had exceeded 2 meters in length!

He could feel energy course through his body.

Ren examined the state of his body.

After undergoing his metamorphosis, not only had his stat points increased but his body's injuries had begun to rapidly heal.

‘I am still not at my best… but I should be able to survive any encounter with a normal Pokémon.’

The Ralts moved back next to him.

Ren stared at the Ralt’s body.

The injuries that it had previously sustained had nearly all completely healed. The Ralts had regained its vibrant glow and strength.

‘What a weirdo.’ Ren thought

Despite being potential enemies, the Ralts continued to float next to him.

Ren stared at the Ralts for a long time.

He pointed at the large tree.

‘I will get the Berry. You can get the corpses on the bottom of the tree.’ Ren said directly.

The effects of eating a berry would greatly diminish if it were divided among two parties.

Ren waited for the Ralt’s rebuttal.

Surely, such a natural treasure would make it at least a bit angry right?

The Ralts was silent for a while.

‘Ok.’ It replied simply.

‘Why?’ Ren responded immediately.

He could no longer hold back his curiosity. Was this Pokémon a fucking saint? From the beginning of the battle, until now the Ralts had continuously acted against common sense.

Ren felt as if his worldview of the Pokémon world was collapsing.

Weren’t Pokémon supposed to be aggressive and bloodthirsty? If that was the case, what the fuck was up with this Pokémon?

‘I don’t understand. What do you mean?’ The Ralts asked as it tilted its head to the side in questioning.

‘Don’t you want it?’ Ren said as he pointed at the Berry.

‘I want it.’ The Ralts replied.

‘Then why did you agree with me?’ Ren asked.

The Ralts contemplated Ren’s words for a while, spinning itself in the air a few times.

‘Because you want it and… the effects of it will go down if more than two Pokémon consume it.’ The Ralts stated as a matter of fact.

Ren was puzzled. Did this Pokémon have no greed?

For such a reason, it decided to give up the berry? A precious berry that two red tier Pokémon had died fighting over!

Ren was critical.

‘Maybe it’s trying to trick me… does it know what the effects of the fruit are? Maybe it wants to use me as a guinea pig.’

Ren’s mind became filled with paranoid thoughts.

However, when he looked back over the actions of the Ralts, he could not help but disregard them.

Ren did not hesitate any longer.

The remains of the Oranguru remained behind.

He had reached the maximum Bioenergy capacity of his body. Eating anymore of its corpse would be suicide.

He slithered forward towards the large tree in the center of the battlefield.

The Ralts followed after him.