Week 3: Power a New Way
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July 10th, 9:00 am

I had a dream as if I was sleeping on a cloud only to wake up falling onto the bed. It seems I have gotten strong enough to make myself float, which is odd, I don't remember becoming strong enough to lift a person, though my precision is up and I can now lift 10 medium sized rocks. Though I don't know the exact weigh of the rocks so I don't know how much I can lift now. I can hover around a foot off the ground, which is kinda thrilling to be honest. I have also increased the speed in which I can move objects, the pencil I could originally only float and spin slowly I can now make it zoom around, and I practice by using it to write in this journal too. 

I have to be careful though, I was almost caught using it, and in my panic the pencil shot really fast into the wall making a loud thunk. I was so startled and a soldier looked at me peculiarly, but he eventually walked away. I found the pencil lodged halfway deep inside the wooden fence post. I pulled it out using my power and was amazed that it had sunk around 3 inches into the wood, and it was really hard wood. I don't know if I am lucky to be saying this, but no one will notice the hole as it is of a similar size of a bullet hole so everyone might just think a stray bullet hit it. 

I am super careful, as I am getting stronger, fast, and I can now probably defend myself if anyone attacks me.  I decided to stop practicing in secret, and focus on making friends and other stuff, I don't want to be caught and they would obviously expect the brother of a strong telekinetic that sneaks around to be up to something. So that is how I made my first friend, Jax.

Jax was a telekinetic like me and we met in a game of dodgeball, as I was able to catch the balls particularly well, and he was the same, so we quickly dominated the field. I mean it was obvious we would do well but for me I never controlled the ball the whole time, I just would slightly turn the ball so it would always hit, while Jax protected me while I did it. He didn't have to as I could've shielded my self on my own but I don't want people to know I can do that. 

Meanwhile in secret I showed and taught Jax how to fly, basically telling him how to use his power around himself instead of on other things. From then on we would float together often, though only a few inches off the ground to practice. I have got to say, it was fun while it lasted.