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It was a peaceful Saturday evening, I was sitting on the sofa remembering my past and reflecting over it, I remembered the time I was with my girlfriend, her eyes as bright and cheerful as one can be, we were living in times of complete ignorance and bliss, we were full of our joy, we loved each other dearly.

A few years passed by, we got married, we had children, 2 beautiful girls and a wonderful little boy who was just over a year old , our two little girls had blonde hair and blue eyes, they were as beautiful as a goddess, their beauty unmatched.

I always wondered if it was my parental love and care for them or if it was truly that they were as beautiful as a goddess or a mix of both. And out son , he had blue eyes and dirty blonde hair, as the years passed by they started to go to school, graduate, and get married.

it felt as if it was only a few days ago that they came to this world and accompanied me through happy times and the darkest times of my life, soon the years passed us bye very quickly our hair turned grey, our bodies became fragile , yet our love remained the same, then a few weeks later my wife got Ill, she was near her due date, I cried and cried in sadness and agony , I kept yelling why, why was it have to be you, take me instead but then my son walked over he told me dad , remember that no matter what we will stay united and if our mom has to go before you , that's god's will please do not be angered and saddened by this instead try to make the more lasting memories together, I smiled back and said thank you son , you have grown to such a splendid man, one day you will find a special someone that will complete you.

As I turned around I smiled and thought to myself he is right, stop crying and let's make these days her happiest days ever, I brought flowers for the following days, I brought chocolate, and I told her about our life and about how happy she had made me, the following day she had perished, I bought roses, her favorite flower and put it into her brave with a letter telling her that I will always love her, as we parted ways I spent more and more time with my family. Then I also grew sick and now I'm here remembering my past and memories now I can go in peace thank you , my children, wife and everyone for bringing me the biggest joy of my life thank you for everything, I can now go in peace. The end.