Vol. 2 SS 4 – Imperial Bedchambers
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There is no "universal moral urge" and not all ethical systems agree. Polygamy, human sacrifice, infanticide, cannibalism, wife beating, self-mutilation, foot binding, preemptive war, torture of prisoners, circumcision, female genital mutilation, racism, sexism, punitive amputation, castration and incest are perfectly "moral" in certain cultures. Is god confused?
Dan Barker


Incestuous, homogeneous fiefdoms of self-proclaimed expertise are always rank-closing and mutually self-defending, above all else.
Glenn Greenwald




Somewhere in the not so far north, in the imperial chambers of a pair of twins.


"Ahhh, my beloved sister, it's always a delight to wake up next to you after a night of wantonness!" expressed Prince Sergeij good-humoredly while his sister Crown Princess Nadia greedily milked his morning wood.

"Shut up, brother. You know very well that I wouldn't be in bed with you if I could find something better than you. Aside from the fact that you're my brother, your cock is the best thing about you."

"You offend me, Nadia. So far, I've still beaten you in every battle of wits and every game of strategy. In return, however, I readily admit with envy, you are far superior to me in every physical activity. Ohhhh. YES!"

"Little charmer, Sergeij. You know exactly what Mother expects of me. If I don't finish at the top of combat training she'll send me to the convent for a year. To motivate me more, Mother says. There is just not enough time for me to do anything else. Even the training in magic I'm only just getting done because I'm stealing from our time together."

"Forgive me, Nadia. And I stand by our agreement, my true love. Still, you should use your head more, there's a little more to being Empress than bashing heads in and cut them off, dearest sister. Hoooo - by the gods!"

"Says the cock to the mouth, brother. From my perspective I use my head in this very moment in an excellent manner. But true, I like to bash in skulls and cut off heads. There's something calming about it somehow. In fact, why not? Tell me what else I should be using my head for right now, besides licking your delicious dick. And yes, you're one hell of a smart brother, sweetheart. What should I worry my head about?"

"There are some interesting things happening up north right now. I think there's an incredible economic boom going on in Mitoran right now. New building techniques. See-through glass. Even mirrors."

"Glass and mirrors? That sounds more like a waste of gold to me. Unless, of course, we manage to get the secret and make a fortune with it. Then I can put that into the army. The building techniques are more interesting to me. Maybe we can use it to build our strongholds even better."

"How bloodthirsty you are, sis. Everything revolves around the military first with you. Well, I have to disappoint you. You won't get to capture the secrets of other nations at the head of a clandestine military operation, I'm afraid. I was able to read the diplomatic dispatches from Mitoran and was present when the merchant guild master and the adventurer guild master auditioned Mother. The techniques of making them are not secret."

"What, you're telling me fantasy stories for children, Sergeij. While I prefer to solve my problems with my fist and sword, even I know that golden apples don't just grow on trees and fall into your lap. So, what's the catch? Better be quick in your apology, otherwise you can bother with the servants to hose down your seed instead of me."

"That's an empty threat, Nadia, dearest. I know you love me too much before you want to share me for such a trifling reason. And they were golden eggs not apples. It wouldn't hurt you to read more about the sagas of the old heroes, either. You are right, there is a catch as you put it. However, I don't think the obvious catch is also the one that will really hurt us. Our workers and craftsmen make everything themselves. Sales take place as usual with the difference that the guild claims a portion of the revenue for itself. Nothing really out of the ordinary. Where it gets weird is that the both the trade and craft guilds have to adopt new units of measurement. Even crazier, all documentation and guidance is only available in writing. The craft guild was about to pull their hair out in anger."

" Was about to, brother?"

"Hmmm, yes Nadia. Every crafter can get free training in the new crafting methods. And according to the guild master, every crafter gets taught reading and arithmetic in the process. I guess reading and arithmetic is one of the prerequisites to being able to understand everything."

"You're right, brother. That's strange. What does anyone gain if the craftsmen can read and do arithmetic? Nobody gives away such an education without getting something out of it. I can't think of anything to say about it, that's your forte, Sergeij. Also, I don't understand why anyone would pay a share to the trade guild. I certainly wouldn't do that."

"Nadia, Nadia, Nadia, my wonderful sister, you really need to work more with your head. Your lips and tongue are exceptionell, yes, without doubt. But don´t neglect your wits. Oooooh - by the holy gods! The trade guild makes a contract with everyone beforehand. Anyone who breaks the contract or sells without a contract exposes themselves to the wrath of the guild. No one in their right mind will want to make an enemy of the trade guild. Those who do, however, usually find themselves adorned with a slave collar very quickly. No, I think someone here has thought very carefully and acted very wisely. Whoever is behind this deserves, if not our respect, then our attention. Someone who knows how to use his head for more than breaking noses, that's someone I like to have on our side."

"Hrrrmpf. Maybe that someone will replace you in my bed then too. He might be better looking too and I like his cock better? Find out more, brother. Why was the Adventurer's Guild with Mother at the same time? They never actually have anything to do together. Except maybe when it comes to protecting the caravans. And even I know that the merchants would rather take the risk with the bandits than spend their oh-so-precious gold on guards. They'd rather whine to Mother about our inability to eradicate the bandits. Ungrateful bunch."

"Maybe you should just catch more bandits and then have them executed? Your successes in that regard really aren't that great. Don't get upset right away, my eye candy, the problem of the whining merchants is probably solved by the guild on its own. From Mitoran, the idea of special roads has also spread to us. The trade guild is building new roads. So, if you really need to entertain yourself cutting of limbs, please sis, use some bandits or slaves instead of merchants."

"Who's going to pay for new roads? Mother will never spend money on that, I'm sure of it. Absolutely not. What are the guilds thinking? That we are there for their benefit? The next merchant who doesn't show me the utmost respect, I'll cut off his arm as a warning! That should teach them to make demands."

"Calm down. You better listen. The guild is paying for the road itself. Mother doesn't have to pay a single gold piece for its construction."


"I haven't been able to find out the details yet. But I think the same clever mind is behind it as with the other things. And frankly, I'm not comfortable with it. I see very clearly what the benefits are to us. And there are a lot of benefits, realize that, sis. What worries me, even big worries, I can't see where the problems are. I could not advise mother against it. But at least she has listened to me and is making inquiries from Mitoran through diplomatic channels. Unfortunately, it will be a long time before we hear any results. I'm worried, Nadia."

"I´m not, but I´ll follow your advice about the merchants. If only the prices for slaves were not so high. Even if I can get some, they are usually not good and cost a fortune. No more demis or children. Everything bought away. And the jails are almost empty. I have already tried there. Can do nothing."

"Poor sis. Try catching bandits."

"I heard from Father that a new ambassador has announced herself. If we're lucky and clever, we can get some information out of her, Sergeij. See to it that you and I are there and have a chance to talk to her. If she is weak, she can be broken. But now enough talking, I want to finally use my head for something useful. Your cock belongs between my lips."

"Uhhhhh, yes, I´ll see to it. Ahhh, don´t stop sis!"