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(Serim, “Be born” + Creare “Produce, create, bring forth”)

Inside the silent and unused library of the Reign family. A lifeless doll took form of a human figure.

The lifeless doll was seated on an antique chair with a book atop of her lap. She didn’t move an inch.

The window behind her back illuminated, made her face silhouette and her hair reflected the incoming light. Also her hair covered almost her face.

Her pure red eyes pierce through the silhouette, staring at it makes you feel uneasy and hallucinate. It was a creepy feeling that one cannot deny.

Looking at the side, there was a sleeping blondish hairy cat, its refine hair reflects the upcoming light. The cat yawns, and opens her eyes.

The cat’s had a rare heterochromia eyes, blue on the left side and red on the other. Her name is Secrea, and without a care about the world around her, she slept soundly.


The humanoid doll slowly moves her hand, it was majestic and elegant. Moving her hand to get onto the next page.

The lifeless doll – Steph Reign. The 3rd daughter of the Duke, Reign Family. She was kept away from the society to not harm their reputation.

She was mark as nonexistent at the family, but anyone can interact or contact her without getting to resign. Because of her father’s pity.

The only good thing about her is that her knowledge. For she had solved many problems when she was still a child. The only problem she had was talentless, and emotionless.

Hence, she was not allowed to step outside the house. Well, everyone would opposed this. However, she does not mind it, in fact. She enjoying her boring, unchanging, and peaceful life.

She continued to read her book, till midnight and slept at the library. This was her second room that no one bothered to enter nor mind it, unless if she needs food, the servants would automatically get her food.

It was a bliss life for her.