Chapter 17
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    Month 5th, Day 19, year XXXX

    [– A skill [Illusion] has been learned]

    It seems like my other illusion has completed its task and was given a report from it. Two runes appeared in front of me. It seems that the gray shoulder-length hair doll completed its task, which means that the princess should be returning to the kingdom immediately.

    I don’t know when she will arrive at the Demiurge kingdom, but I think it will reach my debut party. Well, my plan is to invite them using the appearance of the Spirit Queen and show them off my scary side at my debut party. With that, my peace is secured.

    It was easier than I thought it should be. But I still need to act some stuff in order to make it work. I took a sip from my tea as I sat at the table in the middle of the library, ever since that happened earlier and add the fact that she has moved on from her brother, it seems that Freya has stop coming here, huh?

    I pondered on what should I do in my tea party? Be very scary or be very friendly and look weak. I don’t know, but I want to gain information all over the Lurian country. Now that I think about it, Father has the control of the Demiurge kingdom’s export and import goods. I’ll persuade him in the future

    Demiurge… Repeating the kingdom’s name, I feel like I’m missing something. That name I somehow forgot inside my knowledge. As a pondered deeply, I realized that Demiurge is a creator from Gnosticism.

    To think that their Kingdom’s name came from that or it’s just coincidence or maybe some ancestors in this world are reincarnated beings, did they perhaps came from the future or in the past. After all, the world here does not imply timeline. Whether your world is now in the future or in the past. I know that it doesn’t matter.

    It might be even possible to become a hermit and wait for the ancestors of the previous world to come here. Shit, does that mean the guys I defeated may come here!? I should take precautions about it. If they keep appearing one after another, they might expose me. In any case, I have to hold the information about the people living here and I want to gather more information about the Kingdom.

    While I was lost in my thoughts, I heard somebody opened the door. I didn’t turn around to look, but use the mana zone instead. Mana zones are very convenient for mages, because I can do whatever I want in my mana zone. If I want my enemies under my mana zone to not cast any magic like in the world of archive, I can do it.

    Hmm, now that I think about it, should I spread my mana zone in this world and make them unable to use magic except me? That’s going to be much fun and if those guys start appearing, I’ll spread the mana zone in the whole world. No, should I instead hijack the natural mana around us and make it as a mana zone?  However natural mana isn’t dense like my mana.

    Anyways, the person - Grey came inside the library with a shaking body, it seems that she got trauma about me huh. I’m okay with that, because of that, Grey have more reasons to leave the house. It shows how they’re afraid of me now. I strayed my eyes to the fainted maid of mine.

    Yeah, except for Rachael. It seems that using [Evil eyes] with ‘horror’ made her fainted after staring at it with fear for 2 seconds. It seems that horror is really effective to humans. Actually no, an average person would have fainted in fright. And I should investigate what can terror do. The levels of [Evil eyes] are fear as the basic, fright as the intermediate, and horror as the advance and terror as the highest.

    Without even greeting me, Grey said with a shaking voice

    “Umm… I’m sorry about this” She stop for a brief moment as if she hesitated “I’m going to the Crecian Kingdom to become a professor. I’m sorry for not being able to do anything for you.”

    No, no. It was already fine if you didn’t do anything for me. She continued her speech as I hold the joke inside my mind. When she said that, a thought came to me. If there was a possibility I might come to school.

    I might as well plant some seeds for the future of my schooling. After all, managing the fief must have at least knowledge. All I need to do is to show off my knowledge and the ability to use frozen magic freely. With that, the students will surely fear me and I will graduate faster.

    If the principal gives trouble, I can make the king to do something about it. Everything is like a gear piece for my watch, as time goes by the watch will be completed. Of course by means of the watch, I meant peace. Every being is simply a success percentage for my peace.  

    “This 3 days with you has been a lot of fun” She said as she bowed before me and immediately leave the library with haste.

    Was that really 3 days? So many things happened in these past 3 days that I thought it had already been a week or so. Damn, I really miss reading the books, but it won’t help me. Guess I’ll read the books in the archive later? I also have go inside the world of archive.

    I didn’t mind Grey’s leaving figure and focus on my mana zone. It seems that the Princess together with Linux will be leaving the house, if I’m correct Linux was also in the living room earlier right? I want to experiment whether he’s afraid of me or not. The Cardinal and the priest also starts to pack their baggage.

    Wow, so many people are going out if you add Grey too.

    After my tea party, everything is going to be peaceful again. I stood up from my chair and head towards the gate of the house to where they are gathered.

    Part 2

    When the original Steph arrived at the entrance of the door, she saw the whole leaving squad at the gate, which are Cristabel, Linux, Grey, and the Cardinal.

    Outside the gate was a numerous carriages and are placed alongside of the road. The priest was still loading their bags and things. The priest became many than before and it made Steph to shudder unconsciously.

    Just across her was a carriage embodied with golden designs that shows off royalty, and had a golden dragon crest. Seeing this Steph finally understood why the elder dragon Ygayrith ask to free the dragons.

    After all Demiurge kingdom is a country that captures the dragons and tame them to fight and defeat their enemies. It must be a plan from the reincarnated being, and now that the dragons have been freed by Artemia. Demiurge kingdom’s strength has fallen.

    Steph saw the whole group at the gate and came close to them with a thin presence that no one could detect, while doing so she overheard their conversation.

    “Is Steph alright?” Cristabel said with a worried expression to Alusu.

    Alusu let out a wry smile and said with a dubious look. “Y-Yes, she’s fine!”

    Hearing that, Cristabel let out a sigh of relief, which made Linux and Grey to shudder unconsciously. After all, Cristabel have yet to see Steph’s scary side.

    And then –

    “Are you that worried?” Another voice from an unidentified being appeared between the princess and Grey.

    Cristabel nodded unconsciously. Then the whole group came to realized that Steph was here. Linux keeping his tough up, but strayed his eyes here and there. He was still afraid of Steph, Grey on the other hand, she manage to recover from what happened earlier.

    Steph looks at them, carefully experimenting on how they react to her. If the ‘fear’ was able to cause this much trauma, then she won’t use more than this. She looked at her father, he seems to be fully recovered.

    While lost in thought, she was hugged by Cristabel tightly. Then Grey and Alusu both retorted at Steph in unison.

    ““Don’t appear so suddenly!””

    But it seems that their words came to Steph’s ear but escape to another. Steph then said with slight change of her tone.

    “Sorry for making you worry” She ran her hands around Cristabel’s waist and hug it. “Are you going to leave?”

    Cristabel pulled out and say with an apologetic tone.

    “I’m sorry, but I have to carry out a mission given by the Spirit Queen”

    Of course, Steph has already know this. But she needs to act like she doesn’t know. Steph nodded and averted her face to Grey, which Grey flinch for no reason and made a backward Step.

    Another step forward, another step backward. Steph became irritated and jumped towards Grey. It was so unexpected that Grey couldn’t dodge her leapt and face it head on. Steph hugs Grey tightly and says a speech that no one could predict.

    “Please don’t… Please don’t go anywhere!” her voice was in sorrow and loud. Because of her emotionless face, they couldn’t imagine what would be her reaction when she has one.

    Grey loses her strength from her knees and both of them fell down. She was confused and unable to utter a single word, not only she, but also the whole people in the area. Steph knew she was drawing a lot of attention.

    Well, that’s what she wants in the first place. Making them feel sorry for her being born this way and make their guard down as they try to serve her more. Furthermore, they will be motivated to make her debut grander.

    After all, many royalty and nobles will come. Anyways Steph continued as she makes the entire people around her grow affection for her. She looks up to Grey over her seemingly C cup breast and says with yet another unexpected words as she let out a tear from the corners of her eyes.

    “Don’t leave me… Mother Grey…” Steph didn’t want to say it, but she has no choice. This is the only way that can make the people around her grow affection, expect from that witchcraft magic [Charm] or just an ordinary wide-scale [charm] magic

    Everyone in the area became so confused, the maids and butlers whether they experience her scary side or not. In that instant, their hearts were moved. So many thoughts came to them and assumed it that way.

    Linux and Cristabel looks at her with confusion, so as Alusu. But he had a feeling that this might happen. After all, her daughter have no mother when she was born and it would be very weird if Steph don’t feel anything about it.

    When (still acting) Steph made a surprise look, she stands up suddenly with a haste movement and runs away. Their eyes followed her, but then it met her Maid, Rachael. Steph ignored Rachael who was also Steph, after all, the original Rachael was still on the library, unconscious.

    Rachael who was looking at Steph and smiled. Looking at her, she seemed to understand Steph the most. When she came to realize that she was in the certain of attention, she smiled and greeted them with a bow.

    “Good noon, my superiors” With an elegant bow, it made everyone to return to their senses as she continues “It seems that milady Stephany couldn’t keep her calm and say it, huh?”

    She says it while smiling. It seems that she was more capable of understanding Steph. Alusu immediately came to Rachael and ask her with haste as if the world is ending, so did Rachael, she answered the question that Alusu ask with a straight face.

    “You understand what Steph’s feels?”

    “Yes. More or less”

    “Is she happy?”

    “She’s in depressed”


    The nonchalant question and reply came to halt when Grey came in front of Step- I mean Rachael, as she shouted.

    “Well” Rachael’s eyes rolled onto the ground as she looked so hesitant to answer “Milady Steph is imaging Grey as her mother. Milady Steph was so shy that every day she ran away from you, and perhaps that shyness of hers made you think she hates you. Now that it comes to that, she hated herself now”

    Everyone were wrapped in silent and just hear the words that comes out from Rachael’s mouth with confidence. Rachael – Steph continued to make them feel miserable, with this her debut will certainly become grand.

    “If only I could also have that presence of yours Professor Grey… Maybe Milady Stephany wouldn’t be in a depressed state” Hearing that, Alusu’s face turned pale as he tried to run towards the library, however he was stop by Rachael’s extending hand.

    Alusu shouted out of anger. “What are you doing!? Make way!”

    Rachael replied with also a shout “You can’t go there! Remember what Milady Stephany did earlier!? She was angry because her doll was destroyed! If that happens, she will scare you like what she did earlier! She will then become depressed for the fact that people get scared!”

    Hearing that as if it was a huge bomb that drop in his head. Rachael was right, or so the thoughts invaded Alusu’s mind. ‘If Steph was really angry, no wonder she have that scary aura.’ Without even confirming whether it’s true or not. He trusted Rachael, because she was a former captain and many people put their trust in her.

    Alusu became weak and fell down to his knees as his eyes look at the distance with no future. He said with a defeat tone of voice.

    “What should I then?” saying so, he finally fell down with all fours. “Does she even consider me as a father? The word ‘father’ from her mouth doesn’t feel like it”

    Step- Rachael had an image inside her head, she was grinning evilly as she thought ‘this is why humans are easy’. Whether family or not, friends or not. Deceiving them is a child’s play to Steph.

    Rachael replied with a sad voice.

    “I heard Milady Stephany wants to live peacefully without doing anything, perhaps doing that, she may consider you so”

    Perhaps a light came down to Alusu, he raised his head towards Rachael. He saw a light for the first time in a while, using Rachael as a feeling-teller there might be a chance to get closer to Steph. Well, Alusu really don’t want to let go of Steph and wants to take care of her, because she’s the only one that can able to make him remember his past world.

    Although he doesn’t know what she meant by ‘peace’. Does she want to live in luxury? Does she want to live in lazy life? Does she want to live without problems? As he thought about that. Certainly noble society are troublesome, you can’t get any afternoon naps after becoming one of those higher ranking nobles.

    Does she mean I’ll have to disown Steph from the noble society!?’ Alusu thought. It was a very horrible idea for Steph, but also convenient to Alusu. Without Steph roaming around the house, he doesn’t need to worry about her future. Furthermore, her siblings are prodigy born from the hero. With them, they can at least carry all the burden from their father’s.

    However, the thought that Steph being dependent was so out in his mind. He isn’t even sure if Steph could cook nor clean. Furthermore, he won’t be able to hear the music that Alusu wants.

    When Rachael came to realize what he was thinking, she immediately response to Alusu in order to change the way he was thinking.

    “Ah, don’t get me wrong. But Milady Steph only wants knowledge, not only that she wants to maintain her current carefree lifestyle” Rachael’s idea made Alusu’s mind to change the way he was thinking.

    “Is. Is that so?” Alusu said with a stuttering voice as he looked at Rachael who have a confident face cast.

    Surely, Steph wants to be dismissed from the world of noble. However, now that she planned everything for her peace, she cannot abandon it half-way. After all ‘a tool like her can only make objectives through. If she decides it that way or if the plan is that, then all she needs is to execute it.’ A change of the objective is not accepted, but adding is.

    Alusu doesn’t know what Steph’s thinking and what she wants. Hence he called out Rachael with a serious face.

    “Can you tell me about Steph?”

    As Steph predicted, her father will most likely use Rachael as an Intel for Steph. Rachael nodded gently.


    After things began to settle, everyone took their things and pack it inside their carriages. Just after a few minutes they will begin to move forward to their destination. Grey who was hesitating to go or not, but steeled her resolve.

    And Linux on the other hand was doubting. If Steph was scary because of her stolen things, it only means she’s a kind human being? After all, they made Steph went through a lot of unpleasant ways and hardships.

    Together with Alusu and Rachael, they sent them out while waving their hand. Then suddenly a new carriage drawn by 2 chestnut horses comes toward the abode of the Reign Family. It was a simple carriage with a simple design.

    It was also followed with another simple carriage. Alusu seeing that he unconsciously uttered.

    “They are here”

    When Rachael heard it, she immediately looked around with suspicious movement. Alusu looks at her figure and simply confused by it.

    “What are you doing?” He questioned Rachael who was looking for something at the nearby trees and grass.

    When a light bulb appeared atop her head, she finally found what she was looking. She crouched down in front of a half-human size rock and knock with her knuckles.

    TOC, TOC, TOC.

    Alusu looks at her with a confused look, he can’t help but only to look and focus his gaze at her. Three knocks, the rock suddenly moved and formed its shape, while it doing so, Alusu made a dumbfounded look and let out an unknown voice, while Rachael on the other hand was calm and said.

    “Go notify Milady Steph to prepare, her party guests will now arrive.”

    The stone transformed into a golem, but a question came up to Alusu. How could Steph use golems? Rachael turned around and said with a calm voice as if it was nothing new.

    “I’ll tell you about Milady Stephany later. But for now, shall we greet the guest?”

    Saying so, the carriage arrive in front of them.