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Coming back to the field, Luke realized that there were more people waiting for him than he imagined. Padma and Anthony he expected, but Michael, Terry, Sue Li and Mandy he could understand. But seeing Hermione and especially Daphne there, was something he wasn't expecting one bit.

In fact, everyone was surprised by the presence of the two girls; the boys were even crying invisible tears thinking about how it's unfair that Luke have such good luck with girls.

Luke, on the other hand, felt happy; he never had a lot of people his age to talk, even less to be friends. He never felt he was lonely, albeit he never had the time to feel that way. But experiencing such things recently he realized he preferred things this way.

"Hey guys, thanks for waiting, everything went better than expected!" Luke said grinning while dropping a bit of his formalities.

Nobody expected his change in demeanor, but they all realized that Luke was feeling more comfortable around them. More than anyone else Daphne felt happy about that, she didn't really knew how to approach Luke and seeing him smiling at her helped improve her confidence a bit.

"You know how stupid you were!? You could have died or worse expelled!" Hermione said, almost yelling at Luke. Her priorities were a bit wrong but her thought was appreciated.

The thing that surprised Luke the most was hearing a soft "Idiot~" from Daphne, it was the first time she talked to him. Even Daphne herself seemed surprised; she had an almost imperceptible blush on her face, panicking a bit inside, she decided to just leave.

Seeing that she was leaving, Luke called her out. "Wait! I'll be at the library at 16:00, you're always welcome there!" She stopped for a second and continued walking, but this time a bit faster, she didn't want anyone to see the grin she couldn't control or her red face.

Daphne never imagined that she would have a crush on someone so soon after leaving home, but after seeing Luke on the train, she was very interested at him, his looks and demeanor attracted her like a moth to a flame, she didn't really understand this feeling, she still doesn't, but she knew that she felt happy near him, and the fact that he called her just now made her feel elated.

Seeing all this happening, the bushy-haired girl felt something strange in her heart, like something grabbed and squeezed it a bit. But her attention was shifted when Luke started talking again.

"I think I want to see Neville, he did break his arm in all this so I'm quite concerned, and I want to talk with him about the study group."

"Study group?" Hermione reacted to the word study like a Ravenclaw would.

"Yes, you see, I want to make a group with people that want to improve themselves, each of us has strengths and weaknesses, and doing a study group would help us improve faster, I don't really care about being in different houses, just about the desire to better oneself! I also want you to be part of the study group Hermione. What do you say?" Luke asked expectantly.

Hermione wasn't expecting that a group study, it sounds like a decent idea at least, and she was feeling happy being called to join the group.

While they don't talk much, Luke was the only one that was nice to her, she didn't have any friends in the Gryffindor house yet, most people are indifferent towards her, and some even openly don't like her, like the red-headed boy, Ron Weasley, every time she does good in some class he speaks loudly how she is a know it all, she knew she was one, but it doesn't make it any better to hear it from her supposedly new family.

She had even thought that she should have chosen to enter Ravenclaw house when the Hat was talking to her. He was actually putting her there, but she thought she would do better in Gryffindor and so the Hat complied. It wasn't even one week after that and she already regretted her decision.

She even felt envious when she saw him talking with a lot of his housemates during the week, he was really popular, but she also understood why, he had the charisma, and was also a very good person, to say he had given her a good impression on the train was an understatement.

She also felt happy with the time they spend together at the library, just reading near each other, it was relaxing and much better than being by herself.

But with a group like this it wouldn't matter anyway, she could make friends with other people, something she was really expecting since she got her admission letter. The day on the train really gave her hope that she wouldn't be alone anymore, but as soon as she was sorted in a different house than Luke she was alone again.

This was her chance to not be alone anymore and it's by doing something she already does by herself, study, it's really a win-win situation. So she accepted.

"I would like to join the study group, but only if it's serious, and I won't let anyone copy my homework,"Hermione stated.

"Of course, we are there to improve ourselves, not for taking shortcuts," Luke said almost like he was insulted by her thinking he would like to copy her homework.

"Now I want to talk to Neville about it, Padma here will also try to convince her sister Parvarti, she is a Gryffindor like you, and I also think Daphne would participate too." Luke continued.

When Hermione heard about Daphne she felt like her heart was being squished, she never felt like this before, but today she felt it two times, she really didn't understand that feeling and didn't like it either, it made her feel hopeless.

The group ended up separating, Luke, Anthony, and Hermione went to see Neville, while Sue Li, Mandy, Michael, and Terry went to do their thing, Padma went to find her sister to call her to the group.

While going to the Medical Ward the group was startled by hearing Peeves the Poltergeist singing that Harry entered the Gryffindor Quidditch team as the youngest seeker in the last century.

Luke was impressed, he knew that Harry was a natural, at least in flying, they were the same, both never used a broom until today, and while Luke was also really good at it, he had a lot of physical training that helped him with it. Harry, on the other hand, was doing it all by instinct.

Luke decided to congratulate him later, he looked like he could be a good guy, he stood for Neville too and all, and for what I see he could be a good friend as well.


I'm still working with this new style, but I'm also liking it more~

I tried to show more of the feelings of the girls, Daphne is really different from canon, but I think its better for me to not limit myself with things like this, it's an AU after all.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Hope you enjoy o/~