Chapter 1
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Chen Lyn was so frustrated turning to the dining area where all the noise came from. She swallowed as she was about to reach her destination. When she saw the man sitting in front of her parents she finally admitted it in her heart, that she had a fetish. A sick old man fetish would be the right words to describe it.

Chen Lyn has a fetish for older man. But it was worse when her father's friend, Zhao Ley was the one in front of her, she was attracted to this person that was way older than her by sixteen years.

She was so embarrassed to approach him, the last few weeks when Zhao Ley visit their home to play with her father, she just hide in her room as to not give herself away.

She shuddered when she saw his cold eyes directly looking at her. She felt so naked and would want to jump to him and rub her entire being in his body. Chen Lyn shakes her head to wake herself up in her perverted thoughts.

Zhao Ley was already 34 years old just five years younger to her father. Chen Lyn's father and Zhao Ley were childhood friend growing up together and building a huge corporation together, Zhao Ley being the CEO while her father was Zhao Ley's right hand man and partner.

Zhao Ley was still single he has cold temperament and was handsome like an immortal god. Many had said he was an immortal that descend from heaven. No one had ever touch his heart her father told her but many have tried. Zhao Ley is a kind but at the same time a cruel man. He was kind to his people but cruel to his enemy. Chen Lyn's Dad said he was scared of the young master Ley sometimes because he doesn't really knows Zhao Ley's bottom line. He said he feels like walking on a thin ice that one wrong step and he would sink on a cold ice water that would freeze him to his death. Father also said that he maybe scared of Ley but he was still his life long friend so maybe even if he cross his bottom line once he would be lenient to him and would just torture him but leave him alive. Chen Lyn thought that her father was just joking that time.

They had after all had gone to many events in life and was friends but she was proven wrong. There was this one time where she came home from school she saw her father on the living room she silently approach them from the foyer father was sitting on the single sofa facing the door that were she was standing peeking in thru the door, he gave a signal for her to keep silent and go. As Chen Lyn was turning away she heard a small grown of pained person. She turned and peek on the door again she saw Zhao Ley's left-hand man was kneeling in front of him with a bloody hand on the floor his pinky was remove.

This man was the one who took care of Zhao Ley since he was young Father calls him uncle Song. He was extremely close to Zhao Ley as a butler he rises to power when Zhao Ley had taken the family company and made it the largest corporation in asia. Butler Song then became the left-hand man of young master Zhao Ley and was lifted to being a butler to another new prominent figure in the society.

Chen Lyn vaguely heard Butler Song asking for forgiveness for making a mistake about one of the subsidiary company where he let the other enemy company steal their idea by being seduce of a spy in his company that he handles.

The young Master Ley said that he would spare his life and would be given another chance but the payment would be his amputated pinky fingers so that he would not forget this mistakes in his life. He should have been careful of handling his lustful desire and their were many woman that would suit him more than the spying-bitch beside him. Then young master Ley slowly rise his gun and interrogated the beautiful lady that was kneeling in front of him sobbing and begging for mercy.

The woman continually beg saying she would do anything even make him use her body in anyway he wants, the woman tried to seductively touch Zhao Ley. After she reaching her hand to touch Ley's sleeve, a gun shot was heard, a life was lost and butler Song pinky was shear off when young master Ley stood up. He said to clean this mess up, he was not in the mood anymore, that the whøre had ruin his fun. He turned to the door to go out. Chen Lyn was still stood frozen in my place watching everything that had happen inside not knowing what she should do.

Everyone was silently following the young master that turned the air chill. They we're trying to lessen their presence as to not aggravate Zhao Ley's mood more.

When young master Ley saw her he stop in his track. He looks her with his dark eyes that held a bottomless pit, it feels that a vortex was sucking her in.

Everyone saw her standing on the door they gave her a pleading look as if saying "please do something to lift up his mood or else everyone will suffer". Everyone knows that Ley has a soft spot for her. Lyn gave a look of "I'll try my best".

But a look from Ley and a shiver ran thru her body, Chen Lyn's legs turned jelly and was about to gave out but a hand grab her roughly to steady and keep her in place. A deep baritone voice whisper in her ears with a light flashing in his eyes "Hello little Lyn'er... How have you been?"


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