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Quick update

So, updating ya’ll about the thumb/doctor situation.


Doctor appointment is scheduled for Thursday (Thursday in my time zone, anyway). I won’t be doing any writing on that day.


Markets and Multiverses readers, expect a chapter on Wednesday (or whatever day of the week I usually upload the first MaM chapter for your timezone). Then no chapter on Thursday, and whether there will be a chapter on Friday is currently unknown.


Budding Scientist readers, since I will probably miss Thursday’s writing, expect that this week’s chapter either won’t happen, and then next week’s budding Scientist chapter will be longer (assuming by next week I can write, we’ll see what doctor says) or expect that we’ll have a shorter and slightly less edited chapter this week (though, admittedly, that matters less for public readers and will be more immediate for Patreon readers).


I’ll update you again when I know more.