Chapter 3: Recall
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I was in middle school. I was nothing out of the ordinary and managed to fit in with my peers. I wasn't very popular with my classmates, and that's not a problem. I gained a lot friends during that time, which is pretty impressive for me. Even though I have no particular 'best friend' among them, I'm glad they enjoyed my company as I enjoyed theirs. The friends I gained during middle school are all casual, formal friends. There wasn't a lot of highlights that I particularly remember during that time as my only goal was to pass classes with decent grades, which so I did. I don't usually interact with other students if seemed unnecessary since I always mind my own business. However, there was one memory that I reminisce from time to time.


I was walking down the hallway to my classroom. There were some students walking the opposite direction, but one of them caught my eye. A student with short hair and pale skin. I looked at her for a moment, and she looked back in the last second. I thought she was cute, but my thoughts reset once I approached the classroom door. As I stepped inside the room, despite the loud noise from the conversations my classmates were having, I heard a loud thud outside. I rushed to my seat to put down my bag and immediately walked outside the room. I saw the girl being mugged by one guy who turns out to be an athlete. He pushed her against the wall and she dropped her bag.

"Hey", I exclaimed while walking towards them.
"Got a problem, buddy? You a hero or something?", he replied while trying to intimidate me.
"You wanna get removed from your team? Being a mugger can get you out", I responded.
He diverted his attention and started walking towards me. As he approached me, I signaled the girl to leave. She picked up her bag and ran away. As soon as he realized I helped her escape, he grabbed the collar of my shirt to threaten me. Coincidentally, our class teacher was walking down the hallway, but haven't noticed us yet.

"You know that if you let a teacher see you mugging another student, you'll get reported to your coach and will be removed. So I suggest you let go of me now." I can sense his rage and temptation to punch me, but I stood still as he can do nothing to me. He walked away just before our teacher appeared near our classroom. I fixed my shirt and went in to class.


The class commenced, I set my focus on studying and paying attention to our teacher. As our class progressed, I constantly thought about that girl. I don't know her name, I barely recognize her face. I wondered about what year and class she's in. All year long, I think that was the first time I ever saw her. I don't know how or why, but she stood out from the rest. Her stature is pretty normal, but I think her hair and skin is what caught my attention.

("I wonder who was that girl. She seems pretty calm and quiet, like me.")
("Wait, do I like her? Really? Seems odd of me, I shouldn't think about it too much.")


The class ended. I fixed my items inside my bag and prepared to leave. Somehow, I refrained from leaving immediately. I thought of volunteering to help clean up the room. I asked our teacher if I can help out with cleaning up despite the day not being Tuesday, which is my assigned day to help clean. Our teacher gladly agreed to my request. As I begin cleaning, I drew back my thought.

("Wait, why am I cleaning? I already helped yesterday with this.")
("Oh...right. I delayed my leave in hope of seeing her pass the hallway")

Minutes later, we finally finished up with cleaning and took our leave. I felt relieved since I was feeling sleepy during class and cleaning helped me regain my energy. As I walked past the hallway, I felt a little disappointed, I didn't see the girl anywhere.
("Well, I tried. I'll just go home now, I guess it'll be gone tomorrow.")

I went home, changed clothes,  ate dinner, and went to my bedroom. "It's just one time, I can easily forget about it", I said to myself as I close my eyes to sleep.


Moments later, I slowly open my eyes. A ray of light from a hole in the basement reached my eyes which caused me to wake up. I was completely alone, and I hear no one. I looked around the basement, things seemed cleaner. The couch I was laying on has a pillow now, which made my back suffer less. However, the handcuffs are now connected to a sturdy metal pipe which greatly reduced my ability to move. In fact, I can hardly move at all. My legs are tied to a wooden beam. There was nothing I could do, literally. I observed the ray of light, which is now on my chin. It's somewhere between 10:15 or 10:30 in the morning, I presume. I'm pretty surprised how I'm not feeling any weakness or hunger yet.

("I'm guessing its been a day now, pretty impressive for my metabolism. I guess I saved my nutrients since I haven't spent any energy on anything. Good thing I ate a good amount of food, that ramen filled me up good as well as the cake I had")
("...the cake, that appeared on my front door out of nowhere. It wasn't suspicious looking or anything, and also tasted fine. I guess it was some neighbor's birthday or something")
("Ah, it must be her doing then....Was it drugged?!")
("It makes sense now why I was feeling strange that morning. Also, why would you even drug a cake? Its a cake, goddammit. It tasted pretty good, nonetheless. I have to start asking her questions once she comes back, even if I'm sacrificing my safety here.")

I continued laying down and waited for her. I focused myself on hearing and listening, which was useless. I'm in a basement, I can't even hear birds from here. Pretty weird how sunlight can reach this spot. I waited for hours, until I eventually fell asleep.