the beginning
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In a void of darkness there stood a single “man” ,cackling madly, radiating an aura of madness. With hair that seemed to blend in with the void and eyes of all black and white dots the seemed to focus on nothing and an insane grin on his face.


The very definition of a mad god


(???)-”It seems my time here has come to an end, oh how I'll miss it here, hehehe HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, haaa I can’t wait to kill the ones who locked me up here. What, killing 5 races and destroying half the kingdoms is worth all the time I've spent here ,suffering, they must be thinking I’ll ‘reform’. oh their pretty little faces , I can’t wait to see what their faces look like , hahahaHAHAHAHAHAHA”


His laughter continued through the seemingly endless void as the ‘god’ seemingly disappeared from existence .




In different void of darkness ,thats purpose seems similar , there was a soul ,a single soul, which was weird as souls were almost always kept in groups of 6 or 7 of course except special cases were 2 souls were together but never 1


(???)-”Ok , I'm dead right now, right? Yeah, this can’t possibly be a dream and if it is I’ll just wake up so it’s just fine .Yeah just fine, just fine. Let’s see if I forgot anything or something’’


Name: Raphael bleak


Job: assassin


Age: 26


gender: male


“Seems like the basic stuff is covered so that's good. And just in I’ve realized I don’t have a body. I’m just a ‘soul’ or something, I don’t know what to call this” 


I was a ball of a mix of dark red and black matter floating around a black orb that's almost impossible to see with this background .After what felt like an eternity, the ‘oh so amazing’ scenery started changing. I wonder where I'll be next. in front of me stood a man with black hair, pure black eyes with white dots and a wondering look on his face. We’re just staring at each other before he says:


(???)-”I was going to summon some souls to absorb and to regain my power but , what are you?”




(???)-”hey I'm talking to you”


Oh right




(???)”so you can speak, so what are you?” 


(Raphael)-”I don’t know, why?” 


I don’t know why but it felt like I was being forced to tell the truth and say nothing more.


(???)-”well if you don’t know them it must be a mystery. And I have the feeling that i’ll somehow die if i even try to absorb you and you seem interesting from your memories and you even have a seal to block you off from reincarnation ,so hear what , i’ll give you a deal”

He said while summoning a contract.


(Raphael)-”what and who are? And what's this about a deal?”


(Aron)-”oh pardon my manners my name is Aron and in a god ,now about the contract, I’ll give the take my deal or stay an eternity in that void.”


What? Let's think about this situation, a deal with this ‘god’ or an eternity in the void


I don’t think I can last an eternity in that void and the chances that he’s telling a lie isn’t something I want to find out about so let’s find out more about this ‘deal’


(Raphael)-”so what’s this about a deal and what’s the catch?”


(Aron)-”no catch no catch ,say what ,the deal is I give you my blessing and little knowledge about the world and all you have to do is live ‘eh easy right”

(Raphael)-”sounds sketchy ,but sure I’ll take your deal”


(Aron)-”great!” he says and show me a piece of paper with a contract written on it ‘’all you have to do is say i accept’’


I quickly read it and look for anything weird, I don't find anything weird so it should be fine right? meh 


(Raphael)-”I accept” I say and my entire being starts to feel an intense burning pain as if being reshaped ’’AHHHHHHHHHHH!!’’ I scream out



(Aron)-”I can’t wait to see what you become”


And then I blacked out



(Aron)-”Now that entertainment is arranged, let’s get to absorbing souls’’ BING ‘’ Oh so their are going to give him their blessing ,oh this is going to be interesting” he says before cackling madly.