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Flashback P.O.V

In the darkness of the night ran a single man clad in pure black clothing with a mask covering his face  running and jumping from building to building somehow not making any sound whatsoever 

This man was Raphael bleak. A high ranking assassin in a certain criminal organization. 

Raphael wasn't like other high ranking assassins, He wasn't cruel, cold or any other common stereotype. He was kind to those in need, fun to be around and just an overall cool guy. This didn't mean he was bad at his job, he was a high ranking assassin after all, he was a master marksman, thief, seducer and many more things. He was serious when he needed to be, he could be cold and cunning. He killed many high ranker members of the government in many countries even drug cartels and more. Enough for him to be given the title 'midnight death' for when a high ranking person would suddenly just die and no-one could find out why. Poison, gun's, Disease, if it can kill someone, he knows about it.

As he was running from building to building, he finally came to a stop in front of a condo which he entered. 

This was a condo him, his fiancée and his brother where sharing even though they could personally buy buildings way better than this one they liked  be together because they were since childhood 

Raphael and his brother 'Gabriel' were orphaned at the age of 5 to live off the streets an the organization at the age of 10 where they met seraph his fiancée. They were in a group until they were moved to other groups 

As Raphael opened the door to the living room he was surprised to not see his brother on the couch with his phone, looking around in the kitchen he see seraph either

Taking a phone from a drawer  he called both of their phones and didn't get an answer and after waiting a while he got anxious so he looked for them calling everyone they knew and looking around the city because they never leave the house. jumping and running from building to building in a panicked state when he tracked back around back to the condo he went inside and waited, he knew the highest possibility was that they were dead but he waited and after a few hours of waiting the door opened an there they were blooded and bruised 

seeing that he goy up to say something he felt something pierce his head and with the few milliseconds of sight left he saw a gun in his brother's hands and then darkness


Raphael P.O.V

As I slowly opened my eyes I see a old man that seemed to be human siting behind a fire opposite to me playing something that looks like a wooden flute as I looked  around he seemed to noticed that I was awake

(Old man)-''hey, you, your finally awake''

As I look at him I use appraisal

Appraisal has failed

I am gonna be as polite as possible or I will be fucked

This man is stronger than a lesser Fenrir, even a single thought is enough to kill me.

(Old man)-''Its not nice to randomly appraise someone, y'know''

He has an appraisal detection skill,, I am so fucked

'uh, uh, I am gonna run'

As I try to get up I feel a shock run through my body before pain

(Old man)-''You shouldn't move right now, not healed''

no shit sherlock

(Old man)-''So you must be why the duchess was put to death"

As I was about to refute, I couldn't since he's seen That I'm a horned black wolf you can only get one from two Fenrir-kin And the only Fenrir-kin in Dukedom are the dukes'

(Old man)-''No need to speak, I'll just say your lucky to escape before they turned you into a slave"

(Raphael)-''what do mean?"

(Old man)-''Finally talking eh, well, when one of you get a good blessing you get turned Into a slave, bad one and you get killed, some people even train kids to be slave guards''

wow, so waiting until I unlocked my blessing was a bad Idea, huh

(Old man)-''Well whatever, anyway it seems to be your lucky day since I an get you out of this god forsaken country, for a price, of course

There's always a catch. Why can't I stumble upon some good kind people and

(Raphael)-"Aren't we already out of levendor?"

If I remember correctly the dukedom was right by the border

(Old man)-''We would need to cross this plain, Filled with underground monsters''

ya right, like I'd believe that

umm, did a giant worm just jump out and back into the ground?

(Raphael)-"I'll go"

(Old man)-"Great, names Jim by the way"


And so we crossed the giant plain.