Chapter 11.1
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It was finally Friday evening. Lynsael settled on the couch, wondering what Blaine was doing.

They could be preparing to go on stage, talking to the managers, or even practicing before the show. But when did it even start? He'd known nothing about the concert other than it was at some Club Voodoo, and Raz was going to be there.

Raz. That man had Lynsael spooked, but he couldn't put his finger on it. There was an eerie feel about him, something that emerged from the inside of his core. Evil. Clouded.

It was dangerous for Blaine to be with him, Lynsael knew that, but he couldn't risk making his human upset with him, again.

He'd tried to focus on the television throughout the morning while Blaine was at work. When it wasn't helping to soothe those thoughts, he curled up in bed to reread the magazines. That wasn't working either. Back and forth from the bedroom to the living room grew tiring, and he finally plopped down on the couch with the television off.

Another problem that constantly nagged him was the fact his wings were now all but gone. What was left was a few black limbs protruding from his upper back, and the pain that rolled through his shoulders and down his spine made the situation all more frustrating. He found himself stretching to relieve the searing ache, missing the days when he could ruffle his feathers and feel the breeze through them. It was pure joy, absolute freedom. He had felt more human today than any other day. Bored and scared.

When Blaine came home after work, Lynsael had been curled up on the bed, watching as he dressed for the concert in his usual leather pants and a black t-shirt. Afterwards, he disappeared into the bathroom without much of an acknowledgment.

A last ray of sunlight blazed through the small window, signaling the start of evening. Blaine would be at the club. If only Lynsael could see him play. The band's sound may be erotic and thrilling; they had practiced a lot after all. And Blaine would look magical—like he always did—up on stage under the bright, sparkling multicolored lamps.

There was that glimmer of hope, too, that Blaine would welcome him. If Lynsael could admit all he'd wanted was to see him play then Blaine would have to invite him to stay, right?

But there was someone else, of course, and his name was Raz.

Lynsael jumped to his feet, and dashed into the bedroom. He'd been wearing the same clothing that Blaine had loaned him; maybe it was time for a different getup. After throwing on a dark blue stonewashed pair of jeans and a black t-shirt from Blaine's dresser, he threw on the rough leather jacket and headed for the door.

Hesitant, he stepped out into the open air. His hands shook with fear, but he'd need to find a sense of faith. Looking out across the street, a certain excitement filled him. Confidence in himself to find the club, and hope that he could hold his own in the world where humans play.


“Blaine,” Katlinne hollered over the rumble of the crowd.

He hadn't been home for almost the entire day, and started to wonder about Lynsael. How was he doing? Did he eat something? Was he upset about last night?

In the morning, Blaine had quietly slid out of bed and gotten ready for work without waking Lynsael, who was sleeping peacefully on the far right side of the bed. And when he went home earlier to change, it seemed as if Lynsael was still sleeping, or else he was ignoring him.

After what happened the night before, Blaine hadn't known how to react. He just couldn't believe what Lynsael had said about Raz, and there was no way he could afford to search for another guitar player.

“Hello?” Katlinne waved a hand in front of Blaine's face. “Are you in there?”

Blaine blinked, the cool black lights of the club faded into view. “Uh, yeah...” He wiped his eyes with his palms. “Just tired.” Which was, at least, part of the truth.

“Well, come on, we have a gig to play.” Katlinne patted Blaine's back and stood, as banners with the band's name in large letters and their logo streamed down from the back wall of the stage.

Everyone had gathered, prepared to walk up to the stage, except for Blaine. When he looked out towards the crowd, something in him had wished he was back home with Lynsael in his arms. He would tell Lynsael he was sorry, kiss his neck, and hold him tight.

“Hey,” Raz leaned down, his hand cupped on Blaine's shoulder. “You okay?”

Blaine nodded and stood. He should be excited for this night. Ready to play, to entertain, not worried about Lynsael back at home.

Raz wrapped his arm around Blaine's shoulder. “Nervous or something?”

“No. I had to work earlier this morning. It's nothing,” Blaine answered, walking towards the stage with Raz by his side.

“Bummer. Yeah, I bet that's tough waking up early, working all day.”

“What, you don't have a job?” Blaine stilled a moment.

Raz unraveled himself. “Well... I've been looking. But, I don't think I'll—“ The loud applause of the crowd interrupted him.

Katlinne had already crossed the stage, while Robert chimed on his cymbal.

Blaine stepped up on to the stage, and stood opposite of Katlinne with his guitar strapped across his body.

Raz began to play their opening song, Katlinne joined him with her melodic vocals. With that, the crowd's chaotic rumbling grew louder with cheers and claps.

Every table had been filled, even those close to the stage. The place was almost full. Even the rest of the standing room beside the entrance was overcrowded. The perfect scene, they had almost sold out the entire club.

Heat soared up on stage as Blaine played that first song. This was what he'd waited for. Why had he considered leaving?

Satisfaction and excitement poured through him as he looked to Katlinne, humming her wondrous vocals, and the man next to her. Every electric note that poured from Raz's guitar was just as perfect as they had been during practice. Ha, and Lynsael wanted Blaine to replace him. After four minutes of that first musical bliss, Blaine had put Lynsael's suspicions in the back of his mind.