Sudden News Final
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F: Why wouldn't mom spend the night here?
AJ: Your mom's got uh, business to take care of
F: Is mom going to be ok?
AJ: Are you kidding? your mom is strong even though she's just my trusty sidekick
F: But when I saw her yester-
AJ: shh... nonsense your mom's gonna be ok, now you go to bed alright?
F: aunt Jude? are we still gonna go to your work every week?
AJ: of course sweetie that won't change but for no, your mom won't be tagging along alright?
F: Oh, ok Aunt Jude goodnight
AJ: Goodnight sweetheart


I went upstairs and lay down on my bed. "what if mom really is gonna die? she won't leave me right? maybe she will, is that why she was asking me if what am I gonna do if she's gone". As I continue to overthink I could hear loud footsteps as if aunt Jude is in a rush. I slowly went out of my room to take a look on what's going on, I saw aunt Jude inside my mom's room, she was packing some of my mom's clothes, took a couple of bolsters and several towels. "Is this what mom meant when she said she was leaving? Is mom running away or is aunt Jude kicking her out?" She turned her back quickly and got surprised by me staring at her from the door way.

AJ: Sweetie didn't I tell you to sleep.
F: Why are you packing mom's clothes, is she leaving?
AJ: No, no sweetie your mom isn't leaving, didn't I tell you that she just has business to do.
F: I'm scared.
AJ: scared of what honey?
F: Mom asked me the other night that what would I do if she's gone, now she's in the hospital, you may not tell me what's going on but I know mom's sick, is she going to die?

She then stood still. "I think she's scared too, maybe mom really is gonna die".

AJ: Your mom told me not to tell you nor speak of it around you, but we were careless of are actions of course it would be obvious. Honey your mom is... Sick and in the brink of death. It's curable but, we don't have money for that
F: But aren't you already working?
AJ: Yes sweetie but my salary isn't enough, I don't really know what to do at this point.

She slowly walked towards me and hugged me. I could feel that she's crying I could also feel her sadness too. "So it is confirmed, but couldn't there be a way? "


After hearing what's going on, we went to the hospital that night and explained everything to mom. She said that she wouldn't live long anymore and aunt Jude would be taking care of me. Of course as a child it is hard for me to accept and started crying, but at least I could spend a little more time with her, I could prepare in what's going to happen, but even though it was sure, I never stopped praying and hoping that maybe, she'll get healed. We tried contacting our dad everyday but he wouldn't pick up, he must've switched numbers. I swore to death that I'd never, ever forgive my father for this. 


Then the day came, I sat quietly in the corner of the seats staring at my mom's coffin as I hear the mumbles of my mom's workmates and friends. "I never had cousins nor other aunts and uncles in my mother's side, it's always has been the three of us, now that mom's gone it's just the two of us". 

AJ: Hey there sweetie, are you hungry?
F: Is mom never gonna come back?
AJ: I ask the same question too myself too. But I'am afraid she won't be coming back anymore. It's just gonna be the two of us from this day forward.


"I've never felt this sad in my life, after that day everything was dull, my aunt kept on bringing me along to her work. The kid played with back then, I never saw him again, but I waited and waited and waited..... For nothing, everyone who I love starts to leave me. But my aunt's the only exception, she took care of me as she always did. When I stepped on 6th grade, I insisted to stay at home, although it's really boring, it'd be awkward if they'd see a 12 year old playing around the play place. I learned to cook meals all by myself, eat it by myself, do assignments alone, I never complained because I understand my aunt's situation and I am already grateful for that. If only I had a dad maybe I wouldn't be this boring,maybe I wouldn't grow up filled with misery".


"A year passed, I am now 7th grade, that's where I met Charlie. He's already made a lot of friends, he looks really happy"

C: Hello there!

I've thought of not talking to him to make him stop

C: Hello? can you hear me lil guy? well, I was just wondering if you uhh.... write on my slam book.

I stared at it first, no one has ever offered me to write on their slam book, what if I mess things up with my hand writings

C: It's ok if you don't want to
F: n-no, I'd like to, it's just I might ruin it
C: Ruin it? silly how would that happen, you're pretty harmless to me, is it ok if I be your friend?

"a friend huh, giving it a shot again won't hurt, let's just hope he doesn't leave me too. here goes nothing"

F: sure I'll write on it
C: ooh great! my name's Charlie, and you?
F: Felix, my name's Felix
C: woah, that's strange...
F: what's strange?
C: well, your name literally means "Happy" what's going on? 
F: I uh- *stuttering*
C: oh I get it, it's ok you don't have to tell me now, I'll be your friend. is this seat taken already?
F: no actually
C: Great! we can be seatmates!


I thought not talking to him would make him stop, but I'm glad he didn't, after for some time, he got to know me, and I got to know him. He was supportive in lots of ways. For a boring person like me, I'm happy that I met him, I finally made another friend. He was so friendly he treated me like I was a part of his family.

"Finally I had a friend who made me realize the meaning of my name".

hello again ^^ I'm just gonna have a little thanks to my friend L.O. for uh revising my first chapter, I was really unfamiliar at making those quotation marks, the spacing and stuff and I'm really looking forward to more of his advises.Anyway the "Sudden News" chapter's finally ended, we can now proceed to the main story line, sorry if the past chapters haven't been revised yet but I'll be working really hard for ya'll (Readers) thanks for the the support! Oh and also give time to read L.O.'s "The boy I called mine" and "What you asked for" it's a really good story, those are actually the stories that made me inspired in making my own. So yeah, that's all for now Ja ne^^