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  A group of people could be seen walking at the base of a mountain, te person leading the group was fully amoured up with a spear strapped to his back.

He seemed to be in his early forties and had a calm and wise face tat depicted years of experience.

He was on high alert as he led the group of five.

A lady with two Daggers on her waist looked up and and saw a gigantic castle at the top of the mountain as er eyes widened in surprise.

Seeing from that distance was no small matter as  the castle was at the peak of a mountain that could be said to reach a whooping height of 17,698 m doubling Mount Everest, so we can conclude these are not normal humans and you are right they are explorers

(AN: I will explain who explorers are later so just chill?).

She alerted her other group members.

Soon they all noticed it and wanted to go there

(I mean why not they are eplorers after all).

The group leader who we will just call carlos sighed and whispered under his breath

"well here we go again, another lecture to carry out" .

He cleared his throat and said

"well i guess i should warn you about that castle as its part of your training, that castle is a death trap for explorers no one who went as come out except one explorer he was the person who shared stories of what happened to him in there"


  "Hey guys we finally reached the damn castle"

 "of course we did if we didn't we wouldn't be A-Rankers now would we"

 "well i hope this castle as something good to offer i have been bored for sometime now"

  "umm guys i need to take a leak go on without me"

   "okay but if we take all good stuff dont you dare complain come on Sasuke lets go"

  After he returned from his bathroom break  to take a leak, there was deathly silence.

  He expected to hear sounds of fighting as the rumours spoke of a monster laying in the castle.

But all he was hearing was nothing, and then.......he felt pressure, a kind of pressure that not only suppressed the body but also suppressed the soul, he felt like he was standin before a transcended being.

He couldn't breath, couldn't move, he couldn't even think clearly.

All his brain was saying was"am so dead, am so  dead, am so dead".

Then he heared something and  the pressure eased up he looked up and that was when his life was changed forever.