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Dream: "Hello, hello! Is this thing on- testing...? Passive, can you tell if this thing is recording or not-?"

Passive: "It appears to be recording..."

Dream: "Wonderful! Hello, my name is Dream..!"

Passive: "My name is Passive, anyways- Dream, I'm going to order us some dinner. It's getting quite late..." 

Dream: "Pizza-! Can we get pizza?!" 

Passive: "No. Pizza is unhealthy-" 

Dream: "Please-!!! I seriously want pizza-"

Passive: "Alright, alright. Only because this is a special occasion and you deserve a special treat.."

Dream: "Huzzah! A special treat for a special occasion!" 

Passive: "Go back to talking about who you are, nobody cares about what we're eating for dinner tonight." 

Dream: "Hmmph- I suppose not-..."

Passive: "...Go on, don't let me hold you back." 

-There's some clattering in the background as Passive stumbles out of the room to find his phone- 

Dream: "Haha... well, I'm the guardian of positive feelings, and Passive is the guardian of the negative ones!  I guess you'd like to know my age...I'm well over 400 years old. My parents are... well, my mother is a tree...! I suppose you could say my father was Blue-... No, that's a little too weird. I do not wish to confuse your feeble human minds."

-Dream smiles at Passive who stumbles back into the room-

P: "I ordered the pizza, Dream. I assumed you'd want lemonade so I ordered you a small cup of that too." 

D: "Aww, you're so thoughtful big bro!!" 

-There's a happy squeal and an annoyed grunt. Dream had probably just given Passive a large hug- 

D: "I love you! I love you lots!" 

P: "I know, you've said it PLENTY of times. Believe me..." 

-There's a small giggle and a loud snort-

D: "Hmm-? Oh, there's a large red button here-! I wonder what it does, let's find out!" 

P: "That button ends the recordin-"

-End of first transcript-