Chapter 1
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Jaejin had always been impotent, a fact that bothered him greatly. But that didn't mean that he wanted the entire world to know about it. When in school, he had told his best friend, Taekyu, about his condition but that's the thing about secrets, if they've been passed onto one person, then it will be passed onto another. 

So, throughout the duration of his schooling, he was made fun of because of his inability to get erect. This resulted in a complex being formed which stayed with him through college and even after he started working.

So, one day, when Taekyu texted him about the school reunion, he contemplated whether he should even go because there was nothing for him to look forward to in that event. But due to Taekyu's relentless persuasion, he finally acceded. 

So here he was, walking towards the restaurant where the reunion was happening. Upon entering, he started searching for his acquaintances and heard someone shout, "Hey eunuch, over here!!!"

"Why don't you shut up!!", Jaejin shouted back at him.

"Come on, I'm just joking. Let's go, everyone's waiting."

Taekyu started pulling Jaejin to the table and they took their seats. He saw his old classmates at the table. There he already saw a few of them already starting to get drunk. One of them asked,"Seihee, you got pretty. How much work have you done?"

"Gosh, what are you talking about. I'm all natural."

"Come on, don't make us laugh. I have your old photos, who are you trying to fool."

Such conversations were going on. Jaejin saw Seihee and thought she looked pretty cute but his eyes were attracted towards another, Mijin. 

He started up a conversation with her,"Mijin, you've gotten a lot prettier as well."

"Ahh, I just had a slight touch up here and ther-"

"Lies", said Sanghee beside her. "She's probably had the most work done here." 

Saying so, she put her hands behind Mijin's back and brought them out between her arms and started groping her.

"These girls especially, you don't get them so big and soft yet still so perky naturally."

Mijin pushed Sanghee's hands away flustered and covered her chest as she started complaining about how she had told Ahnjung not to grope her. When they looked up front again, they noticed drool coming out of Taekyu's mouth as his eyes were still on Mijin's chest. 

She covered up her chest and said,"Pervert."

Taekyu came back to his senses and started thinking with his dick again,"Mijin, I think as friends, it's my duty to check Ahnjung's words and see for myself how soft and bouncy they really are."

Both Mijin and Sanghee ignored him. Meanwhile, Jaejin was just ignoring the conversation entirely. He saw Sanghee grope Mijin but didn't really care because it had nothing to do with him, but since he was sitting next to Taekyu, when he saw Taekyu drooling and noticed his pants tightening, he couldn't help the pangs of jealousy that ran through him. 

Taekyu was his best friend and he had his best intentions in mind but sometimes Taekyu was just dumb and insensitive. But when he saw some of the other guys also staring when Mijin was groped, he felt anger. Anger because by no fault of his own he was born with such a defect.

Then he was removed from his thoughts as he noticed Mijin refer to him.

Speaking to Taekyu, she said,"The only one who I'd let that do would be Jaejin because he's not fully considered a male friend."

Already having a bellyful of anger, he exploded,"I wouldn't bother with those fake boobs anyway."

"What did you say!!"

"You heard me!!"

Taekyu and Ahnjung managed to stop them and Jaejin spent the rest of the time at the restaurant quietly after which he chose to withdraw from them. 

Back at his apartment, he was taking a shower and gathering his thoughts under the shower head. His mind went back to the sight of Taekyu's arousal, all the other guys looking hungrily at Sanghee groping Mijin and Mijin's words directed at him, calling him something lesser than a man. Boiling with anger, he punched the wall, not with enough force to hurt him but he still felt the impact.

Taking a deep breath, he chose to swallow his anger, because there was nothing he could do about it anyway. He was born impotent, through no fault of his own and there was nothing in the world which could change that. Resigning himself to such a thought, he went to bed. Just when he closed his eyes, he heard the notification sound from his phone. 

Opening it, he checked the notification. Mijin had messaged him, asking him to come trekking with all of them tomorrow. He cursed her in his head, 'Sadistic bitch, probably wants to make some more fun of me tomorrow.'

He was about to refuse but he just wasn't able to, he felt if he did that, he'd be accepting defeat at her hands. So he just typed, I'll be there, and went to sleep.

The following day, he reached the decided location and found only Mijin there. Swallowing his anger at being tricked so blatantly, he let out,"Where are the others?"

She looked at him for a few seconds and then replied,"They aren't coming."

"So why are we here?!"

"I needed company…."

"...... I'm not your servant. Others may be willing to do it, to get you into bed with them but as you know I don't have the slightest interest in you."

She was shocked at his words and also a little guilty,"It's..not like that, I..just felt bad about yesterday. I overdid it and this was my way of apologising, I guess."

Looking straight at her and her guilty countenance, Jaejin felt a bit guilty for snapping at her but quickly drew it back because she was indeed the aggressor yesterday. 

"Fine, whatever, so are we going on the trek or not."

She gave a wide smile as she replied,"Thanks for agreeing."

They started going up the trail to the tip of the mountain. Mijin said that she was familiar with the trail so Jaejin just followed her. But when the trail ended abruptly, he let out a barb,"So you're familiar, huh?" 

"I swear this wasn't there last time!!"

"Right, the trees and the shrubbery just managed to grow in a matter of weeks and months. Whatever, let's track back."

"Wait! Let's continue on, the final destination is the top of the mountain anyway."

"Do you not see the trees blocking the path?"

Reaching into her backpack, she pulled out a shovel and handed it to me. Pointing at the trees, she said,"Chop."

Jaejin let out a sigh and just moved to chop the trees knowing fully well, the stubborn woman wouldn't budge from her decision. 

Soon, they reached a clearing of sorts and saw a monolith pointing straight up.

Mijin said,"This is the penis rock, you can see it from the parking lot and when you're driving up but if we hadn't come off the trail, we wouldn't have been able to see it."

Jaejin however was mocking himself as he let out a slight chuckle,'Looks like even nature is mocking me now.' 

His attention was drawn to the base of the rock, he saw a number of vines covering the rock and felt a bit of sadness. He went upto the vines and swung the shovel, cutting off the vines. 

What he didn't notice however was the snake curled at the base of the rock. After cutting off the vines, the snake was preparing to lunge at him and only then did he notice it. When it lunged, he swung the shovel along its sharp edge. Then he looked at the lower half of the body of the snake writhing. Wondering to himself where the upper half was, he looked down and to his utter horror, he saw it had bitten his crotch, he felt the fangs sunk into his penis.

He vaguely recalled hearing Mijin scream,"JAEJIN!!!!!!" But after that, maybe due to the shock or maybe due to the poison, he felt himself losing consciousness and he fell back onto the ground. He opened his eyes and saw that everything around him was white, everywhere his sight fell, all he saw was white. Looking down at his feet, he saw himself floating and thought to himself,"Definitely a lucid dream."

A voice behind him interrupted his thoughts,"Hello Jaejin."

He turned around and noticed a man who was floating, like him, in front of him. Before Jaejin could get a word in, he continued,"I noticed your condition, so as a reward for setting me free, I will allow your manhood to return to you."

"Wait, wait, wait, who the hell are you?"

"I'm known by many names, however I think you'll understand better if you just choose to call me Eros."

"Uh-huh, so you're the god of sex."

"And love, but yes, that too."

"Yeah ok, I don't care about the love part. People very easily seem to forget love when they don't get fulfilled sexually. If not having sex can cause two people 'in love' to break up, I'd rather just care about sex. So you're telling me, that I'll be able to have sex?"

"Yes and not just that but because your condition was cured by me, your cum is addictive and an aphrodisiac."

"To what extent do they affect who they're used on?"

"Well, I'll tell you but I notice that you're taking this far better than I expected. You believe that I'm truly Eros?"

"Whether you're real or just a dream doesn't matter, I haven't had hope my entire life so even if I wake up and find out this was all a dream, at least I can treat it as a pleasant one because of the hope I had."

"I guess that's true… Getting back to your question, it's an aphrodisiac with very high potency. Let's say you're receiving a blowjob, and you cum on your partner, or let's just consider that your precum is in her mouth, it will give her pleasure similar to that of intercourse. In extreme cases, she may even orgasm, giving you a blowjob. With regards to it's addictive properties, it won't act immediately. It's very subtle, the person won't notice that they're being influenced by you and over time, they'll bend over for you so that you can scratch their itch. Something that seemingly no one else will be able to. It's not immediate because then, the person may tend to get suspicious. If it occurs over a longer period of time, the small changes don't make the mind see how big the sum of all these small changes is."

"Makes sense. So I've to ask you, since you've given me this power, I'll tell you right now, that I'm going to bed however many women I can and yes, I'm willing to play with their emotions if I have to get what I want too. So, give me a warning right now, if you're against this or don't complain later or maybe, even strip me of this power."

Eros let out a chuckle,"Jaejin, I've been present in this world since time immemorial. The ideals your society abides by hold no meaning to me, do what you want. Anyway, I think you should regain consciousness now, or else you may miss the pleasant sight."

"What pleasant sig-"

Jaejin opened his eyes and was greeted to slurping sounds, tilting his head towards the source of the sounds, he saw orange hair moving up and down near his abdomen. Then he felt a sensation which he's never felt before, something quite foreign. He stiffened the part around which he felt the sensation, and noticed that it seemed to be his penis but the erectness of it was a completely new thing to him.

Suddenly he was hit with another sensation, around his penis. A very warm pocket seemed to envelope his penis and he felt it moving. He finally made the connection to Mijin who was bobbing her head up and down on his now-erect penis. She didn't seem to notice that he had regained consciousness. 

Silently, he thanked Eros and looked at Mijin carefully. He saw that she had the hand not occupied stroking his penis, was currently inside her shorts and was furiously moving it. She was masturbating and Jaejin was sure that it was due to the effect of the aphrodisiac that Mijin now had in her mouth in the form of his precum. He felt a buildup in his lower half, a foreboding sensation as it welled up and soon peaked. His penis started twitching involuntarily inside Mijin's mouth as, for the first time in his life, he came. And cum he did, he felt a very pleasant sensation as he let out the first rope of cum. Mijin's eyes widened at the sudden ejaculation. After the first one, he released another rope of cum and Mijin pulled away. Her cheeks slightly swollen with his first discharge as the second one landed on her face followed by a third. She turned her head to look towards Jaejin and to her horror, she realised that he was awake and looking at her.

"IT'S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE, I….I was just trying to suck out the poison."

Looking at her discomfort, he tried to make her out to be the aggressor, not like she wasn't, but he enjoyed it and wouldn't mind getting another blowjob from her. If he guilted her over this incident, it'll set a good foundation for more exploits with her.

"Uh-huh, so is that why your head was moving up and down on my penis? You know what, nevermind. Thank you for sucking out the poison."

He stood up and started pulling up his pants and that's when he noticed his, that's not a penis, what Eros gave him was a fucking cock. He was hung as a bull. When fully erect, which he still was, he had 10 solid inches of cock. It was still glistening with the mixture of his cum and Mijin's saliva.

He noticed Mijin's eyes on his cock as he started putting his pants on and this caused him to smirk slightly, right before he finished covering himself. 

"We should take you to the hospital, let's go back down. Can you walk?"

"There's no need to go to the hospital, I'm fine. And yes, I agree. It's time to go back down."

She started arguing with him but seeing that he wasn't willing to budge, she had no option but to give up. So they started their descent back to the ground.

On the way back down, Jaejin engaged her in conversation.

"I had a good time, discounting the snake of course. And you didn't need to apologise for yesterday, but thanks anyway and also, sorry about the fake boobs comment. I didn't mean it."

"Oh no no, I did owe an apology. And I know you didn't mean it, you were just responding to my rude comment."

It was left up in the air, that her comment was no longer true. While Mijin wanted to address the fact that he managed to get aroused, she couldn't bring herself to talk about it as even thinking about it brought a blush to her face. Every time she thought she should bring it up, the image of his cock as she pulled it out of his pants emerged in her mind, the intoxicating taste as she put it in her mouth….. 

Jaejin noticed her state of mind and again, couldn't help smirking because he knew what she was thinking about. Soon they reached the parking where Jaejin walked Mijin upto her car, where he started setting up the next meeting with her so he could continue from where they left off today.

"You know, I had a great time and I was hoping we could do this again sometime?"

Whether due to Eros' influence or Mijin, herself, looking forward to it, she replied eagerly,"I'd love to, how about you message me when you come up with a plan?"

"Sounds good, well, until then I guess. See you."

"Bye, Jaejin."

As her car pulled away, Jaejin finally couldn't contain his excitement and shouted,"YESSSSS!!!!"

He was no longer impotent. After 24 years, Jaejin was finally no longer impotent. After containing his excitement somewhat, he started making his way to the bus depot and got onto a bus headed homewards. After reaching home, he went to take a shower. Looking down at his flaccid cock in the shower, he remembered Mijin's blowjob and got a bit lost in his fantasies. This caused him to become hard and he started smirking again, once again thankful to Eros. He wondered whether he should masturbate or just let it go down by itself. After a bit of thought, he decided, why masturbate when there are so many fish in the sea. What's a bit of waiting when compared to the prize at the end of the tunnel. So he decided to let it go down by himself but just as he made the decision, he realised that his cock was becoming soft again at an unnatural pace. 

This caused him to become a bit slack-jawed so he thought to himself, that he wants to get hard again and voila, he becomes hard within seconds of having that thought. The best explanation he could come up with for this was that Eros restoring his manhood probably came with some unexpected rewards and he decided not to look the gift horse in the mouth. After the shower, he lay down on his bed lost in thoughts.

'My sperm acts as an aphrodisiac and a woman can get addicted to it. So, if I understood Eros right then, it basically means I can have any number of women under my thumb. I can just think with my dick and go around sleeping with women, which I intend to do, of course, but if I'm smart about it, theoretically, I can become the most powerful man on earth… So I can't just go about and bed every woman who wants me, no, where's the fun in that. No, I should pick and choose my targets carefully. Of course, I can just pick someone purely because I want to after all, I'm making the rules.'

He chuckled at the potential of the gift he had received. Deciding to continue this thought process tomorrow, he goes to sleep and so the weekend ends.