Chapter 10.2
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"Shi-mei, it's not that Shi-xiong always likes to reprimand you.  Why are you always so impulsive?  What if something really happened?  Is it because you don’t believe in the three of us?  If that big knife had really cut into you, do you think you are always so lucky to escape death?"

Cheng Gang looked at the person sitting on the bed with her neck in bandages.  Her beautiful little face was as white as paper and even her lips were without color.  A fire instantly rushed up, a long-forgotten devilish sound bore through his brain like a flash flood had erupted.  Once released it was unstoppable.

Hai Yao wore a painful expression on her small face.  Her eyes shifted in the direction of her Third Elder Brother for help but he was briskly packing up his medicine box.  She did not expect her Third Elder Brother would ignore her and before he left, he also cruelly instructed Cheng Gang to impart his share of reprimand to her.  Then without even looking at her, he left with a wave of his sleeve.

Seeing that her Third Elder Brother was abandoning her with no brotherhood affection, she had to look for help from the person who was leaning on the bedpost with his arms crossed in front of his chest.  Long Hao Tian was watching the show with interest.

"That's enough, Cheng Gang.  You have been at it for a long time.  Go and take a rest.  It's my turn now."

What?!  Hai Yao widened her eyes and was speechless.  She watched as his tall figure settled himself beside her.  Did she hear anything wrong?!  This man actually thought she had not suffered enough and still want to continue scolding her?!  If she had known earlier, she would not wake up so fast.

Before Cheng Gang left, he said to Long Hao Tian.

"Wang-Ye, I'll leave Shi-mei with you.  It is only right that you give her a good scolding."

Although Cheng Gang said those cruel words, his eyes mirrored his deep concern as he looked at her.


"Is the wound still painful?"

His long fingers lightly touched her bandaged wound.  When he recalled the time before he entered the palace, her condition had improved tremendously but now looking at her pale white face as well as her look of embarrassment, his heart filled with distress and sadness.

"I can still endure this pain.  I'm not that fragile."  She stubbornly retorted.

When he thought of the time she fell into the bottomless abyss and until now, she still has not recovered fully from her internal injuries.  Didn't she overcome that obstacle?  This small injury is actually nothing compared to that.

"Is it?"  His squinted eyes revealed his frustration.  His iron arms stretched out and hugged her tightly in his embrace.

"You are indeed too impulsive.  Your Shi-xiong is right in scolding you.  If that big knife was to really cut into you, do you think you will still be alive?"

When he recalled the situation at the time, he was almost scared out of his wits.  He was afraid he would be too late and she would die right in front of him.  He will never allow this to happen again.  That kind of pain tugging in his heart, he will not be able to endure the second time around.

Hai Yao was tightly embraced in his arms and was about to utter a rebuke when she felt the trembling in the irons arms that were hugging her.

Is he really that afraid of losing her?

At the bottom of her heart, she was really moved that this man seemed to truly love her.  Since she had honestly acknowledged her own feelings for him, she did not want to torture him any longer.

"Don’t worry, I'm fine.  If I cannot be your Jing Wang-Fei in this life, I'm afraid you will still pester me in the next life.  It will be much better to accept my fate in this life."

"What do you mean?"

Long Hao Tian released her from his embrace and his arms encircled her slender waist.  His dark eyes shone like a torch with the light of happiness flickering in the depths.

"Didn't you already requested the Emperor to grant you a decree of marriage for us?  Since you have done this, where do you think I can escape to?"

Hai Yao frowned slightly and with a bit of resentment, let out a sigh. 

"Are you willing?  Why?  Hai Yao, I want to hear it from you."

Is it really what he thinks it is?  Although this time, he vaguely felt the change in her, felt that she seems to be more dependent on him but if he did not hear her say in her own words, he did not feel rest assured.

There was an eager expectation in his dark eyes.  Suppressing the excitement in his heart, he stared intently at her.

"I admit defeat."  Both her arms were placed around to his neck and her delicate face shone with a small smile.  "I, Dong Fang Hai Yao, is willing to be your wife, willing to be your Jing Wang-Fei."

His dark eyes blazed with fire, his face showed an ecstatic expression and his two big palms held up her small face.  His eyes stared into the depths of her eyes and his low deep voice sounded affectionate. 

"No regrets?"

On hearing this, Hai Yao screwed up her eyebrows, hesitated and murmured.

"It is better I think this over for a few days.  My brothers always say I'm too impulsive whenever I do anything."

"You will not have the chance of regretting anymore."

His dark eyes narrowed dangerously.  His handsome face turned angry with her words and his fiery lips and tongue caught her pink lips at the same moment.   He laid her soft tender body on the bed then his tall figure laid over her body.  Both his hands caressed all over her tempting delicate body and wherever his hands touched, her clothes were peeled off.  When her veil was pulled off*, a play of fiery passion was staged.

(The veil mentioned here refers to the marriage veil of red cloth covering the head of the bride when she marries.  After the couple had carried out all the customary marriage rites, the veil is removed by the groom in the bridal chamber on their wedding night before the marriage is consummated.)

Long Hao Tian used actions to signify she did not have the chance to regret.




She is finally his.

Long Hao Tian turned sideways and supported himself with his elbow.  His dark eyes looked at her with gentleness and the other hand lightly touched her delicate face while she was still in deep sleep.

In the morning light, she was unmistakably beautiful and alluring.  Her black silky hair was spread out on the pillow, her unguarded sleepy face made it difficult for all men in the world to take their eyes off her.

He knew she must be really tired.  She should not have deliberately provoked his anger which made him lose control of himself last night.  He had disregarded her still weak body and took her all night.  He had insisted on hearing her say the words…….she would never regret …….before he was willing to let her off.

The person in his arms let out a delicate groan.  Her long butterfly-like eyelashes fluttered gently and slowly opened to show a pair of sleepy eyes.  She looked at the naked chest in front of her and for a moment, she did not know what had happened until she raised her eyes to meet a pair of black smiling eyes then only she fully awakened.   

"Long Hao Tian…….  You…….. I…….."

She recalled last night's fierce madness and her cheeks blushed a burning red.  Her bright eyes became hooded and she did not dare to meet his dark passionate eyes.

"Hao Tian……call me Hao Tian."

He stretched out his iron arms and with ease, he pulled the person who was planning to move away from him, into his embrace.  Their bodies in the same state of nakedness intimately laid close to each other without leaving any gaps between them.

"Hao……Hao Tian, don’t do this."        

She could only rest her eyes on his neck.  She did not dare to shift about and her cheeks were burning hot.  At this moment, his big hands were caressing her back and she did not even dare to move.

When she thought of last night, she could not help but secretly pondered.  This man really could not take a joke.  He had tossed her around all night and taking into consideration her sore body at this moment, it could be proven how thoroughly he had eaten her.

"After last night, why do you still feel shy?"

Long Hao Tian deliberately teased her and loved her look of bashfulness and her appearance of being at a loss.  His big palm closed over her rounded mounds which caused her to gasp.  The black eyes staring at her became deeper and darker.

"It is not early.  We should get up now."  Hai Yao whispered.  She was afraid he would act impulsively. 

Now she is feeling extremely sore all over her body and is afraid he will start behaving like a beast again.  Then she can throw out the idea of leaving this bed today.

"It's not urgent."

As soon as he finished speaking, his tall figure pressed her down on the bed.  The two people interweave their fingers, their naked bodies laid intimately glued together and his dark mysterious eyes revealed his burning desire.

Hai Yao gasped in alarm. She was acutely aware of his desire moving between her inner thighs, he should not be again……..

"Hao Tian……calm down for a while.  I…..can't……"  She weakly begged for mercy. 

He is not seriously thinking of keeping her in bed today, is he?

"In a few days, when you feel a little better, I will accompany you on a trip back to Dong Fang Residence.  I will meet your Eldest Brother to formally propose marriage for you."

He dropped light kisses on her neck and worked all his way down.  When he came to the rounded mounds on her chest, he used his tongue to tease her pink buds and enticing lingering moans could be heard at the same time.

"That's enough…….  Whatever you say is fine."

Her exquisite beauty aroused a wave of hot passion from him and endless soft delicate moans flowed from her lips.

The aroused man fixed his eyes on her snow-white delicate body which was like a blooming tender, beautiful hibiscus.  He was unable to take his eyes off her.  He gave his lower body a thrust forward, her eyebrows twisted slightly and a low soft moan sounded at the same time.  

The rhythm of thrusting back and forth started with the speed gradually increasing and his fiery eyes did not miss the mesmerizing look on her beautiful face.  His low deep voice sounded tyrannically into her ears.

"Hai Yao, you are mine.  In this life, you will only belong to me."

She has long been overwhelmed by his ceaselessly deep passions. She followed his lead in the passionate dance as orchestrated by him.  Once again, in an extremely wild, dizzy passionate lovemaking session, she fainted in his arms.




"Jun Zhu, you can't go in.  Wang-Ye had given orders that no one is allowed to go in and disturb Lady."

Xing Hua quickly stepped in front of the carved wooden door and refused to allow Long Qian Qi to step into the room.

"It is already noon.  Why is Sister-in-law still not awake yet?  Do we need to summon Doctor Dong Fang to make a trip to check on her?"

Long Qian Qi asked with worry.  Yesterday, when Sister-in-law was carried back by her Elder Brother, her clothes were stained with fresh blood, her face was as white as paper and appeared weak.  When she thought of it, she still felt a lingering fear.

"No, it's nothing…….  Lady is fine, she is only exhausted."

Xing Hua blushed.  She still remembered this morning, when she accidentally saw Lady's body plastered full of light purple marks while she was still asleep.  She was really shocked.  Although Wang-Ye loves Lady, however, he must also take good care of Lady since she is still ill with internal injuries.  He should have practiced some restraint and it is no wonder Lady had that extremely exhausted look. 

"Xing Hua, why are you blushing?  You said Sister-in-law is exhausted……"

Long Qian Qi was speaking halfway when she suddenly understood why Xing Hua's cheeks were red.  The two unmarried women felt embarrassed and instantly did not know what to say.

"Since this is the case, I will come back later."

Long Qian Qi had only taken a step forward when behind her, the two-panel wooden door opened from the inside.

A beautiful graceful woman in purple muslin skirt looked at the two people with a slight smile on her face.

"Jun Zhu, please come in."

"Lady, I will go to the kitchen to get something for you to eat."

Xing Hua took a look at Hai Yao before she left for the kitchen, leaving the two women alone.

Long Qian Qi was startled and turned to walk into the room.  When she entered the room, she did not forget to turn back and shut the door cautiously.

"Sister-in-law, I'm sorry to wake you up.  Since we are one family, you can call me Qian Qi."

Hai Yao poured a cup of tea for her, sat down beside her and asked curiously.

"Qian Qi, why are looking for me.  Is there anything the matter?"

Long Qian Qi studied her beautiful delicate face for a long time, pursed her lips and said in resentment which startled Hai Yao.

"Dong Fang Jie, you have lied to me and made me so miserable that I cried for you for a long time.  In the end, you changed yourself and became my Sister-in-law."

Hai Yao's smiled stiffened on her face and her charming face showed astonishment.  She asked in surprise.

"How did you find out?"

"Yesterday, when you were injured.  When my Elder Brother carried you back into his bedchamber, I was just passing by the door and overheard Doctor Dong Fang mentioned that you have been involved in a string of disasters this year.  First falling off the cliff and now is wounded again and all of this is because of the brother and sister, Xiu Luo and Luo Sha.  Also, Cheng Gang kept calling you Shi-mei and I suddenly realized that Dong Fang Jie and Dong Fang Hai Yao is basically the same person.  However, you can rest assured I will not let anyone know."

It was no wonder when she first saw her as Hai Yao, Long Qian Qi had a familiar feeling.  At that time, she thought it was because the two of them were twins, so she had this kind of feeling.

"Qian Qi, I'm sorry.  I lied to you and you have felt sad for me."

Hai Yao said apologetically.  Since her identity has been discovered, she had nothing more to hide.  On the other hand, as she no longer had to lie to Long Qian Qi, Hai Yao felt more relaxed.

"When talking about sad things, it reminds me of something."

"What is it?"

"I remembered the time when you fell down the cliff because of Luo Sha.  At that time, Elder Brother's appearance of frantic madness was really frightening.  He had always believed you did not die and with Cheng Gang, the two of them, day and night tried every means to find a way to go down the cliff to look for you.  Finally, after a lot of difficulties, they reached the bottom of the cliff but could not find your dead body.  My Elder Brother was full of joy and happiness but did not expect at this time, he would receive news of your death.  That time, my Elder Brother's grief was so great that it was unbearable to watch him.  In order to verify your death, he did not dare to stop even for a moment and rushed to Luoyang."

When Long Qian Qi said up to here, she sighed.  Her Elder Brother is one who does not love at all but once he loves, he is astonishing.  She still had to let her Sister-in-law know about this matter.

"Sister-in-law, Elder Brother really loves you."

"I know."

Her eyes narrowed slightly.  If she had not understood, her heart would not be captured so fast.

Long Qian Qi took the initiative to hold Hai Yao's hands, her beautiful face lifted into a smile and said sincerely.

"The former Dong Fang Jie, I just wanted him to be my husband and now this Dong Fang Hai Yao, I am very happy that she can become my Sister-in-law."

"Thank you."  Hai Yao withdrew her hands and in turn, clasped Qian Qi's hands.  "In your heart, you must be thinking, no matter what the outcome, I will still be a member of your Long Family, right?"

When she heard those words, Long Qian Qi was surprised, mischievously stuck out her tongue and laughed out loudly.

"Sister-in-law, you are so intelligent.  It is no wonder my Elder Brother loves you so much."

Their eyes met and they laughed.  Their laughter reverberated in the silent afternoon and lasted for a long, long time……..