V4 Side Story [Rising Stars] 3 – Meetings (2/3)
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Sayumi POV:

Kaede and I finally reached Yumi and the origin of the noise...


A [Curse]! Its bubbly pulsation disgustingly flails while gurgling uncomfortably. It's shaped like a velociraptor. This is bad, I have to help! I focus to summon my rifle but Kaede,

"It's alright, just watch her Sayu-chan."


I look over at Yumi and the [Curse] duking it out. I wonder what her fighting style is like...

The [Curse] approaches with a lunge, but Yumi still doesn't move and remains in a low position. Those shiny pieces on her hands...are those brass knuckles (search it up if you don't know)? The [Curse] finally enters within range and the air around Yumi instantly warps.


She decks it in the throat, knocking the raptor away. But, after the initial contact force,


An explosion wrapped around the hit area of the [Curse]. That is...

"[Explosive Fist]."

"Sawada-san's ability..."

The staggering monster soon regained itself, though its head was barely holding onto its body.


It dumbly straights ahead as Yumi coolly steps to the left and rams its side. Launching a chained attack off the momentum,


She hooks its face and 


It's hot [Core] comes flying out. The body dissolves as Yumi turned and unsummoned her brass knuckles. A nice girl she said...shy she said...

"Ou, good job Sawa-chan."

"You could've helped me you know."

"Ah, I was just blown away by your performance. I also didn't want to take your thunder."

She pouted.

"Oh? Who's this?"

"Oh, I'm training her as a [Magical Girl]."

"Umm...my name's Sayumi Yoshida! Nice to meet you!"

"It's nice to meet you too, Yoshida-chan."


"Well, we don't have to deal with the aftermath here so let's get going shall we?"

"No no, it's our duty as [Magical Girls] to give the populace ease. C'mon now..."

"What a pain..."

I think Yumi might've been a better mentor choice than Kaede now...

"Phew, finally over and everything's sorted out!"

"It wasn't that hard, was it Kaede?"

"Ehehe, anyways, your bags are packed so hop in."

The three get into the car and begin driving back. Light and soft music fitting Sayumi's tastes serve as BGM.

"So, Sawa-chan, you're back here for a [Magical Girl] exchange program? It's like a high school..."

"Honestly it is, so I'm staying here for the time being. Not to impose..."

"Not at all, I feel relieved with such a person around the city. Also, help me with Sayu-chan!"

"Don't push your responsibility onto me, but well, if it's something I can teach you Yoshida-chan...I'll gladly do it."

"T-Thanks Sawada-san!"

"Yumi is fine with me, that's how we did it in America...wait since we're in Japan that'd be weird."

Yeah, cultural differences ugh.

"Let's compromise! Yumi-san, how does that sound?"

"Alright...if that's what you want."

"Up the mood Sayu-chan! You're talking to the [Thunderous Blitz] of America you know! She's famous overseas!"

"...is that so."

"Don't call me by that weird name! In the first place, what is [Iron Empress of Blades] even!?"

"I'm proud of my title, the ruler of blades I am wahaha!"

Iron-like blades, relating to Kaede's fighting style as a [Magical Girl]. She frequents the news so I know, she takes down enemies by bombarding them with high-speed projectile swords. She doesn't just throw them randomly either, they're lethal because she aims for [Cores] or vital points.

"Yeah yeah, you got the idea of fighting like that from Em*ya Sh*rou I remember..."

"Who doesn't want to use Unl*m*ted Blade Works in real life?"

"Basing your battles on games and anime...you know what, it works for you."


Kaede showed a bright grin on her face. These two are really good friends. If only this was what [Magical Girls] represented...

"I sense something over there."

The [Focals] said. I was surprised when Shirozaka appeared next to me. That's right, it's with me all the time! That's kind of...creepy. I guess I need to be supervised with power...? Anyways, it also seems Kaede's [Focal] Tsuzu and Yumi's [Focal] Gakure also sensed it.

"It's a [Curse]."

"Well, time to do our jobs."

Kaede parked the car nearby and we rushed to the scene. It's not far from the local middle school, so there were plenty of spaces. Passing by the fenced area (parking lot), we see the paved road where the kids walk home often.

Since [First Contact], things have gotten better and there are more people out and about. There are fewer cars and reconstruction is undergone in many directions though. Well, it's obvious that humans rebuild, after that catastrophe. I just hope nothing like that happens again, I wouldn't know what to do! Anyways, the area we're going definitely doesn't have people around it since there are normalized alarms and alerts.

"Let's go."

The three of us pace to the spot where the [Focals] recognized.

"It's your turn this time, Sayu-chan."

"Yeah, show us what you're made of!"

Nervously, I accepted. I think I can pull it off if the [Curse] stays far away...I still don't know what my ability is yet though. We finally reach the spot, 

"Oh no! There's a person being attacked...!"

My eyes widen as anxiety spread across our minds. The [Curse] was in a position ready to eat a visible young girl's face off.

"Change of plans Sayu-chan...this one's mine."

Kaede switched her tone and held her hands to the side like a chuuni. But, if you knew what she could do, you would not make light of this gesture. Manifesting from her hands were sleek steel-colored blades whose sturdiness was understood from a glance. She twisted her arm angle,


But before the blades could be fired,


A giant scaly snake, [Asogus], tore the [Curse]'s head off in one gulp. Our jaws were left hanging.