V5C4 – So you were that kind of person huh? (2/2)
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Shina Arakawa POV:

I had realized something strange in the existence of 'Jiro Nakamura.' In the first place, I didn't recognize the name even when he became student council president at the beginning of the school year. Everyone adapted naturally to it, I suspect his connections were involved.

Then, I interacted with him for short periods of time for obligatory reports since we're a part of the same team. His crude demeanor and lascivious gaze dragged the regal office air into the mud. He is not fit to be the president. He is not fit to be on the student council-- behavior and academic-wise. Such an issue...should I report it? As the vice president, what am I to do?

My impression of him descended even further from there. He constantly and personally singled out girls to come with him to the office where the door would shut and not release for long amounts of time. What is he doing in there? I made the connection in my mind and quickly went to the victims involved. But unnaturally, they wouldn't speak on it and got defensive. It was like they didn't want to speak of it. Something strange is happening, and I will be the one to get to the bottom of this.

Nakano-san and Suzuki-san reach the student council room. (Note: In this timeline, they didn't group together for the aquarium trip) Were they called in...no I recall them making an appointment. But, why? That Jiro Nakamura definitely can't help in any way and they're in danger by just being in close proximity. Nakano-san is a [Magical Girl] though, so they should be alright...? [Magical Girl]. [Magical Girl]. [Magical Girl].

There's a slight crack in the doorway. Did Suzuki-san and Nakano-san intentionally make it like that? I eavesdrop and hear the conversation,

"--that power, how many did you manipulate? How many did you use for your own desires?"



A pause.

"Ai, restrain her."

"Huh? Ai!?"

Ruffled noises.

"Hahaha! It's lucky that you had a [Magical Girl] with superior physical strength waltz on over here. With this...she's under my control, you have no such power to resist."

I hesitantly begin recording with my phone.

"Only controls one at a time..."

"Yes, it's an unfortunate limited yet limitless power (the power to make one person follow the will of the user). Oh and I'll answer your earlier question too seeing as I've won this one already. It won't matter once you're my slaves...I have used this power for the past couple of months to get my way with 27 of this institution's best. From just teasing to full-blown ***. In addition, I've used it to steal local business funds, connect with big names, even kill a few people. The Shouden family and company, remember them? It was I who did them in. The influential politician Haruto too, he's wrapped around my finger. The ones who own the bank down the block...they've embezzled quite the sum for me. It's the best feeling--it truly is. To be special, a winner in life!"

"You disgusting pervert! You damned criminal!"

"You won't think that way soon. Well, I don't hate that crudeness of yours Ayame."

So he said it, he said it completely on his own. I only knew about some potential suspicious activity, but to think he was such a criminal. I step into the room with the recording saved safely into my phone. I adjusted my glasses upwards with a feeling of underlying glee. This student council president sham, I won't have to report or take orders from him when I show this to the authorities. Jiro frowned upon my appearance.

"I knew something was up."

"A nuisance has appeared."

To you. Anyways, I stepped out in the heat of the moment but...now faced with Jiro Nakamura himself, there's an odd imposing atmosphere against me. His eyes were emotionless, but suddenly regained a bit of color upon seeing my phone. He realized what I had done and what I held.

"So you got all of that huh, we'll have to silence you then. Ai."

He calls for her, though I don't know why she'd cooperate with him. If she did, I might lose all reason and smash her nose in.

"Oh no you don't!"

[Physical Enhancement]

Revealing superhuman strength, Suzuki-san somehow pins the enhanced Nakano-san down evenly with physical prowess. A normal person to a [Magical Girl]...impossible.

"Hurry now and give me the phone, Shina."

He gestures creepily as I turn to face him.

"Run, Arakawa-san!"

I shift my feet to do just that, but...


A created silver spear is thrown in my direction, Nakano-san's weapon materialization! It's hurtling towards my face, will I die pierced by it? Is this the end for me...? Just like--


[Core Grenade: Wind]

A blast of air rattled the room as papers flew everywhere, skirts pushed up, and the spear deflected to the side--soon disappearing.

"Ai, what're you doing!?"

I don't recognize the voice at first, but his appearance was soon shown and I connected them instantly. A boy from the same class, Akito Harada of 2-A. If I remember correctly, he was indeed close to Nakano-san and Suzuki-san. He rushes to my side,

"Arakawa-san, are you okay?"

"A-Ah yes."

I stutter as his hair flutters in the remnant gusts. He looks onto the scene with understanding and moves in a stance to defend me. Suzuki-san,

"Akito, don't worry about me--I'll handle the mind-controlled Ai. You just get Arakawa-san out of here!"

His face distorts with uneasiness.

"Got it...I'll come back for you soon."

He grabs my arm and begins running in the opposite direction of the door. Nakamura wants me dead since I know too much and have a recording. If I leave, Harada-kun will also be targeted...I try to tell him that but shrink back at the resolved expression he usually doesn't show.

Akito POV:

I was confused to see Ai's spear about to connect with someone, I deflected it by reflex. That someone was Shina Arakawa, did she get caught up in this? Well, it's not unnatural for her to be around the student council office. Anyways, when I saw the situation, I could tell that the mind control power only worked on one person at a time, since only Ai was acting strangely. This time, I'm guessing Jiro chose Ai for her combat ability as a [Magical Girl]. He doesn't know that Ayame is a hero and can put up resistance. In his mind, he has to control Ai, or else Ai would come for his neck (being physically close to him). His power is locked to her for his own immediate safety. 

Anyways, I now guide our class rep down the hall. We just need to get away from there. Our steps sync as we breathily make our way to a more open area. The school grounds are nearly empty but somehow, there are echoing footsteps behind us. I look,

"It's him!"

He caught up with us and reached his hand out while smiling. It's barely been a few minutes...

"In range."

Range? His ability!? I see, now that he's a distance from the other two, he can use it on someone else since Ai couldn't immediately take him out when the power is canceled.

Arakawa stopped running and began extending out her phone to him. So, she's the one he's controlling! He swiped the phone and kicked her over like a punching bag. He then ran away awkwardly while chuckling in his victory. At a certain distance, Arakawa regained herself and stood back up. Panicked,

"The phone has evidence of his crimes on it! You need to get it back!"

Crimes!? I knew he was up to no good with a devious power like that!

"Don't worry, I'll get it back."

Giving a look, I resolve myself and make haste towards his frantic back. I strengthen my legs with a small squirt of mana. I make the astounding difference in moments.

"I-Impossible, how did you catch up..."

He mutters under his breath while looking back. I focus my attention on the phone--Arakawa is counting on me to get it back.

We're reaching the building's back exit. Outside of the door is a slightly grassy area under the heat of the fading sun. He's trying to escape the scene. He's a supernatural ability user and criminal so his thoughts may be the following: 'Evidence must be purged but some high schooler's words can be put off for now.' He's weighing the priority of credibility.


Just as I'm about to catch his sleeve...


My mind goes blank. I feel like I shouldn't move. Is this his mind control ability? Forcing his will upon others, I can't think for--

He goes outside while I remain still, I must stay still inside the building. He continues walking away until finally turning to look at me from a safe distance. He flashes a condescending smirk.

Jiro opens that big mouth of his to say something but is soon pierced in the heart by...an arrow. The arrow was clad in blue-white lightning and forcefully tore open his left chest area leaving smelted flesh. He didn't have time to scream. The phone fell from his hands and I regained my mind.

"What just happened...?"

I quickly rush to what used to be Jiro Nakamura. The charred body is dead, no doubt about it. I hesitantly pick up Arakawa's phone and put it in my pocket. But who...

"Hm? There was someone else there?"

The voice reigned high over the scene. I looked up towards the source at the roof of the school, only to see the silhouette of a girl with a bow. I unexpectedly lowered my jaw after registering it all.

"Ara? Isn't it Harada-kun...? Haha, now that's un...fortunate."

She begins to redraw her bow. It isn't her standard wooden one though, this one seems to be laced with metal; Its design is a lot more sinister.



She just smiles in return. This is strange, is she a [Magical Girl]?


Yoru denied it, so she's like Jiro. An ability without mana, an awakened mind. Without a [Focal] to activate it...how?

"Why are you doing this Watanabe-senpai!?"

"It's my job...well, the other officers would probably let you off the hook though with what you've seen."

Job, officers...what I've seen?

"It would be easier to manipulate memories or brainwash. But, aren't you glad it's me who you witnessed in action?"

I don't follow a single thing she's saying. She aims at my position.

"I'll tell you the truth, Harada-kun. This arouses me~ I love toying with the lives of my enemies, so weak in my eyes. I love betraying other people's expectations and becoming what they hate. I love killing people who think they live well. I love the expressions people make when overcome with anger. I love to humiliate and watch people squirm in my palms."

My body shakes in repulsion. My senpai is a sadist. No, she has so many screws loose that I don't think such a tame term could describe it.

"Oh, Harada-kun...make a good face for me when you die. Die knowing nothing, but the fear I'll give you!"

She shoots her shot with the air spinning around and electric bolts engulfing it. It's what killed Jiro in one hit and turned his body into a smoldering mess. Using the last bit of my male form's mana, I dodge and get a small scrape to my side.

"Hm? You have good reflexes Harada-kun, anyone ever tell you that?"

"I have been told that, in fact."

She slightly curls her mouth up and reloads that blasted bow. At that time, I run towards the school entrance. If I get inside, I can take shelter from Watanabe-senpai who seemingly has a destructive lightning power related to her bow. She won't so far as to start wrecking the school, would she?

She shoots and I dodge narrowly; It lands near my feet. I expected it to just pierce through objects like the last two times but, this time, it exploded with electric sparks flying everywhere. The patch's ground was slightly dented, and the grass there had burnt to death.

I fell backward but quickly regained my balance. I scramble to the finish line and finish making it inside the school with only another scrape to the knee. Am I safe? An eerie quietness ensues. Minutes pass and I enter deeper, no signs of her following me could be seen. I exhale relieved yet on edge,

"For now, let's reunite with Ai, Ayame, and Arakawa-san."

Kanon Watanabe, a mysterious supernatural ability user like Jiro. What relation do they share...and Watanabe-senpai, was this what you meant by the troublesome job? To kill Jiro Nakamura, is this your job? You said an 'officer.' Silencing, killing, murder. Imagining her expression at the time, I see it as a possibility. I shiver as I make my way to the student council office.