Chapter 116: Legend
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On this continent, there were always 5 big sects. Their number never changed. When a new, strong sect emerged, one of them needed to fall or destroy the new one. In the last 5000 years, there wasn’t any change. The Jobest, the Balast, the Dérest, the Nyulast, and the Kewast sect protected their position without problems.

600 years before, the Gifest sect’s leader died and the new leader was a promising young man. He had high IQ and defeated all the cunning old foxes in his sect. He only needed 200 years to take over the control. But he didn’t stop here, his dream was to get one of the 5 positions.

The 5 big forces didn’t pay attention to him. It wasn’t the first time someone tried to surpass them. It wasn’t that easy, most of the time other bigger sects destroyed them before they could even reach their heels.

200 years before, the Gifest sect started a war with 2 middle level sects. Everyone thought that the new leader went crazy. They didn’t have the manpower or the materials to handle even one of them. The other leaders just sighed and believed another sect would disappear in some years.

150 years before, the 5 leaders’ heart almost stopped from fright. At the last minute, the Gifest sect turned the table and won. As it turned out, they faked a lot of immortals death during the war and ambushed their opponent when they were sure about their victory and didn’t pay attention to other things. After the 3 sects became one, the young leader went to tap on the Balast sect’s door.

After their first war, the 5 leaders met. They finally realized, they looked down on that man too much. Knowing their opponent wasn’t a whole sect just a man, they planned some scenes. If they could kill him, then the other sects could handle the rest. Because it was just one man, 3 sect’s leaders stepped back. They didn’t intend to participate.

The Balast and Nyulast sects worked together, yet they still needed 30 years for their success. They poisoned the man, but one of his followers had good skills and saved his life. He developed a half antidote before the Balast sect assassinated him.

Although the medicine saved the man’s life, his cultivation’s level was decreasing and it’s shortened his lifespan. With this, the war ended, but the Gifest sect was able to protect its position as a middle level sect. It couldn’t develop more, yet firmly stood. It was the best proof of that man’s outstanding skills.

Belinda digested the information for a while, then nodded. „So if that herb can cure him, then another war will break out.”

If that man could get a second chance, he would revenge himself. He saved up his power and waited patiently.

If Horác went out to get the herb, the 5 sects would hunt him down. If he stayed, then the Gifest sect’s members would go after him. He could choose to bring back the herb and use it for his research. But the students and even some teachers were members of those sects. It would bring a disaster to the Academy.

Belinda looked at Bertold. „So the principal visiting Horác every day, because...”

Bertold nodded. „... to make sure he sits still and doesn’t do anything stupid.”

„Then if Lucia’s times up and we leave...”

„At least 2 trustworthy teachers will come with us.”

Belinda supported her forehead.

  How can it become so problematic?! Why can’t that herb hide for another half a year?!

She sighed. „I understand. But... There are two things that make me puzzled... Gifest sect’s leader or that man... Why do you never mention his name?”

Bertold was stunned. „... As far as I know, he always wears a mask and even his closest attendants call him boss. There’s a rumor what says that he’s the illegitimate child of the previous leader, but nothing more.”

  Mask?! Does he think he is some kind of superhero?!

„The second thing... est and ast... Why has every sect’s name similar ending?”

„... Didn’t you read the history books?” Bertold thought about it and shook his head. „It isn’t mentioned in them.”

  They why did you ask?!

„... There wasn’t any historical monument left behind, so it’s just a legend. It says that the first humans on this continent formed two kingdoms. They just called them the East and the West Kingdom. They had different believes and rules. After the capitals were built, the kings sent out the noble families to find good places and build up their own cities. The two kingdoms existed peacefully and let their men travel through the whole continent. The noble families got names with the same ending as their country’s name. This way, once someone visited a city, they knew which country it belonged to. Only the kings knew those families were immortals. They slowly became independent, left behind the cities, and built their sects. Even after the kingdoms disappeared, they never threw away their names.”

„Awesome!” Belinda’s eyes shined. „But didn’t some sects disappeared?... I saw it in some books in the library.”

„If you read their titles properly, you can understand it... Let’s see, the Dérest sect’s full name is the 3rd Dérest sect.”

Belinda nodded. She saw those numbers on the books, but she thought it meant the volumes... But why would be there more volumes if the book ended with the sect’s fall? She never thought about that.

Bertold patted her head. „Don’t care about these things. Let’s go and train.”

Belinda looked into his eyes and saw an annoying light. „Why are you happy? Isn’t it cause a lot of problems for us?”

„Yes, but Horác can handle it.”

„So do you let him find a solution?”

„Why not?” Bertold was stunned, then remembered about something. „Once you’ll see him fight, you’ll understand.”

Belinda’s face darkened. „I see. So are you happy, because you can see him fight?”

„No. I just have a new idea for punishment.”

  Just leave me alone!