Chapter 118: Leaving
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Two days later, Belinda woke up early in the morning. She took a bath and thought about their trip.

Every transportation arrays were activated once a week in a fixed time. This made it easy for the other forces to see when Horác left and where he went. They couldn’t hide the fact about their trip.

Belinda supported her forehead. To make everything worse, she heard a new gossip yesterday. It said someone told the position of the herb to Horác...

The uneasiness grew in her heart. It was too coincidental! Did they have strong bad luck or...?

Belinda shook her head and went to prepare. She was too weak. She couldn’t do anything even if she thought about it. She could only hope that Horác had a way to handle this problem.

She stood in front of the mirror and put her clothes straight. Going outside she could wear anything. Black pants, sky blue t-shirt. They didn’t have any style and it made it easy to move in them. She tied her hair on top of her head, yet reached her waist. Its bluish color was a nice match with the t-shirt. It gave a mysterious aura to her.

She touched her chest and frowned. Her height went over 155 centimeters, but her development as a girl was too slow! Was she destined to stay flat? But when she remembered about the other girls whose movements were awkward because of their breasts were in their way during the fights, she still felt glad about her physique.

Belinda threw away these thoughts and went to the transportation arrays. She lifted her head, bolted upright, and walked slowly on the way. Without realizing, she gave off a noble young master’s aura. Some girls looked at her and whispered with the others.

Seeing this, Belinda’s face darkened and she walked faster. She hoped there wouldn’t be too many students around the arrays.

Bertold went to the market and bought some pills. He had his own, but Belinda’s level was lower than his and couldn’t use the same. Originally it was Horác’s responsibility as a teacher, but he just threw him the money and went to do other things.

Bertold looked around and didn’t see the two of them. He saw some teachers, but as always, Horác forgot to tell him who would follow them. He just stood on the side and closed his eyes. He was the fastest, so let the others look for him.

A quarter of an hour before the activation, Belinda reached the arrays. There were around 50 students and some teachers. She slowly looked around and easily found Bertold. His usual cold aura made him outstanding and his black clothes suited him well. The girls around him sometimes looked over but didn’t dare to watch him for more than some seconds.

She walked over to him and chuckled. She couldn’t understand with pure fire root how he could release such cold air. There were too many mysteries about him. She wished to know more, but she didn’t ask. It was meaningless. She only hoped Bertold would ask her if there would be something she could help with.

It was almost time but Horác didn’t show up. Belinda looked around with shining eyes.

  Could it be? Horác changed his appearance? What kind of disguise does he use?

The students walked closer to the gate and Belinda followed them. She watched them, but couldn’t see anyone with a similar physique as Horác.

Bertold walked behind her with a blank face. He could guess Belinda’s thought. He didn’t say anything just let her learn another lesson.

The teacher who was responsible to activate the array finally arrived. He was followed by the easygoing Horác. He wore a long white coat and his purple long hair was unbound. In his hand, there was a white fan with purple dragons on it. He gently fanned himself and his hair slowly moved. His appearance was pure and bewitching.

Belinda’s shin fell. She couldn’t believe it was his preparation. What about hiding?! What about being low-key?! She completely forgot these words never existed in Horác’s dictionary!

Belinda lifted up her hands and slapped her own face. She needed to come back to her senses and calm down. She refreshed her knowledge about Horác and wrote it down. If anything happens with her during the trip, she would make him pay for it!

The teacher activated the array and the students slowly walked over to the gate.

Belinda stood in the line with Bertold and they didn’t pay more attention to Horác. They walked closer and she looked up. It was the same gate they previously used to go to the city.

When they reached the gate, Belinda felt that someone was looking at her. She turned back and saw a familiar silhouette. But she didn’t have enough time to recognize it, she was pushed through the gate.

After they reached the other side of the array, Bertold grabbed Belinda’s arm and pulled her on the side. They stood there and waited.

Belinda was deep in thought and tried to remember who that person was. She knew she saw him somewhere before...

„Why are you daydreaming?” Horác walked over to them.

Belinda looked at his annoying face and remembered. „I saw Timur. He watched us leave.”


Belinda was speechless. She couldn’t believe why he treated this so halfheartedly. Didn’t the 5 big sects after him? Didn’t he afraid?

„So he is interested in this too.”

The familiar voice surprised Belinda. She looked over and saw two teachers.

„Ah, Cseke! In the end, he sent you?”

The man pursed his lips and didn’t answer.

Horác didn’t pay more attention to him and turned to his students. „I’m sure you guys know Marina. And this bastard is Ogier Cseke. He is responsible for the monthly exams, but hate to introduce himself.”

Belinda nodded, then she stopped and her eyes widened.

  Ogier?! Isn’t that means stallion?! Why did he choose such a name? Is he a playboy too?!

Seeing Belinda’s reaction, Horác laughed. „He lost a bet and ended up with this name! That’s why he hates to introduce himself!”

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