Chapter 34 (part 1)
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When the heavily armed police rushed in, those of Yao Chen's men who were in the corridor allowed themselves to be subdued - after all, the police had guns, and they were supposed to be good citizens.

The door of the private room was kicked in. Inside, the light was dim. A man pressed a woman down on the sofa. Her mini-skirt was pushed high on her legs, so much so that her underwear could be faintly seen. Slender, graceful legs kindled a fire in men who were already high on adrenaline.

When he saw that there was only a man and a woman in the private room, Jiang Ye cursed to himself. "Shit."

The mission had failed! Yao Chen must have known in advance! How had the news been leaked?!

"Inspector Jiang1I'm not entirely sure of the translation of "江队", Inspector/Sergeant/Policeman/Team Leader Jiang's title. So I have just given him one at random and will adjust if in the future it turns out that he's something else., long time no see." Yao Chen, whose good deeds had just been interrupted, got up calmly and slowly buttoned his shirt, covering his lean chest. "You're all decked out, are the police doing some sort of team building exercise?"

Dozens of guns were pointed at him, yet he talked and laughed, calm and composed. Hovering about his mouth was a touch of fearlessness and a hint of ridicule.

Team building exercises, my ass! Jiang Ye ignored him. The woman's beautiful legs distracted for a short half-second, but then at his gesture the officers searched the room, guns drawn. In the time that it took Yao Chen to say those two unhurried sentences, the policemen had turned over the private room. Of course... they found nothing.

Yao Chen lit himself a cigarette, threw the lighter back on the table, leaned back, and  crossed one ankle over his knee. Cigarette hanging from his mouth, he smiled at the police officers searching in vain. "You're an old acquaintance, Inspector Jiang. If you came over to our place for team building, I'd give you a 40% discount on drinks."

Jiang Ye ground his teeth over and over again. The muscles of his jaw bulged several times before he swallowed the curses on the tip of his tongue.

"Mr. Yao," his voice came out through clenched teeth, "We received a tip that illegal transactions were being performed here. Please come back to the police station with us to assist in the investigation."

"Of course, of course. I'll be sure to cooperate." Yao Chen flicked the ash off his cigarette and stood quietly. His gentle, scholarly appearance screamed "I am a good citizen".

Jiang Ye glanced at the woman next to him. Ever since Yao Chen had let her go, the girl had curled up on the sofa and kept silent. Jiang Ye's eyes swept her from head to toe and found that although her vest and shirt buttons had been torn off, and her neckline was open to reveal her fair skin, she was wearing a waitress' uniform. Curled up on the sofa, she was hugging her knees and looking rather pale.

"What's going on with her?" he asked.

Yao Chen glanced at Han Yanyan. "Just a man and a woman doing what men and women do. All completely consensual."

"Consensual?" sneered Jiang Ye, "She doesn't seem very willing to me."

He beckoned, and the policewoman disguised as a waitress emerged from behind him. Jiang Ye whispered something to her, and she hurried to the sofa and leaned forward. "Yanyan? Yanyan? "

Han Yanyan looked up at her. Jiang Ye saw that her face was pale and her eyes as dark as ink.

"Yanyan, are you all right?" the policewoman asked gently. "Don't be afraid. I'm actually a policewoman. Come back to the station with me. There is nothing to be afraid of."

Han Yanyan nodded silently. Her dullness and silence fit the characteristics of 'victim'.


Jiang Ye's men searched the private room and found no evidence. He knew that the arrest was a failure, but he had spent so long laying out the trap, waiting patiently for the day when he could close the net. Yet Yao Chen had slipped out so easily. He couldn't just let it go.

He winked at the policewoman and had her take Han Yanyan out first, thinking that even if there was no other evidence, so long as the girl was willing to cooperate they might still get Yao Chen on a charge of rape... well, attempted rape, anyway.

Unfortunately, the waitress didn't cooperate. No matter how the policewoman persuaded and earnestly assured her, she just remained silent. When asked if she was forced, her only answer was "No". As to the security cameras... Yao Chen had been using the room for business, so the cameras were of course 'out of order'.

When Jiang Ye came in from a different interrogation room, Han Yanyan asked softly, "Officer, when can I leave? I have a class tomorrow..."

Jiang Ye was taken aback.

The policewoman came over with a folder and handed it to him. "Here, Inspector."

He flipped through it. The policewoman had pulled Han Yanyan's files. Looking up at her, he asked. "You're a student at S University?"

Han Yanyan nodded. "I just work part-time as a waitress at the club... that's all."

"Did Yao Chen threaten you?" asked Jiang Ye. "Don't be afraid, little sister. If you're willing to testify, he is sure to go to jail."

Han Yanyan looked up and met his eyes.

Although her last time in this world had been forcibly cut off by Leo thanks to her sudden outburst, she had assimilated the role of 'Policewoman Han Yanyan'. Jiang Ye was 'Policewoman Han Yanyan's' boss, and she was actually quite familiar with him.

He was the one who had asked her "Are you ready?" through her earphone last time.

Han Yanyan refused to testify and denied that Yao Chen had intended to rape her.

Jiang Ye was left with no choice. Most women would choose silence when it came to this sort of thing, let alone a young girl who hadn't yet graduated from university. He let her leave, but gave her a card. "This is my phone number. If you need anything, give me a call."

She looked at him, then took the card.

Jiang Ye was left with a particular impression of her eyes. Dark, deep, with a scholarly beauty. What a beautiful girl. He watched her slender figure disappear and lit a cigarette.

The policewoman came over and stubbed it out. "Inspector Jiang, smoking isn't allowed in the office. The leader said that you would be fined!"

Jiang Ye bowed his head helplessly and flipped through Han Yanyan's file again. "Stay in contact with this girl if you can. It's quite a coincidence that she was present. She most certainly saw something or knows something."

"I'm a bit suspicious too," answered the policewoman. "I saw the suspects go in with my own eyes, and when I tried to knock her out, she dodged very coincidentally."

Someone else came by. "Inspector Jiang, Yao Chen's lawyer is here."

Inspector Jiang gritted his teeth. "Got it."