Chapter 74
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Rock Dragon’s Egg


"Douz-san! W-why ......"

Milia called out to Douz.
Although Douz showed a faint reaction, he keeps on showing the creepy smile.

What with this fellow?
In the same way, what are you doing with the Mahaa wolfs?

I use 〖Status Inspection〗to examine its state.

Race: Earth-Hyuma
Lv: 21/45
HP: 47/68
MP: 24/24
ATK: 67 + 5
Defense: 52 + 2
Magic force: 20
Quickness: 51

Hand: 〖Dirty Sword: F〗
Body: 〖Rusty Armor: F〗

Characteristics Skills:

Resistant Skills:

Normal Skills:

t.i.tle Skills:
〖Inexperienced warrior: Lv7〗

Equipment has been weakened but, his Lv is significantly higher?
No, that's not the only thing.
The skills, have become empty.

Such a thing, is it possible?
Certainly, I remember receiving〖Shock Wave〗 from Douz.
Or rather, even the language skill is not there.
Then he cannot ever utter a word.


the Boss Mahaa Wolf carrying Douz is coming towards me.
Dors tries to take out the sword, but seemed to not be able to take it out of the sheath because of rust, so he raised up both the sheath and sword.
The mysterious globe still remains being hold beside his left arm.

The four Mahaa wolf from the side do not come popping out.
I wonder whether this fight is going to be solely left to the boss?

I glare at Douz readying my claws to attack

"Douz-san! Please return back to sanity!"

He is in no state to be able to listen to the voice of Millia.
Far from stopping, the boss Mahaa Wolf increases its speed.


As I spit 〖Baby Breath〗, the boss Mahaa Wolf jumped while swinging its claws to me.
With claws covered in flames, it aims at me with its two front legs.
I'm holding the both of its front legs with my hands, stopping the movement of Mahaa wolf.


Douz extended his Sword at me.

"F-fire magic, 〖Fireball〗!"

The wand that Millia hold is pointed towards Douz.
A ball of flame emerged from the cane, and aiming towards Dors.
[E.N:Cane or wand, which one is better?]

"Kihyi'! Chii'!"

The sword that Douz extend is returned back, blocking the fireball.
Matching that, I pushed back the body of the boss Mahaa Wolf with all my might.


Although the Boss Mahaa Wolf lose its balance and bend backward, it managed to adjust its posture.
However Douz that received the flame magic is shaken off,and his body thrown to the ground.

Although the mysterious globe fall from his hand, Douz picks it up again in a hurry.

"Higi'! A, Aaa... "

Douz quickly corrects his upper body posture, and directs his sword at me
Three of the four Maaha wolves that had been lying in wait from behind, attacks me all at once.
The Boss Maaha Wolf also, without remounting Douz on him started barking while showing its fangs toward me.
If i take into account Millia’s safety, we should run away to a place with geographical advantage like a while ago.
As for the mysterious huge footsteps, it's approaching us steadily.

However, then I might lose sight of Douz.
I had a feeling that the situation will deteriorate if I let this fellow run loose.


I retreat backwards while checking behind me so as not to be ambushed by the Mahaa Wolves.
Should I choose to escape to a favorable terrain, or do i capture Douz here?
I was worried about a lot of things.
Although I understood that it might be a bad move, I just can't get a solution.

While I was thinking, the flock of Mahaa Wolves did not charge at me, instead the run up to Douz’s side.
Douz get back on the back of the Mahaa Wolf while holding the globe, and points towards the village with his sword.

"Hihi', Hihihaa'!"

After glancing at me it begins to laugh, and runs towards the village.

As expected the village is his objective?
Putting Mahaa Wolves aside, should I chase Dors?


No, that fellow leaves the boss Mahaa Wolf behind.
He leaves the was potential here forcing me to stay.
In that case, if I want to defeat it, I should not push myself too hard, as it's not only me but Millia might also receive considerable damage..

"T-the thing Douz is holding ...... it might be the egg of the Rock Dragon. I-if he takes it to the village….. A seriously bad thing might happen. "

Milia tragically muttered.

The egg of the Rock Dragon?
In that case, that footsteps is after all….


There was a loud roar, and the figure of a Little Rock Dragon was seen in the distant.

Don’t tell me you provoke the Little Rock Dragon on purpose?

With the speed of the Mahaa wolf, he should have been able to easily shake it off.
Perhaps, they had fled while deliberately teasing it. I really think it was like that.

He intends to bait the Little Rock Dragon towards the village.

I can’t beat the Little Rock Dragon.
Before the Little Rock Dragon arrive at the village, I must get back the eggs from Douz.


While I knew that it would probably be a waste of time, I roared towards the three Mahaa wolves and the boss Mahaa Wolf.
As expected, these guys don't stop approaching me while looking for a chance.

Since the Little Rock Dragon will be here soon, the choice of fighting here is gone.
Out of the frying pan and straight into the fire.
[T.N. Real translation is “I dodged one blow only to be hit with the bigger one”]

I need to get away from the Little Rock Dragon at once, defeat the chasing Mahaa Wolves later, get the egg from Douz who's on the way to the village.

If I think about the slow speed of the Little Rock Dragon, this might be doable.