Chapter 94
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A Certain Orange Monkey’s House Sitting (Side Orange Monkey)

5 days have come and goes after boss disappeared.

I’ve improved in pot-making that the boss had taught me.
Because boss is not here, I’m having a hard time creating fire.
I managed to subst.i.tute it with Flaming Gaeru which I caught. My hair burnt when I fail at handling it though.
[T.N: Google image shows that Gaeru is some kind of frog, or a freaking huge toad]

I copied the weapon and protective gear that I’ve seen the humans had a long time ago.
It’s not popular among my friends because it’s heavy. You need to be hard and strong.
Only I’m the one who use it during hunting.

Since I can’t move well because of the protective gear, cooperative work can’t be done and I got kicked by my friend.
It doesn’t hurt because of the protector. That fellow cried while holding his foot. Protective gear is good. Everyone should wear one.

Aside from hunting and kneading the clay, I’m looking for boss all the time.
4 of us search in turn around the cave. However, currently, no clue at all.

I’ve been worried about the boss, but anego does not partake in the search at all.
Surely anego knows something, naturally.
Still, she didn’t tell me.
Rather, she’s curling up at the corner of the cave all day long.
Occasionally, she thrust her head into the poison jar, letting out her rage.
[T.N: Anego here not just mean older sister or female leader of a gang, but also boss’s wife (wink)]

I look up into the sky.
It’s red, meaning the day is almost over.
Should I quickly go back to the cave entrance?
I got nothing today too.

I dropped my shoulder in disappointment as I return back on foot towards the cave entrance.
The other three returns earlier than me.
All the other member had the gloomy face.


“Aoo” “Aa” “Aoao”.

When I ask, all the other three shake their head.
All the other also have no result.

I look at the cave while letting out a sigh.
Suddenly, I noticed something.
Usually anego shuts herself after boss was gone, but her figure can’t be seen..

I look at the other three, but they also looks at the cave with their neck inclined.

“Kishi, kishii!”

Anego can be seen rushing here from the direction of the cliff.
I have never seen anego getting panicked in anything not related to boss though.
Did something serious happened? Did she found boss?

It would be a pleasure if boss was found.
I I look at anego, she is staring at the statue near the cave entrance.
The statue of a human.
Could she possibly wanted to become human?

Anego stops by the tree that is used to hung the meat, and scratch at the trunk.
I was wondering what she wants to do, she looks at us and goes “kishii!”  at us.
You want me to help?

I remove the meat from the tree and go back into the cave.
Putting the meat in a jar, I then returns to the cave entrance with four shovel.

I distribute the shovels to the other orange monkeys and proceed to cut down the meat tree.
Anego makes a satisfied face and moved to the roots of another tree
[T.N: I have no idea why are they cutting tree with a shovel. Thats like eating spaghetti with spoon]

Do you want to cut down both?
When I hesitate since I don’t understand her intentions, Anego goes “Ga!” and bared her fangs.

Anego’s fang, which is full of poison
The only one who can stop her; the boss, is not here.
I might be bitten.

I remove the meat from another tree, and returns to the cave.
Moreover, when I go out again, the other three is cutting the tree.

The works are divided, with two cutting the tree and the other two carrying it to the cave.
We also need to dig the remaining roots with the shovel.
I was in a daze for a while, but anego brought me back by lightly hitting me in the back with her tail.
I also need to dig up the roots since I have a shovel too.

The tree roots are also brought back into the cave.
After digging, the soil is also taken. All of this are anego’s instructions.

After that we continued to follow anego’s instructions.

I also need to carry the stone statue and put it inside the cave. Its heavier than I thought so I dropped it once.
It doesn’t break. But, the boss is going to be angry is he finds out.

Part of the fur on the cave floor is ripped, and made dirty with all the soil.
All this, is also anego’s instruction.
Boss is going to be seriously angry if he finds out.

I’m getting troubled here whether I should follow her instructions all the way.
Boss barks a lot but doesn’t bite.
However anego will bite without any barking at all.

For the time being I decided to hung the fur dirtied by the soil.

Following anego’s instructions, the fur dirtied by the wet soil is fixed to the upper part of the cave entrance.
After I look at it from the outside, I finally understood.
When you look from the outside, the dirty fur looks like a wall of soil, hiding the cave entrance.

With this, we don’t have to worry about incoming foreign enemy.
However, we can still easily go in and out.

Perhaps anego wants to avoid the humans with this.
Hence, the tree that dried the meat as well as the statue were concealed inside.
Anego sure is smart. A bit scary, but reliable.

When I enter inside and eating the meat served from the jar, I heard the footsteps of humans approaching.
The number seems to be about four.

The first voice seems to be puzzled, on the other hand the other voice seems amazed.
One of the humans seems to think that there should be something here. However the other companion seems to rebuke that person.
[T.N: The monkey refers to the human as ‘ningen’, which is j.a.panese for ‘human’, but this one is written in Katakana which is used for foreign words]

The voice of the humans continued for a few minutes.
They finally left leaving only one of them near the cave, and that human too starts chasing after the other three.
They doesn’t seem to have noticed us.

I get anxious and runs up to the entrance, trying rolling up the fur to see the outside.
But I was stopped by anego, so with the state as it is, I decided to sleep.

The cave quickly darkens when you cover the light-producing mushroom with the fur.
If someone did that, no one should make a noise until it becomes bright again. That’s the rule here.

Since its not possible to notice the rising sun because of the camouflage fur, today starts a bit later than usual.
The figure of anego is not seen anywhere.
The other three and I panicked and went outside of the cave.

Out of the cave, there, anego stood absent minded.
When she look a us, she called with “kishi” sound.

And, somehow I understood.
Anego decided to search for boss far and wide. Surely with that intention.

When I get near to accompany her, she just shakes her small neck.
If the boss, as well as anego who’s the boss subst.i.tute were both gone, we’re going to have a problem.

When I’m worried about that, anego turns to face the cave, and bark with a small “kishi”.

I will come back with boss one day. Until then, defend this place.

To me, it sounded like she had a small giggle when she said that.

“Aa!” “Ao!” “Aaa!”

I step forward from the other three who tried to persuade anego, and bows my head to her.
When the other three saw my action, they stop their cries and also bowed.

Seeing us like this, anego released a small relieved nod, and left quietly.

After the figure of anego can no longer be seen, I look back at the cave.

During the absence of boss and anego, I will look after this cave.
I will expand and strengthen it.
Fill it with lots of weapon.
I will fight against the other crowds and make them our subordinate, increasing our war potential.

I’ll manage it so that when boss and anego return, they will be pleased.
If I make weapons, I won’t be defeated by other orange monkeys.

T.N: Welp, had to say I had way too much fun translating this chapter. Halfway translating, I thought our princess here is throwing a tantrum like a someone just getting divorced. Turn’s out she’s the best waifu material after all. Not to mention the monkey is way smarter than expected.

P.S: Heads up to anyone wondering when our MC will be back, that’s going to be after 2 more chapters. Next chapter will be about that female adventurer POV again, and after that a short monster encyclopedia. Again, i wont promise when they’ll be finished