Chapter 96
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Chapter 96Translator: DrakuroT.N: I have no idea why the author decided to put this as ch96 instead of just extra. Well whatever floats I guessP.S: keep in mind that I had no idea what’s the official name for the monkeys(猩々means orangutan so no way I’m putting that here). I had no idea why I make it into orange monkey(I think previous translation said its orange, not sure). Anyway since this chapter properly describe it as vermilion in color, I’ll just go with Red Monkey(it’s way cooler than orange anyway). I’ll change the previous translation if I feel like it(probably not, since I’m lazy af. So I hope other editors can do that)Monster Encyclopedia The monster’s Level is from the time it battle with our protagonist.
When he encounter two or more of them, the level is set to the one that he had found first.
Because it was difficult to put all the status, the average status has been described as “Combat Ability”.
[T.N: Talk about lazy. Ever heard of Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V?]Race  :Dark Worm
Rank    :F
Lv       :3/8
Combat Ability: 6
[Large green caterpillar with malicious spotted pattern]
[Famous for ruining the flower garden, as well as stealing bird’s eggs]
[Although it is said that Dark Worm will evolve into a beautiful b.u.t.terfly if it grew up eating dragon’s egg, since most of them will be torn apart on the spot, the example are almost none]Race  :Gray Wolf
Rank    :E
Lv       :8/15
Combat Ability:28
[They basically act together, hunting in a group]
[Have a habit of becoming more ferocious with the increase in numbers]
[If fought and suffer defeat, a follower will run away as a decoy while the leader and the other run away in different direction]
[However, most of them were annihilated. Nature is heartless]Race  :Slime
Rank    :F+
Lv       :6/15
Combat Ability:7
[Transparent green monster with infinite form]
[It’s possible for them to live with only water and weed]
[With its transformation ability, it can borrow the appearance of other monsters. However, since the color doesn’t change, there’s no meaning to it]
[Rarely because or of mutation, sometimes Blue Slime with special skill might appear]
[However, since it will be thrown away by its parents as soon as its was born while hardly being able to move, it mostly becomes the meal for other monsters]Race  :Taran Rouge
Rank    :D
Lv       :17/30
Combat Ability :72
[Huge, poisonous red spider]
[It is not too poisonous. The prey caught in its web will be weaken with the poison]
[It will abnormally do anything it can to destroy the person who did harm to it]
[There is a story of the one where it chase after an escaping adventurer, and died after jumping into the river and drowned]Race  :Vase Turtle
Rank    :D-
Lv       :9/35
Combat Ability:46
[Turtle with a sh.e.l.l covering its vital point]
[As it specializes in defense, its attack power is low]
[However, since it has a strong skill [Slow], carelessness is forbidden]
[If they are provoked, they will call many companions, casting multiple [Slow] will obstruct your action causing you to be ganged up]Race  :Vase Turtle King
Rank    :C-
Lv       :24/55
Combat Ability:141
[High defense, as well as great recovery skill, even first cla.s.s adventurer have difficulty defeating it]
[However, its movement is slow as usual, not to mention it is normally gentle, it’s a normal strategy for adventurer to quietly run away not to stimulate it when they met it]Race  :Clay Bear
Rank    :D+
Lv       :24/55
Combat Ability:101
[500 years ago, a golem created from an alchemist gained the power of the demon king]
[Not only it has a strong power, it also has high regeneration ability]
[It is not certain whether its feature is the alchemist’s prank]
[After the death of the alchemist, although most of it returns to the soil, its appearance can still be seen in certain part of the outlands]Race  :Venom Princess Lesherta
Rank    :D-
Lv       :19/35
Combat Ability:91
[Shooting poison and then runs away, it’s a cunning monster that will collects the meat after the prey is exhausted]
[Eating poisonous thing, it has the ability to create strong poison inside its body]
[Its body fluid has the power to detoxify the poison, so treatment may be asked in exchange for its life if they are caught]Race  :Twin Head
Rank    :D+
Lv       :39/45
Combat Ability:146
[Demon hound with two heads]
[With balanced status, the role is divided between combat and support between the left head and right head]
[It tends to have a completely opposite character as they are overwhelmed by the ego of each other]
[However, they doesn’t strongly fight against each other, as they will be easily driven to a corner if they always fight each other]Race  :Red Monkey
Rank    :D
Lv       :17/30
Combat Ability:76
[Monkey-like monster with long vermilion hair]
[With its high intelligence, it can skilfully coordinated techniques with their companions]Race  :Great Red Monkey
Rank    :D+
Lv       :27/40
Combat Ability:129
The next evolution for the red monkey who is recognized as the head after winning the duel]
[Excluding this method, the red monkey has no other way to evolve into [Great Red Monkey]
[It might be related to the evolution, as [Red Monkey] never refuses a duel]
[Moreover, it contains lots of support magic to help its group]Race  :Mahaa Wolf
Rank    :D-
Lv       :9/28
Combat Ability:50
[A blue wolf with three eyes]
[with magic like an electric wave, it have the power to share their field of vision and thoughts with their companions]
[High intelligence with bad personality]
[For some reason it always aim for the Gray Wolves before they could evolve]Race  :Little Rock Dragon
Rank     :C
Lv       :24/55
Combat Ability:161
[Dragon with an appearance like a rock]
[High defensive and recovery ability]
[Though usually gentle, it won’t forgive anyone who does harm to it]Race  :Forte-Slime
Rank    :D
Lv       :27/35
Combat Ability:79
[It absorbs the vitality of other monsters, turning them into food]
[However, it became defenseless when it absorbs something, with no way to attack]
[Moreover, even though it can change the color, it can’t be maintained for long since the mana consumption is intense]T.N: Still no idea what to call the monkeys, but I’ll stick with red monkey for a while. Feel free to throw any one u think sounds right for this “猩々”