chapter 2 – A spark Of a Friendship?
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Looking at the Spear that was shabbily made and was going to break any second, Aryan gave a wry smile

"Better than Nothing I guess"

Aryan started Trying to practice using the spear. After all, in a survival situation of Life and death, The spear could be a vital part of the battle. 

"Although I don't know what +1 Damage Is" Aryan sighed. He'll try to Figure it all out when he goes to a nearby town 

"Speaking of town, where am I?"  Aryan frowned All his eyesight could see was Lush dark and dank Forest tree's that gave an Eerie silence. The birds have stopped singing and Aryan wished they didn't 

"Guess I'll need to start a fire and Build a camp" Nightime wasn't coming anytime soon, but he needed to be prepared. Better to be safe than sorry

After swinging his spear 10 times, Aryan saw a Notification pop-up


Unlocked Spear Art Lv1!

"Huh." Aryan felt that his Spear was easier to control "Useful" 

Aryan wanted to go kill some more Rabbits for their meat and Levels. 

After all, He needed to get Stronger, which is a No-shit-sherlock Guaranteed

Quickly walking out of his "Spawn point"  he was greeted by............. More trees 

Hearing The familiar Bush Rustle, He readied himself for the Jump of the rabbit.

No jump ever came 

*Boing* *Boing*

A blue glob Crawled out of the Hedge, Bouncing around with no care in the world

Looking at It closely, Aryan Heard a Familiar Ding


Host Learnt Apprasel lv 1! 

Just because I looked at it? Seriously System?


Blue slime - Lv 1 

System Note: Love's to eat food. So Kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiii~~~


It was Cute. Aryan had to admit. His Desire to kill him Lowered Even though it looked tasty

Looking at the Little Slime, Aryan Had an urge to pet it, After all, He loved Animals in his previous life 

"Wait, Did I?" Aryan said. He just remembered something 

Looking at the Slime, Aryan grabbed some Rabbit meat and gave it to the Little Buddy

Tamed Slime!

Slime has become your Familiar (1/3)

You now have access to the Slime's Status! 

Do you wish TO name the Slime? (Y/N)

"That easy?" Aryan Didn't Know whenever to laugh or cry

*Boing* *Boing*

The slime jumped up, taking a nice cosy Spot on my head.

Oh well, 2 is better than 1 after all. He'll name the slime later, After thinking of a name 

"Show Slime's Status" 


[Name: Slime (Unamed]
[Age: 1]
[Level 1]                    [Race: Blue slime]
[HP: 5/5]            [MP: 15/15]
[Condition: Subordinate to Aryan Aldine]                                                                                  [Jobs: None ]   

[Evolution: Level 20 ]   

[Natural talent : Gluttony , Psyhical damage resistance , Internal Storage]

[Constitution: = 3]

[Strength = 3]

[Dexterity = 9]

[Intelligence = 9]

[Wisdom = 6]

[Charisma = 12]

"Seems like a Magical Based Slime" Aryan said, causing For the Slime to boing on his head for affirmation 

"Can you understand me?"  Causing another bounce from the cute little slime 

"Let's not get sidetracked, Lets go" With a bouncy buddy on his head, He went Hunting For some Rabbits 

Arriving on a Grand Plateau of Fresh mellow Grass, Aryan resisted the urge of lying down and sleeping on it. 

The Plateau had the advantage of letting Aryan's Eyesight not be restricted, but this also works for the Monsters too

He saw a Killer-rabbit Munching down on some grass. 

doden Rabbit - Lv 2

System Note: Although its a fairly Calm animal, If it or its Baby Starve or get attacked, things can get messy real Quick

Getting His spear Ready, Aryan Slowly Walked up to it.

He has already figured out that Doden Rabbits main way of attack is using its Powerful Legs, Claws and teeth. But their Durability was wack. It certainly a Dexterity and strength build for these little fellows. He found out that information By Losing an eye 

Aryan was worried that it would get Infected, but It seems like the system stopped the bleeding and infection while he levelled up. All he has now is a Black Eye socket

Quickly Noticing Aryan, it had its Hind legs raised and its upper body lowered. It was ready to pounce 

After Getting His spear Ready, He waited for it to charge

If he charged, he doesn't believe to have the ability to dodge those Hind legs.

First,  Please comment on a name for Slimy Boi. Second, PLease leave any Criticism in the comments.



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