Chapter 56: Accidents Happen
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Chapter 56: Accidents Happen


Beatrice walked out of the diner awkwardly. She was feeling quite full and also a little drunk. She took a shaky step forward into the snow and felt her body sway. Ok perhaps more than a little drunk. 

“You alright?” Beatrice heard Aaron say as he grabbed her arm to steady her. 

“Yeah…” Beatrice said with a slight slur.

“Geez, you really need to go easy on the wine when we go out.” Aaron said with a smirk as he kissed her on the cheek.

“I’m fine…” Beatrice denied as she nearly slipped on a patch of snow.

“Woah… careful. You didn’t get drunk before we got together…” Aaron chided as he steadied Beatrice.

“I dunno I just got complacent I guess…” Beatrice said as her voice went up a pitch as she fidgeted slightly.

“What?” Aaron asked as he looked at her. He narrowed his eyes as he looked at her, somehow he felt she was lying…

As Aaron peered at her he saw her suddenly look away as she fidgeted again. Ok she’s definitely lying…

“Beaty…” Aaron said as he squeezed the arm he was holding a little tighter.

“Hmmm?” Beatrice replied as she continued to look in a different direction.

“Are you hiding some Beaty?” Aaron asked wryly.

“What? No…” Beatrice replied shakily as she twitched.

Aaron smiled as he stopped walking and Beatrice paused as well. She turned and gave Aaron a questioning look and Aaron leaned forward to peck her on the cheek. Beatrice flinched as her face turned scarlet.

“You can tell me anything.” Aaron said with a smile.

“Oh… well… I liked you helping me back to my room… and the way you support me as we walk back…” Beatrice said shyly.

Hearing this Aaron didn’t know whether to blush or laugh, so he did both. 

“What’s so funny!” Beatrice asked indignantly as her face went crimson.

“You are so cute.” Aaron said as he pulled Beatrice into a hug.

It’s been a week since that fateful day when the Great Beast threw them both down the stairs of awkwardness and right onto the floor of mutual affection. The fall bruised both of their prides but Aaron will admit it did save a lot of time. They never got to the mating part, but at least their relationship got going.

“You can lean on me as much as you want Beaty.” Aaron said and he saw Beatrice flush as she buried her face in his chest.

It was odd, at work, Beatrice was always more forceful and aggressive than him. But now Beatrice was the demure and passive one with Aaron having to be more forward. Funny how roles change depending on the situation. 

Beatrice was always looking for new discoveries especially with the Great Beast in Averlon now. When she was trying to destroy that feather, the head smith looked like he was going to burst a vessel because of her experiments. Well it might also because of the stress that the Great Beast was torturing him with.

The Great Beast had asked for sheets of mithril in varying thickness for him to run some tests. From what he has heard the sheets were always returned torn to shreds or filled with holes. The sheets could be melted down afterwards and recasted but it was a lot of extra work. But the Empress commanded the head smith to help the Great Beast on any requests so he was bound by duty to do so. 

Then the Great Beast challenged the head smith to make a set of armour that could resist his tests. So now because of the Head Smith’s pride he was subjected to self inflicted torture of having to make better and better armour just for it to be ripped to shreds. Beatrice of course wanted to examine the damaged armour for her research, but this just added to the head smith’s chagrin considering his failures were now being documented…

“You’re such a tease…” Beatrice muttered into his chest.

“Well you’re so cute I can’t stand it sometimes.” Aaron said as he tightened his hug slightly.

Her body was so warm, especially on a cold day like this…

“Come on, let's get you back home.” Aaron said as he grabbed her arm and began leading her back to the palace.

As they walked through the palace and into the Beastiarian quarters Aaron saw some of the other Beastarians give the pair of them funny looks as always. Aaron was a pretty good Beastiarian but he wasn’t the best. The only reason he was working with Beatrice was because he worked well with her and he didn’t mind her eccentricities. 

Also in actuality though Beatrice was bad at dealing with people she was quite sensitive to the fact that someone didn’t like her. What’s more her odd meek demeanor made her often the butt of jokes despite her title as Royal Beastiarian. Although this has reduced somewhat ever since the Great Beast was overheard saying he enjoyed his short conversations with her. Well Aaron supposed her blunt honesty was the Great Beasts style… especially if you consider how he got their relationship going…

He really seemed to dislike people beating around the bush with him…

Then again considering whatever the Great Beast is doing on his own should be quite time consuming. Especially if one considers how many mithril sheets and breast plates the Great Beast has gone through…

So his time must be quite precious…

The Great Beast was odd to say the least. If he had to describe him in one word it would be direct. Aaron noticed he had a penchant for cutting right through problems, whether that be metaphorically or literally cutting through his problems. If Aaron was to be honest he was glad the Great Beast was here and he was glad the Empress shared such a close friendship with him. It did give some peace of mind to have such an ancient and powerful individual guarding his home.

As for their close friendship it was obvious and the whole court knew. The Empress listened to his counsel more than any other. He had even heard rumors that when the two of them spoke in private the Empress adopted a much less formal tone. This was a big deal in the aristocracy, Aaron himself wasn’t a lord but he was in the courts long enough to know your choice of words mattered a lot. 

For example, a wife would call her husband “dear” in public due to formality but if she continued to do that in private that would be a sign of a stiff marriage. Which of course would lead to gossip…

If the same wife suddenly shifted to pet names like “honey” or “darling” then that would be big news. Even more so if the wife accidentally let slip the pet name in public, heavens the scandal from that would be enormous…

Eventually the pair of them reached Beatrice’s room door. It was a large two story suite with luxurious furniture. Beatrice had a rather high rank as the Royal Beastiarian so she was granted this privilege.

“You need help getting in?” Aaron asked gently.

“No… I’m fine…” Beatrice said as she fidgeted.

“But…” Beatrice began as she bit her lip.

“But?” Aaron asked.

“Can I have a goodnight kiss?” Beatrice asked demurely.

“Alright…” Aaron said with a chuckle, Beatrice gets so needy when she’s drunk.

Aaron leaned in for their usual pecks on the cheek but as he did so Beatrice suddenly turned her head and captured his lips with her own. Aaron’s eyes widened as he felt her soft lips on his. Then she pulled back and looked at Aaron shyly with a crimson face.

“I knew the wine would work eventually…” Beatrice said with a smile.

“Hang on… were you drinking wine so that I would kiss you?” Aaron asked.

“I hoped the wine would make me brave enough to kiss you… it is called… liquid courage…” Beatrice said as her voice got softer with each word.

“Oh…” Aaron said as he felt his body heat up as he internalised what just happened.

“Did you like it?” Beatrice asked.

“Yeah…” Aaron replied softly.

“How much?” Beatrice asked, eyes wide in anticipation.

“Enough that I want to do it again…” Aaron muttered as he leaned in again.

Soon their lips met and shy kissing soon gave way to more passionate kissing. Aaron’s tongue found hers as she wrapped her arms around his neck and he wrapped his around her waist and back. He felt her back hit the door as their kissing intensified. 

Her lips were so soft…

When they finally broke for air, Aaron noticed the sound of armored footsteps behind him. He turned red faced to see a pair of royal guards walk by on patrol. One of the guards had his helmet turned towards Aaron as he walked past.

“Should we go somewhere more private?” Beatrice asked.

“Yeah… that sounds good…” Aaron replied softly

Next thing Aaron knew the two of them were locked at the lips in her room as he felt Beatrice cling to him like he was going to disappear.

When they separated Aaron, unable to bear it anymore, pressed his lips to the side of her neck. Beatrice mewled as he kissed her neck and he felt her hand wrap around the back of his head. After that he went back for her lips and he felt her claw at the front of his robes.

Was this the night that they went all the way?

Aaron now completely caught up in the moment, reached at her collar and began undoing the knot that held the robes on her shoulder. As he did so he sensed Beatrice undoing the sash around her waist to remove the other thing holding her robes on. 

So she wanted this too…

Then at last he felt her robes fall to the floor and he separated. He blinked as he looked at Beatrice’s scarlet face. He could feel her panting as she blinked.

“I want to see you too…” Beatrice muttered softly.

“Sure…” Aaron said as he felt Beatrice reach up to undo the knot at his collar and he began to untie to sash around his own waist.

Soon the two of them were standing there in just their underwear. He looked down and saw her white brassiere and white fluffy bloomers. It looks like she didn’t wear the more sensual underwear that was popular among some girls…

“How do I look?” Beatrice asked shyly.

“Very nice…” Aaron replied softly.

“Oh…” Beatrice said as she stepped in a little closer and Aaron pulled her into a soft embrace. 

She was so soft and warm…

“Can I have more kisses?” Beatrice asked as she looked up at Aaron.

Aaron smiled as he leaned and captured her lips once again…




Aaron held Beatrice’s bare and sweaty body close as he gave her another passionate kiss. He could never really see her body shape before this because of the robes they wore. They were baggy by design so all the Beastiarians just look like they wore ornate bags. Nothing like the alluring dresses the noble ladies wore. Aaron supposed it made this attraction more honest, he didn't care for her because of her body. He cared for her because she was Beatrice, her hair was always a frazzled mess and she did barely anything to pretty herself up. She just did the bare minimum to make herself semi presentable.

Aaron smiled as he remembered how tonight was for the first time he saw her comb her hair. Or at least attempt to comb it, her bushy brown hair seemed quite hard to tame. She told him in embarrassment that she couldn’t figure out how to comb her hair properly so she gave up. Well he liked Beatrice just the way she was anyway.

Beatrice was quite alluring actually under the robes. She was on the shorter and petite side, but she had a rather nice figure. Nothing outstanding like the Empress had, the Empress had beauty unlike any other woman. With a body that looked like it was sculpted by the divine and with her new dress she was the definition of beauty.

But honestly as Aaron gently held Beatrice in his arms… if had to choose who to share a bed with he would choose Beatrice everytime. She had cute perky breasts the size of oranges, a narrow waist and slightly chubby waist and thighs. However, what he loved most was the little sounds she makes when they make love. She would squirm and cover her mouth as if she was embarrassed to make any sounds.

Aaron smirked as he remembered a particular moment. Beatrice was letting out muffled mewls into her hands and he had told her it was ok to make some sounds. She had replied with a cute squeaking “no” and he responded by pinching one of her nipples which made her let out a small squeaking moan. 

He can still hear what she said afterwards ringing in his ears.


You’re so mean…

Don’t bully me…


“How was it?” Aaron asked.

“Nice… it hurt a little first but it was really nice later…” Beatrice said as she panted slightly.

“Sorry if I wasn’t very good, I’ve never… you know…” Aaron said bashfully.

“You were very good… and we could… get more practice…” Beatrice said shyly.

“Oh… well… that would be nice…” Aaron replied as he felt his face heat up.

Beatrice smiled as she snuggled close to him as she did so her body shifted pushing her soft chest against his. He felt his member twitch from the sensation and he felt the slimy coating around it as it brushed against her thigh. Then Aaron realised something as he felt his heart drop.

“Oh crap…” Aaron said in a whisper.

“Huh?” Beatrice asked as she looked up at me.

“We didn’t use a potion…” Aaron said softly.

Beatrice immediately shot upright as her hand wandered to her nethers. Her hand reemerged from her sheets to reveal his white seed on her fingers.

“Oh no… what if I get pregnant…” Beatrice said, eyes wide in shock.

“I… I’ll take responsibility if that happens…” Aaron said softly as he looked at her.

“I…” Beatrice began.


I’ll hold you to that…


Hey everyone this chapter is a little different, I was trying the idea of doing some development on the MC through the lens of common people. Not sure how it worked out, but this is a trial/practice for the inevitable cult stuff that was mentioned previously in earlier chapters. I feel for stuff like that, the view of the believer would be more compelling as compared to the POV of the MC or Cecilia.

Anyway hope you like it and hope it isn't too filler-esque.