Chapter 1 introduction
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Looking through the alley apa sits down and makes his so called bed and lays down falling asleep.

Time passed by fast but for some reason apa just had a bad feeling about being in this alley but soon falls asleep. When he wakes up he finds himself floating above himself maybe he was dreaming and was about to wake up when he sees someone walk into the alley walk by and stab him in the head he makes no struggles as all he can do is watch himself die by the hands of an unknown man.

Apa always had a bad life he was born being called a demon child for killing his mother when he was born throughout his life he was bullied and no one helped him like in those novels were a beautiful women appeared to save his day. But no his entire family died and he spent all his money on bear and the next day he was fired for no reason and a month after that kicked out of his house because he never paid rent. And now he was killed silently and no one to care.

He closes his eyes and lets himself be taken by the light.