Chapter 1 (Re-edited)
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Chapter 1


Waking up, Dan glanced at the sun rising above the horizon through the windows.

Moving his head to the side and glancing at the clock, it showed 6:26 AM.

[Dammit... not late again....]

Quickly getting up, he raced towards the washroom. After brushing and bathing, Dan prepared for his day ahead.

Today marked the 5th day of his 9th Standard Classes. Normally his classes would start at 8:00 AM, but he had signed up for Track & Field club 2 days ago.

All to win the affection of a certain girl, Neha.

A top student in the school, beautiful looks, graceful manners, popular among boys and girls alike.

Luckily, Dan was acquainted with her since 5 months ago, when he helped her when she suffered an accidental injury, with no one else around.

He carried her to the infirmary, applying medications and keeping her company till the doctor arrived.

What deeply attracted him to her however, was her modest and kind nature. Also the fact that she doesn't discriminate between others.

However, reality struck him heavy, when he was scolded and bullied by a group of Neha Fan Club, who despised Dan becoming closer to Neha and warned him to stay away from their goddess.

The bullying took a heavy turn when he retaliated, beating the hell out of his oppressors. Since then the physical aspect of bullying ended, however the subtleties continued.

Naturally, Dan didn't care about their opinions but then decided to improve his abilities and become much more of a match with his crush.

For him, Neha deserved the best.

After starting this year, Dan started working to develop his body & joined Track & Field club, however he was late often, getting scolded by the manager.

[It's too hard to get up so early! Those guys are idiots! How am I supposed to get there by 6:30 AM!]

Quickly getting ready and grabbing a pre prepared breakfast, he sprinted towards the school.

His parents chose the school, since the school was near their home.

However, by the time he reached the place, it was already 7:00 AM.

[You're late again! Idiot!]


Dan fell face first, smacked to the back of his head.
He glanced up to realize the Club Manager standing overhead staring at him with cold eyes.

His bull like physique, along with with his rat like eyes made him one of the most terrifying presences in the school. Rumors such as him being a young master of a gang or him being the reincarnation of an ancient demon was prevalent.

[Sorry..Manager, it..won't happen again.]

Huffing heavily, the manager roared,

[You say that every time! You plan on coming late everyday, don't you! Such shameful behavior, Get running already!!]


Sprinting on the track, Dan was more determined than ever to become more powerful.

[I need to overthrow this Demon!!]


8:00 AM

The school bell rang & the students awaited the class teacher to take the attendance & begin a new day at learning.

Dan took his seat 3 seats ahead of the last row at the left most position. This area termed the Hawsi Corner, was not named as such for no reason.

[Dan! Come here! Look at this masterpiece! I downloaded it just for the sake of showing it to you.]

[Morning Kancha.]

The self proclaimed Porn Master of the school, amassing a massive collection in his possession. It's said that Kancha was spending his pocket money on hard drives to collect more.

He is a flat faced guy with big glasses obscuring his face.

[My Collection is improving! It's an upgrade, I tell you! An Upgrade!!]

[Tone it down Kancha, by now the whole class knows about it already.]

[Let those idiots be! When apocalypse arrives, I will become the greatest trader of porn collection after the internet goes down. I must walk on this path of eternal salvation!!]

Also, Kancha was an avid believer in apocalypse in the near future, and so was preparing all he can for it, including long shelf time food, illegal weapons, and of course, his infamous porn collection. He believed that in the times of considerable stress, the saviour of humanity will be hope & glory of the yester years, i.e. all kinds of porn.

[Look at this one! This bhabi can take two together in the b*tt!]

[Really! Show me too! Quickly!]

The one with sudden spurt of enthusiasm is the hermit of the Hawsi corner, Pushkar.

He had an oversized body and short hair.

Overall a very decent looking good guy, In reality though, he is as badass as it gets, but hides it well and watches others play on his palm, while manipulating events behind the scenes. Ofcourse he is a big time pervert too...

[Oooh! It's true! How is it possible!]

[Practice makes one perfect, dear Pushkar.]

[Saviour! Send it to my phone immediately!]

Letting his two friends continuing their drama, Dan concentrated on his classes. Not that he was very interested, but he wanted to achieve a comparative level with Neha.

By the way, Neha studies in 'C' section, while Dan is in 'A' section. Ah, what a tragedy....


2:00 PM

After the end of school today, Dan started to head towards his tuition center.

[Dan! Wait up!]

Turning around, Dan watched Kancha approaching in top speed.

[Let's play Games today! My treat!]

Shaking his head, Dan refused.

[Sorry Kancha, but I am taking tomorrow off from school, I want to go tomorrow to see the World Fencing Tournament, maybe I can learn from those pro moves!]

Disappointment flashed across Kancha's face before resuming his smile once again.

[Ooooh... well OK, but you're coming next time!]

[Sure thing.]

Bidding his friend goodbye, Dan raced towards his next destination.


After separating from Kancha, Dan tried his best to reach the tuition on time.

However, he came across an accident.

More specifically, he was in time to see a kitten being run over by a bike.

Hastily trying to rescue it, and checking it's condition, it seemed to be on the verge of death, it's paws crushed and bleeding from it's mouth, convulsing in his arms.

His arms hugging the kitten soon becoming drenched in blood.

Feeling sorrow over it's early demise, Dan took the kitten to a nearby park, and tried to soothe it's pain somehow.

[Little Kitten, I couldn't save you on time, however I won't let you die alone. I will bury you nearby afterwards. I shall pray for your peace after death]

What Dan realized, is that his hands had a faint glow and the glow seemed to spread on the body of the kitten. Puzzled and shocked, Dan didn't know what is happening, however he held the kitten close, in case it got hurt somehow.

After about an hour, the kitten's condition seemed to be stabilizing. Dan decided to wait for a while more to see what happened.

The wound on it's paws seemed to be recovering somewhat and the kitten opened her eyes and looked at Dan curiously.

A man and a kitten staring at each other in this event.

However, the kitten soon closed her eyes and fell asleep again.

By now Dan was somewhat exhausted and his head started to hurt like crazy. The time was 6:11 PM already. He decided to bring the kitten home to observe it. Hopefully it would get better somehow. He hoped.


Chapter 1 End.


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