Chapter 5 (R18+) Re-edited
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Chapter 5

WARNING: R18+ content ahead, you have been warned.


Ae-cha kept on forcing him to drink forcibly, gravely embarrassed by the act she was performing.

Never in her life, did she think once that her first kiss would be like this, if this can even be called that.

Remembering on how this man has saved her from being all alone in the world, her chest started to feel strange and the feelings of gratefulness started to surface above the ice prison that had locked her frozen heart.

Her eyes when looking at him became soft, sometimes unconsciously tracing her fingers along his cheeks or along his chest.

Unable to bear this embarrassing feeling, Ae-cha stopped her attempts and distanced herself, sitting down in a corner, her mind haunted by the images of the arena just then.

Her previous scars of losing her father, which had yet to be recovered were fresh again after this occurrence.

Tears unknowingly flew down her face, sobbing silently she sometimes glanced at her grand father, to make sure he was still alive.

She remembered that scene, when that man's hands started glowing, healing her grand father slowly.

Envying his ability, she wondered how he got it. He did not seem to be very proficient at using it, constantly looking like he was bearing a huge burden.

( that an ability that Indians have? or is it some sort of blessing... I don't know at all)

After quickly eating a few chocolates that she was carrying, she unconsciously fell asleep.


[Father...Father!! Please don't leave me! Come back! Please!!]

The silhouette of her father kept fading, leaving her alone, shrouded in the darkness.

Turning around, her grand father seemed to be losing his breath and dying.

[Grand father! Please not you too! You are the only one I have left now!! Please don't leave me alone!!]

Screaming loudly, however her voice didn't seem to leave her mouth, as her grand father eventually died.




Waking up screaming, Ae-cha looked around with wide eyes, deeply afraid and breathing heavily.

Her face was smeared with tears, as she looked around herself.

She found her grand father sitting on the bed, looking at her with sad eyes, Ae-cha was stunned, when she jumped off and lightly hugged her grand father.

[Grand are are here...uu..]

Patting the back of his trembling grand daughter, old man Lee sighed sadly. Knowing the grief he put her through, he slowly raised her and started to comfort her.

[Don't worry Little Ae-cha, your grand father still has a 100 years to live, you know.]

Looking at her grand father beaming at her with a silly smile, she too nodded and smiled a little.


Wiping her face with his hands, old man Lee glanced at the boy sleeping nearby, when he asked her,

[Ae-cha, who is that boy? What happened? Please tell me slowly.]

Nodding her head, Ae-cha started telling him about everything she encountered.


[I see, so that's what happened.]

After patiently waiting for his grand daughter to speak, old man Lee grasped, that someone ordered an assassination attempt on him, and they were no longer safe.

Rather than himself, old man Lee was much more worried about his grand daughter's safety.

He would die one day, then who will take care of his precious grand daughter? Who will protect her? Who will save her?..

Such thoughts haunted the fragile mind of old man Lee. After failing to protect his son, he didn't want the same fate for his lovely grand daughter.

Under such desperate circumstances, a bold plan started forming in his mind, which only got reinforced with some other passing thoughts.

Gently patting his grand daughter's head, he asked her,

[Dear grand daughter, we may be facing the greatest crisis ever, and desperate times call for desperate measures. Can you trust your grand father once, please?]

Looking straight towards her grand father, she nodded heavily and answered with determination,

[Ask me anything Grand father, I will do as you ask.]

Smiling slightly, old man Lee looked towards the young man & said,

[I want you to secure this young man. Ally him with us. And more importantly, produce an heir with him.]


Ae-cha was stunned. She looked at her grand father, as if he was joking, but she quickly realized his seriousness. She firmed her resolve, and agreed to her grand father.

[You are my only family, grand father. if you choose him to be my partner, then I will accept him.]

Moving over to the young man, her emotions were all messed up,

[I promise to be your partner for this life, you will be part of my family from now on, and I never give up on my family. You won't be able to run away from me in this life, remember that.]

Ae-cha declared her intentions with resolve towards the unconscious boy.


[I will be looking around the arena for any hidden attackers, don't worry, your old man will be careful this time, knowing I am the target.]

Leaving this sentence behind, old man Lee left the room. His wound now miraculously healed completely. He was very happy with this young man, whose name he didn't know, and started to wonder what his grand children would look like.

In the silent room, firming her resolve, Ae-cha approached the young man, remembering her knowledge of sex, she lowered his pants and underwear to reveal the man's flaccid p*nis.

Grabbing the thing with her hands, she thought how different it was to the ones she watched online. Looking as if it has been punctured by something.

She found her lotion bottle before squeezing a large amount and applying it to the shaft and moving her hands up and down.

She noticed his breathing becoming heavy but he was still heavily asleep.

Looking at his reactions, Ae-cha smirked mischievously.

[Interesting... Very Interesting.]

Finding his expressions funny, she sped up her motion of hands, causing a weird sound to emanate, and the previously flaccid p*nis became semi erect.

Becoming even more interested, she doubled her efforts, when suddenly, a white liquid was sprayed on her face by the d*ck, while she exclaimed and retreated.

[Kyaaa..The p*nis seems angry somehow..]

Looking at the throbbing d*ck and remembering her porn knowledge, she licked up the semen on her face, then proceeding to lick away the semen dripping from his d*ck.

Dan started to gasp for air, his breathing heavy, yet he was still asleep.

Deciding it was the time, Ae-cha lowered her clothes & discarded her strawberry panties. She placed the tip of the d*ck to her moist cave.


Gradually lowering her lower body, she felt a searing pain from her bottom. Her face twisted in pain, while blood started to trickle down the shaft.


Fearing the pain to increase, Ae-cha stops for a while, until the pain somewhat subsides.

Meanwhile, she started kissing Dan heavily to distract herself from the pain. Feelings of pleasure started to erupt inside her while kissing. She thought perhaps she liked kissing way too much that sex itself.

Slowly moving her hips again, she slowly got used to the dual mixture of pain and pleasure.

Being a somewhat new experience, Ae-cha gradually got lost in lust and lost her thoughts, going along with her instincts.

Meanwhile, she also started using her fingers to tease her nipples and her hard cl*t, rubbing it intensely.

Now moving her hips rapidly, an obscene noise drifted in the room along with a weird smell.


She kept on swinging her hips violently, when suddenly her body shuddered & her mind became blank with extreme pleasure.

She experienced her first proper orgasm as her eyes rolled back & tongue stuck out. She noisily collapsed on top of the man.

Panting heavily, she spent quite some time in the afterglow of the orgasm, and later resumed her movements excitedly, determined to experience another orgasm.

Kissing the man heavily, she tried to force him to drink her saliva, while devouring his lower body with hers.

His d*ck pulsated suddenly, and she felt a stream of warmth rising up her belly.

The strange sensation, triggering yet another orgasm, rendered her with no choice but to wrangle her body around his.

After a while, she finally calmed down. Feeling very drowsy, she fell asleep. With a gorgeous smile on her face, first time in a long while.

She slept quite pleasantly this time.


[My grand daughter sure is vigorous, much like her old man.]

Grinning happily, the old man Lee had judged the young couple's performance from the start till the end.

He presumed he will be having grand children pretty soon.

Of course, even at his age, his lower garments seemed to have a tent pitched up, seemingly piercing the skies.


Chapter 5 End



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