Chapter 64: Interference
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Once Rin collected herself, Haruki infiltrated the mansion with everyone and cast a massive bounded field with Cu Chulainn’s help. Nobody was allowed to leave until they broke the barrier.

The grass suddenly rustled as numerous insects emerged and blended into an old man. He wore plain gray and green robes and held a walking stick in his right hand.

“You brought a party for me.” Zouken was unperturbed in the face of four servants. “Tohsaka girl, how have you been?”

Rin flinched from the hollow gaze directed at her. “Zouken, you scum. You’ll pay for everything you did to Sakura.”

She charged a gandr shot at the tip of her finger. Zouken’s stick deflected the destructive magical energy.

“Oho. It’s inappropriate to infiltrate someone’s house and insult them.”

Rin gritted her teeth. Just as she prepared another attack, Haruki placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Being too emotional won’t help.”


Zouken straightened his back a bit. “Your mother was the greatest magus to walk on this planet. You seem like a disappointment.”

Haruki felt something off about this situation. The Zouken he knew was a coward who cherished his life above all. He shouldn’t have come here if he knew four servants were zoning in on him.

“Have you seen Sakura? She didn’t come home yesterday,” Zouken continued his taunts. “Her friends are waiting for her.”

Haruki squeezed his fists, barely holding himself from punching Zouken’s old mug. “Lancer, do it.”

Cu Chulainn swiftly carved four runes on the ground and pointed his spear at Zouken. “I don’t know who you are, old man. But you reek of insanity and madness.”

An invisible bounded field enclosed Cu Chulainn and Zouken. It was a sacred area where nobody could leave and no outsiders could interfere until one of them died.

Zouken tapped the ground with his walking stick. “Two hundred years of dedication. It won’t stop at anything.”

“Lancer, end it.”

Cu Chulainn quickly closed the distance in a burst. Zouken grinned as the spear wrapped in a crimson aura cut into his heart. Zouken disintegrated into a pile of worms.

“Destroy all the worms,” Haruki said, feeling like he was backseat gaming someone.

Cu Chulainn slashed every worm in one swipe. The worms struggled in their last breath, however, a black shadow covered the sky. A protective layer of black magical energy covered the worms, inflating them until they burst into a tiny explosion. When all of them erupted, a massive explosion rang out and engulfed Cu Chulainn.

Artoria appeared before Haruki in her armor. “Master, he escaped.”

Cu Chulainn emerged unscathed from the dust, his face twisted in fury. “He brute-forced through my rune.”

Even a servant couldn’t conjure enough magical energy to shatter his rune and its curse. Yet, a magus did so in a few seconds.

Haruki looked up. The darkness faded, leaving a sky covered in dark clouds. An unknown force broke Lancer’s runes. Haruki looked at Medusa, who seemed to be staring at the sky in a daze.

“Rider, what did you see?”

Medusa took a moment to answer, “An amalgamation of shades… as if all the darkness in the world gathered in one place.”

“Angra Mainyu,” Haruki whispered and contacted Medea to confirm Sakura’s safety.

“Haruki-sama, Sakura is fine. We’re going to start her treatment. You sound worried...”

‘I can handle it. There should be a crest near Sakura’s heart. Make sure to deal with it as soon as possible.’

“I shall, Haruki-sama. Take care out there.”

Haruki cut off the connection. ‘Did Angra Mainyu possess Illyasviel instead?’

Haruki shook his head at the possibility. Sakura was manipulated into a contract with Avenger. Illyasviel had no reason to fall into Avenger's trap.

‘Wait, Shirou. Did Avenger manipulate her with Shirou’s name? Motherfucker is changing the war even without a servant.’

Haruki cursed the protagonist and his luck. He was crystal clear about one thing—Zouken’s ally was Angra Mainyu, who seemed to be limited in his movements. Otherwise, he’d have attacked everyone instead of just bailing Zouken out of the crisis.

“Everyone, search the mansion and exterminate any worm crests. My bounded field is intact, which means Zouken hasn’t escaped.”

He wasn’t going to give up his goal even if Angra Mainyu wanted to protect the rotten magus.

Archer closed his eyes. “I’m the bone of my sword.”

The wrought iron gears inside his mindscape turned as he accessed the information in his inner world. He projected his signature swords, Kanshou and Bakuya, and tossed them to Haruki. “They will be more harmful to the worm crests.”

Haruki handed over the spear to Rin and wielded the swords. “They are comfortable.”

Archer looked over to Cu Chulainn, who brandished his spear in response.

“I don’t need them.”

Medusa shook her head. “I can crush them.”

“Master,” Artoria said and summoned Avalon. “Keep it near you.”

She didn’t need Avalon for a battle of this magnitude. She’d be more relieved if Haruki stayed protected while she hunted down Zouken.

“Alright, now go.”

Archer, Cu Chulainn, Rider, and Saber stormed into the mansion. Rin was about to follow Archer into the mansion, but Haruki pulled her back. He couldn’t let her see the basement filled with worms, neither did he want to see it himself.

“Not you,” Haruki said. “You’ll be with me.”

Rin stared at him with a bewildered expression. He seemed more anxious to kill Zouken than her.

“Come on. We’ll search the perimeter.”

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