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Under the pressing gaze of the Emperor, Arcane stood still like a statue with her head lowered. She was kneading her fingers while thinking of how to start the conversation.

“I see that you have not recovered yet,” Emperor Carvin Nerova was the first one to break the ice.

“About that...Your MAjesty.” Arcane gulped in and continued. “I wanted to tell you something,”

“Go on, I'll give you permission to speak.” Said the Emperor in his usual calm but overpowering tone. “You don’t have to be afraid, YOu can tell me anything you want,” Carvin the Emperor was trying to make her comfortable as he could see her uneasy gestures. 

“It’s about Soarsa Epione...I want to talk about her,” She spoke and peeked at Carvin to see his reaction. 

“You came to me in that condition to talk about her?” Carvin asked with a doubting tone, he looked at her from top to bottom.

“Your MAjesty, She wasn’t the one who harmed me, On the contrary, she helped me out in the forest!” Arcane pleaded.

Carvin looked at her with a deep gaze. 

“She was trying to heal my wounds that were caused by a bandit.”

‘BAndit? Like you came up with that word?’ Arcane cursed herself.

“SO you are saying that the commoner girl tried to heal you by slitting your throat?” Asked Carvin.

“No! It was the bandit that harmed me, Miss. Soarsa was only trying to help...I am sure that all this is just a misunderstanding and that Miss.Soarsa is innocent.” 

Arcane sounded desperate. Carvin had something to say but he decided not to for some reason.

“Hm...If that’s what happened I will have to withdraw my decision.” Carvin spoke.

‘Haaah! I feel like I can finally breathe now!’ Arcane celebrated inwardly. ‘THis was rather easy.’


“But!” Carvin added. “As we still don’t know how you got abducted from your palace’s bed and reached the middle of the forest, I will have to keep you under my protection. You will have to start living in the imperial palace from now on,” Carvin added.


“But why? I am okay, nothing happened.” 

‘What has gotten into him?’ 


“Nothing happened? YOu call the injury around your neck “Nothing?” Carvin asked. “This injury around your neck can lead us into a war, You as the princess of RIdavell should know it better than anyone.” Carvin tried to put some sense into Arcane’s head. “I will ask the chancellor to prepare a room for you in the eastern wing. You will live here until the culprit has been caught.” Carvin slowly got up from his spectacular-looking chair and walked over to her. Arcane lowered her head to avoid Carvin’s eyes.


His hand closened up to her face, she trembled in fear when the Emperor’s cold finger touched her chin.  She was not expecting such a gesture from the king.


“A princess must never lower her head in front of anyone,” Carvin gently lifted her chin trying not to exert much force as he didn’t want her to be in pain because of her injury. “Keep your head high whenever you meet me and smile at me while looking at me as you would smile at your father.” 


Arcane, who was frozen when the Emperor had lifted her chin, stared dumbfoundedly at the Emperor whose face was painted with a fatherly smile.


‘Father…? Does he want me to think of him as a father because he thinks Arcane misses her father?’ thought Arcane and smiled lightly.

“I will keep that in mind,” Arcane replied gently and took her leave. 

The Imperial Palace was luxurious, She was shown to her room which was on the eastern side of the palace. The chancellor walked her through many doors and flights before she finally reached the majestic door made out of pure gold. Arcane gulped in at the sight of the display of such wealth. 

“Princess! You can stay here, I will send your attendant here,” Said the Chancellor before giving Arcane a box.

“The Emperor wanted to give you some pain relieving pills. It might be effective when the wounds start to hurt.” Said the chancellor.

“Thanks...but I had a question,” Arcane stopped him before he could leave.

“Ask away, My Princess,” He said.

“The other day when I fell.  The imperial doctor healed my foot in an instant. Can’t he heal my injuries too?” Arcane was very curious.

“That is because the healing orb can only heal the injuries that have occured to a person through an environmental reason, But the injuries you have are because of the magic that Miss. Soarsa used, The only way your injuries would heal would be by using a magic opposite to what she had used. Or we can wait for them to heal themself.” Said the chancellor.

“Thank you for the answer,Sir…”

Arcane didn’t know his name.

“Darius...YOu can call me that,” Smiled the chancellor.

“Thank you again. Sir Darius.” Arcane smiled and opened the door of the room that was not surprisingly at all...very heavy!

``A magic opposite to her’s...She had Light magic so i need….DArk MAgic!!!?’ arcane felt cold sweats drip down her back, she placed her hand on the door as a support but it opened because of the push. And bright light welcomed her eyes.


“Wow!! THis place is amazing!!!” Arcane was left speechless when she saw how beautiful the room was. Not only was the furniture great but the main thing that caught Arcane’s attention were the indoor plants and the terrasse that showed the grand garden’s spectacular view. Arcane stood with her mouth wide open.

“The emperor is such a nice guy!! WHo said he was a serious guy with a rotten attitude? I think he is a sweet teddy bear!’ Arcane rushed over to the bed that too had a window but its face was not directly towards the sun so she no longer had to worry about the sun hitting her face directly.

“Haah!! Today must be my lucky day! I saved Soarsa from dying and the Emperor spoke to me so nicely and he even gave me such a nice room to live in! What else could I ask for?” Arcane cheered happily and threw herself on the bed.


“Now I have to wait for the banquet…” The cheerful laugh of her face vanished suddenly when she realised that her life was not only a bed of roses. “Can I change my fate even a little?” her eyes stared at the chandelier that scattered the light into the room. The hateful gaze of Symon reminded her that even when she hadn’t done anything wrong, she was fated to receive hate from the Main characters.