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“Your Majesty, The princess is here,” Said an attendant of the emperor.


‘By the way...WHY DID HE CALL ME HERE?!’ Arcane was very confused.


AS soon as the words of the Attendant reached the Emperor’s ear his eyes flashed at Arcane who was standing on the doorstep.  And what made Arcane even more confused was the fact that the Emperor was wearing a golden and black outfit.


“You are here?! I was waiting for you to come, ``said the Emperor as he got up from his chair.


“For me?” Asked Arcane. Her tone clearly showed how confused she was.


“Darius!! Have you not told her?” Carvin’s tone suddenly rose as he looked at the poor chancellor. 

“Your Majesty...I just didn’t want you to miss the Princess’s expression when she finds out why you call her here,” Darius was holding his mouth while speaking, he was trying to hold in his laughter.


Carvin’s eyebrow twitched, “You sure are a wise man,” said the Emperor.

A maid came walking in from the corner of the room, she was holding a velvety cushion, the emperor’s crown was laying on it. Followed by a few boxes that held some expensive-looking badges.


“The Empress is not well, and the responsibility of crowning the Emperor is in her hand, As she cannot show up to perform the ritual. Now it is on you...The PRincess of The Kingdom to perform her duties.” Darius spoke in a clear and loud voice. 

Arcane’s eyes twitched when she heard those words.

‘Since when did I become a princess of the Kingdom? What is happening over here?’ Arcane looked around to see if anyone else was as much surprised as she was but no one thought that this was crazy.


“I...I...Can I do that?’ Arcane asked with a puzzled tone, “I mean I am not part of the imperial family...let alone a princess of Ohaeria.” Arcane fidgeted her fingers.

‘Do they consider me a part of their family? I mean...that...that is not possible right?’

An overwhelming feeling boiled up in Arcane’s stomach. It was a warm emotion that was slowly wrapping her. She had always wanted a family but she wasn’t sure if this was what she was thinking. It was because a girl like her was dying to get some love and attention from someone, she wanted to feel like a human and not like a puppet that is thrown away after it's of no use.


“You are more than allowed to perform the rituals that only a royalty of Ohearia can, I give you the permission to do that,” Carvin spoke in a deep voice. “You are just like a daughter to me,” HE added.


Thump! THump! 

Arcane heard her heart race, she looked up at the Emperor with disbelief, Surprisingly he was smiling at her. At that moment Arcane couldn’t hold in her joy, Her mind went blank and the only word her mind held was “Daughter”.

“If it’s like that, then I will help you get ready,” Arcane replied, she kept her eyes low because she was afraid to let out any kind of lonely feelings that she had held dearly in her heart.


Arcane with the help of the attendants decorated the Emperor’s heavily gold-embroidered clothing. Arcane carefully pinned the heavy badges to his jacked while he stood proudly with his chest puffed up. 

“Your Majesty, THe crown…” Arcane looked at Carvin with pitiful eyes as she was way too short as compared to him, Arcane held the heavy crown in her hand in the hope that someone might be kind enough to bring her something to stand on, and Darius seemed to have heard Arcane heart’s voice, He was about to make a move when the Emperor lifted his hand and stopped him. 

Carvin then stepped back and sat on his one knee, like a knight would do before taking his oaths. 

“But...YOur MAjesty!! You can’t do that!!” Arcane jumped in fright. Suddenly everyone in the room fell to their knees and kept their head lower than the Emperor.

“YOu can crown me now,” Said Carvin with twinkling eyes


‘Why am I the only one standing? And why does he look so happy when he is on his knees?! What is all this?’

Arcane was speechless at the sight, she hurriedly placed the crown on Carvin’s head hoping that he would stand up quickly so she would no longer be in such a situation. But he didn’t get up, 

“YOur MAjesty! Can you please get up now? Or should I just kneel?” She spoke with a scared voice.


“You don’t have to kneel, It's just part of the ritual.” Carvin stood up slowly, “Allow me to enter the banquet with you,” Carvin held out his hand. 

‘I have no idea if all this was supposed to happen, And if what is going around here is the right thing...But I have no way of finding out as I was never mentioned in the book that much...All I can do for now is to go with the flow.’

Arcane grabbed Carvin’s hand, “It would be a pleasure, Your Majesty.”


She smiled at Carvin but his expressions were very complicated at that moment, it was as if he was expecting something else.

‘Did I say something wrong?’ Arcane thought, but there was no way she would know what went wrong and what she was supposed to do.


“Then let's get going,” Carvin continued and stepped forwards.

The two walked through the hallway, they were followed by the Emperor’s knights. The two of them looked like a father-daughter pair because of the matching outfit they wore. Arcane suddenly spoke up.


“YOur MAjesty?” 


“Hmm?” Carvin replied.

“I don’t know if it's my place to speak or not, but I wanted to ask...what illness does the Imperial Mother (She is referring to the Empress) have?”

Carvin’s head shifted towards Arcane at lightning speed. Arcane felt like her heart had jumped out of her chest. 

‘What? Did I ask something wrong?’ Arcane dumbfoundedly stared at the Emperor who looked shattered to the point where he would shed some tears.

“I am sorry, Your Majesty. I must have overstepped my boundaries…” Arcane pulled her hand out of his palm and bowed down a bit to show how apologetic she was.


“No!” Carvin strongly rejected something. “You did nothing wrong...it’s just you didn’t call me…” He blinked a few times while staring at his empty hand.


“Pardon?” Arcane asked.

“The Empress had a weak body...and about her illness, that hasn’t yet been determined,” Carvin replied quickly, trying to cover up the previous word he had said.


“Oh...Thank you for telling me that,” Arcane replied.

 ‘According to the book the Imperial Mother was under some kind of curse...I wonder if Soarsa will be able to cure her?’ Arcane thought deeply.

Just like that, they reached the Banquet that was already bustling with people, it seemed as if she was the last one to arrive. 

After the announcement of the arrival of the Emperor was made, everything came to a halt, The guests made a way for the Emperor while bowing their heads low. A similar feeling from a while ago crept into Arcane’s bones and she glanced at Carvin who was walking without even baiting an eye to the heads.

“Who is that?”

“Why is she walking beside his Majesty?”

“ISn’t she the princess from another country?’

“She is? But why is she walking alongside the Emperor? Only a real princess is supposed to stand there.”

Arcane’s feet trembled when she heard those kinds of gossips and the judgemental gazes that were shooting questions at her. 

‘I knew it...This wasn’t my place after all.’ The corner of her eye shined with a tear that went unnoticed by the eyes of the onlookers.