Chapter 3
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Her room was incredibly spacious; about four or five times as big as mine, at a glance. I looked around to see lots of mismatched things all crammed inside. A mini-fridge, a treadmill, bookshelfs, a tv and a table with a kotatsu in the middle. 

She picked out a book from one of the shelves, flipped through it, and set it back.

"... not this one... but where..."

Her gaze wandered all around, her hand sometimes stopping in front of a book, before hovering, trying to telepathically know which one she was talking about. I got closer to the shelves, reading through the titles quickly.

'My forbidden office romance', 'Jealousy play', 'A passionate desire'

While amusing myself with reading the almost parody-like titles, I searched for the book she was referring to, about research.

She sighes dramatically as she gets fed up with trying to find the book. Her expression showing this being a situation she has experiences many times by now.

The bookshelves were only filled with low-brow dramatic romances of the same calibre. So I scanned the room around for any possible books lying around.

"...The thing your searching for is stationed on the bed, Ayumi."

My willingness to assume sheer coincidence has started to sink below rock bottom, though in some cases it turns out to be paranoia more than solid detectivework.

She looked back when she heard her name. Shocked at finding the book there, she apologizes for her clumsiness again.

"Well, come lay down here, I'll tell you a little bedtime story."

She was being genuinely playful, but her awareness of the situation in bafflingly inept, comparable to a man who would only bring a switchblade and insecticide when having to fight an alien invasion. No matter how I observe it, common sense overrides any deduction I could make.

She must be messing around.

I decided to play along, just for the moment. I stepped inside the oversized bed and snuck under the covers.

She laid down on top of the sheets and started narrating the book, which topics ranged from psychology to physiology, criminology, cosmology and many more -logies.

They were outside my fields of expertise, but a lot of the info present I had already known or understood at least in part. Leaving me with just leaning a bunch of useless trivia I could impress my friends with.

On the other hand, the woman at least twice my age found it an incredibly exciting read. Not a page went by without me hearing 'oh wow' or any comparable showing of awe.

Admittedly, it wasn't a waste of time, at least not completely. These are the roots which will decide how she will interact toward me in the future. Suffice it to say, it's desirable for those interactions to be positive.

"Thank you for showing me this book, I've learned quite a lot from it."

She showed a gleeful smile towards me. It felt mostly genuine, aside from a hint of... well, it's hard to describe.

"It's fun, right? much more than I originally expected as well."

"Yes, indeed."

"And the part about the origins of our knowledge of the universe, I heard about it a little from back in high school and college, but I never knew there would be this much."

She happily went on and on about it. Me sometimes nodding or agreeing to show her I am listening.

As she was doing that, I kept thinking about the events that transpired yesterday and today.

I'll have to do a background check on her. If my hunch is correct, I might have the answer for what she wants from me.