Twins: 5 Months
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Warning: NSFW, BJ (face-fucking)

Trying to have sex with babies in the house, take one: 


Ender moved on top of Nevan, sitting on him as Nevan laid on his back. He grabbed his shirt, throwing it to the ground. Even though he still had stretch marks, his healing c-section scar, and a tiny plump stomach, Ender started to embrace it more. 


Plus, Nevan did not mind and loved to show him that. 


Nevan's eyes darkened from the move as he went to touch Ender's body, but Ender stopped his hand. He grabbed it, putting it over Nevan's head, "No touching." 


He let go of Nevan's hand as he (Ender) gave his lips a short kiss. Then he started leaving a trail of kisses down Nevan's chin to his neck. His kisses turned into sucking, leaving marks on Nevan. 


Nevan groaned, breathing hard as he gripped the sheets, trying hard not to touch Ender. 


Ender started unbuttoning Nevan's shirt, kissing and sucking the free skin. Once he finished unbuttoning the shirt, he moved his mouth towards Nevan's nipple, giving it a lick before sucking it. 


Nevan's nipples were not as sensitive as Ender's, but Nevan shivered as a slight moan passed his lips. His nails scratched the sheets as he continued to hold back from touching. 


Ender did the same to the other before moving down, kissing a path towards Nevan's happy trail. Nevan's breath hitched as he looked down, watching Ender. 


Grabbing Nevan's zipper, Ender slowly unzipped them; he pulled them down once he undid the pants. Nevan lifted his hips, making it easier for Ender. 


Ender got off Nevan, bringing the pants to Nevan's ankle before taking them entirely off and throwing them to the ground. 


Then he quickly grabbed Nevan's underwear, not wasting any more time as he pulled it off, throwing it to the floor. 


Nevan's erection sprung free. 


Ender wrapped his hand towards the bottom of the rigid member as he bent down, taking Nevan into his mouth. 


He stopped where his hand was before bobbing his head and moving his hand at the same time. Nevan threw his head back from the wet warmth and friction working on his erection. 


Moaning, Nevan almost grabbed Ender's head, wanting to push him more down, but stopped himself last minute.


Ender could feel Nevan's hand over his head as he moved his head back up. He licked the clear liquid, forming on the tip, off. 


He moved his hand up, looking at Nevan as he slowly licked down, teasing Nevan. 


Nevan groaned, willing to beg for Ender not to tease him. "E-En." He whined. 


Ender moved his head back up, taking his hand away as he sucked the tip. He laughed once it was in his mouth to create a vibration to tease Nevan more. 


"F-Fuck." Nevan cursed. 


Ender held back another laughter, finally taking Nevan fully into his mouth as he engulfed the erection, feeling it hit the back of his throat. 


He hummed, causing Nevan to rip a small hole into the sheet under his grip as he bit his lip from a loud moan threatening to come out. 


They did not hear the sheet ripping. 


Ender deep-throated Nevan as he used his hand to rub Nevan's sack. 


"F-ah, E-En." Nevan kept cursing, feeling the pleasure take over his body. 


Drool fell down Ender's chin as he continued to deep throat Nevan. Nevan could not hold back any longer as he thrust up, causing Ender to choke. 


Ender relaxed his throat some more, breathing hard through his nose as he almost choked from the thrust. But he did not stop Nevan from continuing as he held the man's legs, sinking his nails into them. 


Nevan kept thrusting up, grabbing Ender's head as he held it down. "F-ah, you fe-feel s-so, a-ah, good." Nevan groaned. 


More and more saliva kept falling down his chin as his eyes began to water from Nevan's thrusting and holding him down. 


Ender moved his hand down, touching himself through his pants, moaning as his eyes completely darkened from the unadulterated lust. 


He could feel his toes curling and his eyes moving to the back of his head as he was getting closer and closer to climaxing. 


Nevan was also close as he started thrusting faster and sloppier, only letting off a tiny bit at times to give Ender enough time to breathe. 


But before they both could climax, the sound of crying filled the room.


"Shit!" Nevan slipped out. 


Shit! Ender thought. 


Nevan let him go as Ender pulled his head away, coughing as he covered his mouth. 


"I will check it out first," Nevan spoke. He grabbed the tissues on the nightstand, wiping his member that started to go down. 


Then, Nevan got off the bed, grabbing his pants and shirt, putting them on. 


He went to wash his hands before stepping out and going to the twins. The baby monitor showed they were still crying. 


As Nevan was getting ready to walk out, Ender stopped him. 


"They are beginning the teething process. If that is why the twins are crying, I put two teething rings in the refrigerator for them." Ender coughed out, his voice sounding a bit raspy. 


"Okay," Nevan responded. 





Ender's back hit against the counter near the stove as he wrapped his arms around Nevan's neck and his legs around Nevan's waist. 


Nevan held his hips, holding Ender up as he slammed into him. Each thrust caused Ender's back to hit against the counter. But Ender did not complain as he quietly moaned, trying to keep his noises to a minimum. 


Nevan sucked marks onto Ender's neck, biting right after like he wanted Ender's throat to be utterly covered. 


Moving his hand, Ender grabbed Nevan's chin, freeing his neck. He kissed Nevan, instantly deepening it as Nevan started thrusting faster into him. 


Nevan brought one of his hands up, pinching Ender's nipple between his fingers before rubbing it. 


Ender moaned in his mouth as Nevan swallowed it down before separating their lips. He nibbled on Ender's bottom lip, taking it between his teeth as he sucked on it. 


He let it go, licking a line across it before sticking his tongue back into Ender's mouth. 


Ender tightened his legs around Nevan's waist as he felt him hitting against his sweet spot over and over again. He wanted to scream out, but he had to be quiet; the kissing helped silence his voice. 


Then, as they both felt like they were getting closer and closer to a release, a loud "oh" sounded from the living room. 


Nevan and Ender froze, staying silent as another "oh" filled the surrounding areas. 


Initially, Nevan and Ender went into the kitchen to make some food. Before they started, the twins were wide awake, so they brought out the playpen. 


They set up the playpen, ensuring everything was safe, and the twins couldn't get out. Nevan and Ender put toys in the playpen that they couldn't choke on and put them inside. 


The twins were at that age where they can roll to their backs from their stomachs. So Ender made sure there were comfortable blankets in the playpen. 


Now, it seems that the twins were calling for them. 


Ender sighed, "I'm going to die, Nevan, if I never reach any relief soon." 


"I agree. Maybe we should take mother-in-law's offer and let her watch Emil and Vera for a few hours." Nevan responded, pulling out of Ender. 


Ender held the counter, using it to straighten himself. He grabbed his pants from the ground, putting them on as he ignored the wet empty feeling coming from his entrance.


Ender washed his hands right after.


"Maybe. Can you take over in the kitchen? I will watch the twins." 


Nevan pulled up his pants, nodding as he went to wash his hands. Luckily, they did not take out anything to cook yet.


When they had entered the kitchen earlier, things got heated. And they weren't talking about the stove. 


Ender walked into the living room. Emil looked fascinated that he could roll while Vera kept yelling, "oh." 


Crouching in front of the playpen, Ender smiled at Vera, "Were you the one trying to call us over, Vera?" 


"Ah," Vera responded as she grabbed a toy, showing it to Ender. 


"Do you want me to play?" 


"Ah, ah." Vera babbled, still showing her toy. 


Emil did not care for them as he laid on his back, now playing with his fingers like they were fantastic. Then he put his hand over his eyes, only to remove them and do it again. 


Ender shook his head, smiling at Emil's antics. 


"Oh!" Vera yelled like she was trying to get Ender's attention again. 


"Sorry, Vera," Ender apologized, "we can play."