Twins: 11.8 Months
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It is almost here! Vera and Emil are turning one next week. 


Ender and Nevan have been setting up for that day. They ordered a cake, bought some decorations, and sent invitations to their family (well, Ender’s) and friends.


They were even going to have a barbecue, keeping things simple since Nevan and Ender knew that the twins would receive tons of presents. 


As they finished their checklist, even making a grocery list on what food to buy, Ender and Nevan looked at the twins in the playpen. 


Ender smiled at them. He thought about how big the twins gotten. "Time sure does quickly fly by," Ender commented. 


Nevan nodded, agreeing with Ender, "It does. But I have never been so happy in my life until now. You and the twins are the best things that ever happened to me. I love all of you so much." 


Ender's face softened as his heart started to pound fast. He grabbed Nevan's hand, kissing it. "I love you and the twins so much too. If anyone ever said that this would be my life, I would have called them a liar.


"But, even if I did not want this at first, I am so happy. Is it bad that I want to thank Tia's party that led us here?" 


Nevan shook his head, squeezing Ender's hand in his hold. "No, I want to thank her too. But, Tia would get a big head." 


Ender laughed because it is true. She would probably start telling the twins they are here because of her when they got older. 


"I take it back; she doesn't need to know." 


Nevan looked at their intertwined hands before using his free one to grab Ender's face. He tenderly kissed him. 


And even though the kiss was short and soft, Ender could not help the way his eyes fluttered shut, how his heart went on overdrive, his stomach doing weird flips, and how his breath went away. 


It felt like he fell in love with Nevan all over again. 


Who knew that they would end up here? When he first met Nevan, their friendship happened fast as Ender would love to mess with Nevan, trying to get Nevan out of the strict routine he made for himself. 


He would sometimes even distract Nevan because being a workaholic is not suitable for a person's health. 


But, Nevan's personality is what attracted Ender in the first place. He wanted to see how far he could tease the man until he grew tired of him. 


And, surprisingly, it never happened. 


Instead, Nevan started spoiling Ender. 


When Nevan first met Ender, he thought that Ender was a bit childish. But as they got to talking in those few minutes, Nevan could not help but think how adorable Ender was. 


It only made him want to spoil Ender and give in to whatever Ender wanted, especially when the man would mess with him or distract him from work. 


And it never made him mad; it only made him want to snatch Ender and keep a hold on him. 


After their meeting, it took him a year to realize what kind of feelings he had for Ender. It was there, but it took a while to understand what it was. 


It was the same for Ender. 


And look at where they are now: together with two beautiful babies who will become toddlers soon. 


Ender rested his forehead on Nevan's forehead, thinking of the past, present, and future.


He thought about the past of their first meeting and that night at Tia's birthday. Then, the present time of their kids and them being together. And finally, the future of the twins becoming adults and him and Nevan growing old together. 


"What are you thinking about?" Nevan asked. 


"Me, you, us, the twins, and our lives. I am excited about the more years to come with you, Emil, and Vera. This, right here, is enough for me, and I do not need anything else." Ender responded.


Nevan smiled, giving Ender's lips another short kiss. "I am thinking the same thing." 


Before any more words could slip past their lips, the twins decided that they wanted their parents' attention. 


"Pa! Da! Ay, ay!" The twins simultaneously spoke. 


Nevan and Ender chuckled at the twins calling for them. They separated, walking over to the playpen as they pulled Emil and Vera out of it. 


Ender pulled out the blocks, setting them between all of them. "Let's make something together." 


Ender made the first stack as Nevan did the second one, Vera was third, and Emil was last. Even though he did not like playing most of the time, he would sometimes join them. 


They enjoyed their moment together, playing with the blocks as they would stack them into different shapes. 



Bonus-Emil slaps both his parents:


Vera and Emil laid on the bed with Ender and Nevan. Everyone was fast asleep until Emil woke up with a full diaper, feeling very uncomfortable. 


He felt tears wanting to slip out from the uncomfortable feeling, but he held it back. Emil did not want to cry. 


He moved, looking at his parents as he called them, "Pa! Da!" 


Even though he was near their ears, his parents did not wake up. Emil frowned, quickly growing frustrated because he wanted to be in a clean diaper. 


He called them again and still did not receive any response. So, he decided to hit their arms. Nevan and Ender moved in their sleep, but their eyes remained closed. 


Seeing that they moved from the hit, Emil got an idea. He crawled towards their face, stretching his short, small arms, and slapped their cheeks. 


Ender did not wake up from the slap; he only rubbed his face before turning over. But, Nevan woke up, blinking his eyes a few times before fully making out Emil. 


"Emil? Did you hit me?" Nevan asked before yawning, picking his body up. 


"Ooo." Emil pointed towards his diaper. 


"Do you need a change?" Nevan asked. 


"Ooo." Emil kept his finger on his diaper. 


Nevan hummed, getting the message as he picked up Emil, getting off the bed to change his diaper. He glanced at Ender, who had Vera sleeping on him, "Did you slap papa too?" 


"Eh," Emil responded. 


Nevan held back his amused expression, not surprised that Ender remained sleeping after getting slapped.

One chapter left and four extras.