Chapter 121: The Fool that Rush in
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   Above the dark skies were the wraiths that had been screaming. She followed a man whose left arm was missing, and by any rights, he should be dead with all the missing parts around his body. His left eye was missing, his right eye partially blind, some of his fingers were missing, his left hand’s middle finger had the tip missing, and his right hand’s trigger and the ring finger were missing as well.

“You should rest.”


“All for this for that woman?” she asked.


“I see.”

The man clambered up a burnt hill. An arrow shot past his shoulder, the bone broken, and his grip on his sword fell. She heaves a sigh, and forcibly attached the sword back to his hand, healing up his broken shoulder with her own power. The man had dim eyes, and there he was barely breathing.

“Your nose is broken,” she said.

“I got used to it.”

“Is that so?” she said. “I don’t understand this. How many times will you do this for someone who barely loves you?”

“That doesn’t matter now does it?” he said with a weary smile. “I am a fool that rushes in.”

“There’s something wrong with you, human.”

“You poor fool.”

She watched the man dash towards the woman who had no love for him. He fought evils that someone that like him should not fight. He was a soldier that should not be fighting in the same stage as those who carve the world for themselves. Yet, he sprinted past the battles and used her who was trapped on a sealed sword.

He was bleeding from head to toe, his eyes were dim, and yet his eyes grew brighter than the sun. She couldn’t help but watch him fight for whatever he was fighting for and reach the woman who fought with four elemental heroes. They stood with her, and she knew that the person trying to reach that woman had no use here. Still, that person carried on, slashing his enemies, holding to that tiny flame of hope.

Still, this wasn’t a battlefield for him. A single strike from a soldier brought him down to his knees. In the battlefield, he was merely another pawn that was left to die. He saw the vision of the heroes and their war maiden fight another battle. She saw him be killed by that single strike, his lifeless body reaching out to the place where that woman went.

“Really, why do you do this?” she asked his lifeless body. She floated on top of his body while her soul was bound to the sword that kept her in. She didn’t know why but the thought of looking at this body displeased her. The foolish man who rushes in, spending his human years to a woman who barely loves her and found him annoying. How many times that did woman take him down? How many times has he rejected him without caring for his heart?

She didn’t understand. So she watched the body of the human that imprisoned her inside a sword for power. She watched as the enemies of those who he fights for scurrying away from the battlefield. They let his body rot alongside the soldiers who died on this battlefield, and she saw how the woman that he fought for just nodded at the state of his corpse.

“Fool,” she said. “I told you that you should have reach for a better woman. Still...damn it.”

It pissed her off how she just left him. It didn’t matter to her how she shed a bit of tears. She couldn’t ignore how the man who worked so hard in reaching that woman decides to forget her. She vowed that the moment the seal goes away. She would take that woman’s life. She vowed that.

However, the world changed and she found herself in a place where she didn’t know. The man was alive, and he was struggling, crawling, and hoping that he could reach that woman again. She thought it was weird yet seeing that man rise up and fight his way out of perilous situation made her want to support him. Make him reach an ending that he would have no qualms. She saw through his fight and gave it her best to make sure he was alive.

But at the end of the foot, the man had died again. She found herself waiting for the world to change back to where he was alive. She kept it bottled and still, she supported the enemy that trapped her on a sword for power. Not once did he faltered, and no matter what timeline he saw her chasing for her.

She convinced herself that what lust can do in such dire moments. Still, as he died, and she lives through timelines of watching fail miserably one battle at a time, she started to think that she wants that kind of love as well. She wanted him to look at her, but in the end, his eyes would seek the War Maiden that saved him from despair.

She saw the disgusting rank-and-file soldier who had lost his will to live. She saw the soldier who wanted death but too much of a coward for it get saved by that woman. She saw how he improved himself just to be noticed by that woman. No matter what timeline, she saw that man try his best in order to reach the flower that was on top of a mountain.

“You little human, you’re reaching for the sun with wax wings and yet you don’t realize that. I hate, I love you, and please look at me, and please stop looking at that woman, would you? She is your bane and your curse and if you continue this path then I assure that you would not rest.”

Tania recalled those words while opening her eyes, looking at the empty hall, sitting alone on her throne, she recalled the smile that foolish human who could not help but fall in love with the same woman all over again.

“Well, I am a fool who rushes in, and I can’t help, falling in love with her.”

He says that with a smile. Tania of the Obsidian hated that.