Chapter 283: The Little Protector Part 1
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   Hero was a word that was stuck on her. Yes, she was chosen by the world to represent light. She had accepted such duties, but yet she had lost sight of it.

Rubina, she asked herself, “Why do you go to battle, Rubina? Why? What’s the point of saving the world that isn’t even yours? Is it because you like doing it or is it because of the idiot?”

The idiot, she thought. The idiot who never lose sight of himself despite the whirl of the world. She had asked why can he keep continue moving forward. Was it because of the vessel that had lived with him? Rubina, she couldn’t understand why she was back in the tower that abandoned her.

Her head rang. In front of her was the figure of the man who had put her through all of this. The same buffoon that had pulled her from her throne. She was the damn queen of the heroes of her world. She was a beautiful and powerful girl who had knights wish for her hand. She had worked her way up the ladder to living a better life. To live a life of comfort while occasionally saving those who need it.

“Rubina!” Fool said. “Did you hit your head? I know that you are alive!”

The Fool had his soul bounded to hers. It annoys her that both of her soul, and probably her heart was part of him. It was a violation of her freedom, but yet she was thankful that due to their meeting that she survived the merging of worlds.

“Damn it,” she stood up. She always does. It was a disease that did not leave her despite having a new body. Similar in a way that it did not allow her to give up. “How in the hell am I losing to someone like you!?”

She clapped both hands and her staff’s embedded gem fired multi-colored beams of light that tore through the bodies of the monsters. The Fool became transparent and tore through the organs of the monsters. He created a greatsword of obsidian from his hand and shouted, “Rubina! Enhanced!”

Particles of energy compressed into a seed that buried on his sword. The Fool raised his weapon and slammed it vertically on the chimera beast, its guts spilling out with a sloppy wet sound. Rubina fell on her bum and stuck her tongue out. “God, why did I follow you in the first place?”

The Fool landed softly. He turned towards her and started picking out the pieces of gore, and the dirt that clings to her hair. “Man, you look like shit. I know it has been hard since we entered the tower. But you should be familiar with this place.”

“Familiar? How could I be when I barely visited the tower? Can you help me up?” He pulled her up from the ground. He circled her and patted her bum.

She growled and pulled her wand closer. “I don’t know how you are doing this so casually?”

“What?” He tilted his head. The Fool was too single-minded. In this world, she had been reborn in the Kingdom of Magic where they started children who had connections with each family. She had grown up with this young man who barely cared about what others thought of him.

“Gods, what am I doing?” She had caught to the realization that this Fool hasn’t looked at him other than his best friend. It somehow annoyed him that there were legions of fools who would try to marry. Yet, the Fool called Einar Elior was not one of them.

She was tired and what she wanted was nothing more than a bath. Hell, she’d leave if she could, but not when her Fool was trying his best to reach out to that cry. The tower of nimrod was a special tower that sits upon a dungeon, a world within layers that had been providing the city that it once stood. There was an ecosystem inside this dungeon and its biome. It was far bigger than she remembered.

“Looks like you’re right,” he said, going around her back, braiding her hair. “The floor itself has turned into different worlds that encompass each world that was merged. If the world was mixed then it would have been a collapse. Still, then that means that they are somewhere around the tower, probably in the core.”

“How did I get involve with this?”

“Because you are kind no matter how bullish you act,” he finished braiding her hair.

“I disagree. I am a lady with many knights.”

“And none that you wanted to marry. I think Arthur is a good match for you? What’s wrong with your face?”

“Sigh, gods, what did I ever do to deserve this?”

She was sick of it this man. This incomprehensible man who did not care about anything other than personifying the ideal that was born unto him. He liked to believe himself as a nobody, but he was someone who was made into someone. She believed that Einar Elior was made to idealize the hero that the on that possessed him couldn’t be. Yet, the Fool could not see it, and the worst part of it all was he an oblivious fool.

“You’ve been sighing too much.”

“I know…”

There was one flaw that Einar had. He was a fool who believed that he could throw his life so easily. He was born to think that, and not even the memories of the past stopped that belief. It was tiring to follow such a person. But, the hero inside her couldn’t just let him be.

“Can you still her cries?”

“Yeah, I can hear my little sis alongside two infants,” his mood became grim. “I don’t know what’s happening, but she sounds like she’s in pain. You heard of it, right?”

“Yes, the cries of a little girl and two infants.”

It was a heartbreaking sound that resounds in the world. As the Eon-Father and the Burning Woman fights in the sky. The muffled cry of a little girl was hidden.

“I want to save her,” he said firmly.

She couldn’t allow him to go without help. It was not the hero inside of her that could not let go.