Side Story – Master’s Task
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In a well-lit library

Wooden bookshelves were lined up neatly, holding books of undiscernible origin. It was undiscernible was because the library is but an illusion; created to hide the Continental Teleportation Gate from intruders, like there would ever be any intruder that can sneak past the defense of the Sage Tower.

The library was completely empty, as it should be. But suddenly the image of the library started to waver, slowly warping into its true appearance. The walls were covered in glowing magic arrays, turning and rotating; the circular structure of the gate glowed in intricate patterns.

Mana flowed through those patterns until space started to distort and twist; a small portal opened up in the gate. From it came a person with long black hair and dark blue eyes, dressed in all black with a black long coat, black boots, black trousers, a black leather belt, a black buttoned-up undershirt, and a pair of black leather gloves. The black long sword sheathed at their waist and hidden underneath their coat showed that this person is a capable fighter.

They took a few steps and the portal they came out from shrank before disappearing into black mana particles behind them. Before they could move another step, a magic circle appeared in front of the person along with a man in a blue mage robe.

The man has pale white hair, golden eyes, handsome, and tall; the mana around him that was in liquid form revealed him to be a Saint-tier mage. This man that looked to be in his mid-twenties is Isaac Rossyndel, third son of Count Rossyndel, and the Acting Master of the Sage Tower.

Normally Isaac would have blasted anyone that entered this floor without permission but the person that came through the gate is someone who definitely has the right to be here.

"Kyuu, glad to see you have returned safely" Isaac smiled at the person named Kyuu.

"There were a few twists and turns but I made it out. Where is Master by the way? I can't sense his presence" Kyuu made a puzzled face. Their master should be in the tower since the Demon Lord has already been defeated; they could sense the absence of corruption in the world's dark attribute mana.

Isaac made a bitter face before telling his comrade about their master's departure.

"Master has already gone back to his homeworld, I'm afraid you'll have to wait to see him again"

"Wha…" Kyuu was speechless. They rushed to get back before Ren departed, but they were still too late. Kyuu was only stunned for a few seconds though before letting out a sigh.

"Man, I even hurried back too. I'll get to see him next year so it isn't that bad, but…" Kyuu looked quite down. They weren't able to ask Ren about the next step for their growth.

Isaac seems to have guessed Kyuu's thought, opened his [Personal Box], and took out a palm-size crystal ball with what appears to be a soul floating in the center.

"Master told me to give you this" Isaac tossed to crystal ball towards Kyuu.

Kyuu caught it with one hand and used [Unique Skill - Sage Eyes] to examine it. Kyuu felt a small headache as information flooded into their soul, though the headache wasn't from the surge of information; it was because Kyuu hasn't mastered [Sage Eyes] after inheriting it from Ren. The crystal ball disintegrated into dust.

"You still get headaches from using it?" Isaac cast a low-tier [Soothe Mind] spell on Kyuu to alleviate it.

"Yeah, still hurts a little but it's bearable"

"So, what was in the Memory Crystal?"

"Master told me to get better at controlling darkness and try to ascend to a Heavenly Beast" Kyuu gave a summarized version of it, but the information Master gave them has way more details on exactly which way to go to reach Heavenly Beast for an Abyssal Slime like Kyuu.

Monsters and mankind have different ways to ascend to Godhood. Mankind must have high control of mana, one or more elements, and master one or more World Laws to even start considering becoming a God. Monsters, on the other hand, have a way tougher time ascending from Legendary Beast to Heavenly Beast, not to mention going all the way to Divine Beast.

From the information Ren detailed in the Memory Crystal, the way Legendary Beasts can ascend varied from species to species. For Dragons it depended on what type of Dragon they are; for example, a Silver Dragon would have to be 500 years old since they need to be an Ancient Dragon before trying to gather believers (either through fear, respect, or some other way) and gain faith to ascend. A different type of dragon, say a Thunder Dragon would also need to be an Ancient Dragon but would go to the Elemental Plane of Lightning, instead of garnering faith, to ascend.

Of course, every Ancient Dragon of the same type would walk different ways after the starting point. It's the same for Kyuu as well since they're a creature of darkness, it would only be right to head to the Elemental Plane of Darkness right away. But, Kyuu's path to there will be different because Ren already outlined it for them; they just need to decide when they're ready to head out.

"Is that so? He also told me to ascend. We must not disappoint him when he comes to visit again" Isaac smiled at Kyuu.

"Yeah, we won't be able to join him on the battlefield otherwise" Kyuu also smiled back.

The two seemed to know what each other was thinking and nodded at each other in understanding. A magic circle appeared under Isaac while Kyuu's shadow stretched out and enveloped them. Isaac was teleported out with a flash while Kyuu disappeared along with the shadows.

The magic arrays on the walls started to light up and rotate before transforming the room back into a library.


In a dark gloomy cave

A huge Black Dragon laid there, dead. There were no other visible wounds on its body beside a hole on its chest. Its heart was taken and its blood was completely drained but the body still looked huge. The aura of death radiated from it, not because it was dead, no it was because it was pumped full of dark attribute mana with the Law of Death, which delayed the body's decomposition.

A man sat atop the Dragon's dead body, he wore a black cloak with a tiny skull ornament on it, and he had the hood down. His silver hair and purple eyes really contrasted with his outfit and surrounding, he has a gray shirt and black combat pants on under the cloak. In his hand is a thick book with skulls on the cover that oozed with the feeling of death, both his hands have rings that also have a death aura around them.

Anyone that sees him right now would instantly know what his Class is, Necromancer. An individual that raises the dead to do their bidding and caused destructions wherever they went; if a Necromancer is spotted they would be hunted down and killed. It's an unwritten rule followed by all powerhouses not affiliated with the Dark Forces.

The Elder Black Dragon corpse started to rise up before releasing a deafening roar that can be heard from hundreds of meters away; the cave shook due to the force of the Dragon's Roar. The man hopped off the Undead Dragon's back and opened the book in his hand, the book flipped rapidly while black mist seeped out and shot towards the Undead Dragon.

The Undead Dragon was enveloped by the mist as the aura it released started to grow more intense, before finally reaching the level of what it used to have when it was alive. It roared again and this time the cave started to collapse; before the cave could completely cave in, the Undead Dragon and the man got covered in darkness and disappeared from the crumbling cave.

In a clearing in the middle of a dead forest, a ball of darkness just appeared out of nowhere before dissipating into strands of darkness revealing the Undead Dragon and the man.

"Never do that again" The man smacked the Dragon on the head with an annoyed look on his face.

「Apologies, Master. I was too excited about gaining my original strength back」The Undead Dragon spoke in Draconic while staring at his new master with dead eyes.

"Sigh, just don't do that again. Also, speak in common from now on. Draconic just gives me headaches sometimes" The man held his head in pain, remembering the times he had Draconic drilled into his head by his master.


"Anyway, go meet your new family. You're gonna be fight alongside them from this day onward" The man raised his free hand as a dark spiraling portal materialized in his palm. The Dragon just lowered his head as his body transformed into darkness and got sucked up by the portal.

After the Dragon was out of his sight, he closed the portal. He blinked out before appearing next to a dead tree and sat down under it, leaning against the thick body of the tree.

"Hah… I can finally relax" He sighed and closed his eyes for several seconds before opening them. He went through his Spatial Bag to grab some of his favorite wine to cool off after spending 6 hours reanimating that Dragon.

"Hmm?" The man pulled out a Memory Crystal with a puzzled look; he doesn't ever remember putting one in his bag. He inspected the crystal ball with his mana but found nothing, so he decided to use his Unique Skill.

His eyes flashed with a cold azure light as he used [Unique Skill - True Origin] to find where the Memory Crystal came from. The man stared at it for a good minute before the azure light faded and he just looked up at the moon with a tired expression.

"Sigh… You could've just given it to me normally, Master" The man muttered out a complaint before linking his soul to the Memory Crystal to absorb the information his master sent to him.

It took but a mere second for all the information to be transferred to his soul, and after he got all of it, the Memory Crystal turned dark before scattering into the air in to form of mana particles.

"Hmm… So that's where the last three chapters are" The man closed his eyes to digest the rest of the knowledge imparted to him.

Several minutes passed before he opened his eyes and stood up, he stretched while the shadow beneath him swirled.

"I just can't seem to catch a break, can I?" The man smiled with his purple eyes brimming with excitement.

Rising up from the shadow under him was a gigantic skeletal bird twice the size of the Undead Dragon from before. Its eyes burn with a purple flame as its white bone started to be cover in black flame.

"Let's go, Delora. To the Undead Plane, we go" The man stated, pointing past the mountain and the Black Phoenix spread out its huge flaming wings before it shot up to the sky so fast it caused the dead trees in the surroundings to break before collapsing.

The Phoenix soared through the sky so fast space started to break down wherever it passed, and after passing over the dead forest and barren mountains they suddenly vanished.


In a dark decrepit throne room

A long red carpet stretched from the huge demonic door all the way to just before a throne made from all kinds of weapons. The room was wide, wide enough to easily fit hundreds of people or, judging from the design of the room, demons.

Those demons that would fit right in with this room however were currently on the floor of the room, all dead. But, these aren't normal demons, no they were Abyssal Demons; anyone of them could easily wipe the floor with a Great Demon. The evil-looking throne room located on the deeper floors of the Abyss had its occupant killed mercilessly.

Sat atop the throne is a human man wearing black leather armor with some blood-red light metal armor pieces. The man has black hair and crimson-red eyes, his body covered in firm muscle. In his gloved right hand was a black metal bo staff with inscriptions on every surface of it, and in his left is a crystal ball.

The ball shattered to pieces right in his hand after serving its purpose. His face twisted into a wide grin as he let the shattered pieces scatter onto the body of an Abyssal Demon Prince with its head decapitated.

"Looks like I need to keep pushing downward. If what Master said is correct, 'it' should be down there" He stood up and walked towards a demonic statue to the left of the throne.

The man lifted his bo staff and began spinning it with one hand while pouring mana into it, it transformed into a double glaive with one side emitting golden flame and the other emitting crimson lightning.

With the double glaive still spinning at high speed, he swung at the statue slicing it cleanly in half. Black substances flowed out and started to absorb the bodies of all the Abyssal Demons, growing larger for every body it devoured.

After absorbing all the regular Abyssal Demons, the black sludge swallowed the Abyssal Demon Prince before warping into a large black serpent 50 meters long with a mouth that can swallow a human whole.

The serpent stared down at the man with killing intent in its golden serpentine eyes before opening its maw, gathering the abyssal power in its mouth to release a breath attack. But, the man wasn't dumb enough to let it get the first move off and charged at the serpent with his double glaive morphing into a katana covered in golden flame.

With one swing, he decapitated the serpent and its head dropped to the floor; the head and body turned to black sludge and tried to merge back together but the golden flame spread and engulfed the sludge. It released a screech and tried to separate from the flame but with another slash of his katana, the black substance was split in half, the flames intensified and evaporated the sludge.

As the flames cleared up, what was left of the black sludge was a demonic black key; the man picked it up and examined it before he held the key outstretched and twisted. A click rang out, as a door materialized where the key was pointed at and quickly disappeared to reveal a portal.

His katana morphed back into a bo staff and he propped it on his shoulder before walking through. The portal vanished after he walked through. The throne room started crumbling before imploding on itself; nothing was left of this floor anymore, it'll take a few weeks before it turned back to a floor within the abyss.


In a vibrant forest with trees of varying shades

Under a gigantic that reaches hundreds of meters high, a girl dressed in a green dress with floral patterns was sitting on one of the roots of the tree. Her light green hair fluttered from the light breeze, her similarly green eyes were closed. She was very beautiful, probably due to her being an elf.

The scene of her resting atop the roots of a Tree of Life would make a great painting if not for the many elves prostrating themselves in front of her.

"Your Majesty, please reconsider! Our country would be plunged into chaos if you were to perish!" An elf man in a suit of armor looked up to his Queen with worries coloring his eyes.

"Enough. My decision is final" She spoke with authority, her eyes glistening with conviction.

"But, it is dangerous to go there alone. If you say just a word, the entire army will accompany you"

"Perial. I cannot allow you to come with me, as you said, that place is dangerous. I can protect myself, but you cannot. Besides, who will protect our people if both of us are absent?" She swept her gaze over her Royal Council before her gaze landed on Perial, Commander of her country's Royal Knights.

Perial fell silent, casting his eyes downward. He cannot refute the sound reasoning of their Queen, in fact, none of the elves there could.

"This is a task bestowed upon me by Master, it is not something I can ignore. Though it pains me to leave, any task given by Master is important and can dictate the rise and fall of multiple countries" She declared with great certainty, it is not her biased opinions because it is of her master but a fact.

All of the elves remained silent, none of them doubting their Queen's statement one bit. After all, her master can decide whether a nation prospers for many years to come or be met with complete destruction the next day.

Because it has happened before; a country ruled by the dark forces was wiped off the map overnight for sending four Demigods to kill his friends; they, of course, failed and had their souls taken. After that incident, no one dared to go against him.

"If that is all, I will take my leave. The sooner I depart the sooner I can finish this task" She said while green mana wrapped her body before she vanished with a green flash.


In a desert far away from the Sage Tower

Isaac and Kyuu floated in the air above the ocean of white sand, Kyuu was keeping his eyes on a wingless Dragon that was glaring daggers at them; the Dragon is an Elder Earth Dragon. Isaac had his eyes closed, concentrating on casting a spell.

Isaac's eyes shot open suddenly as a 5-layered magic circle appeared in front of them and sucked in the surrounding mana. The Earth Dragon's eyes turned from anger to fear and started to charge up a Dragon Breath in a futile attempt to at least offset Isaac's spell.

Unfortunately for it, Isaac is a disciple of the Sage, who always empathized about high-speed spell casting. A Saint-tier spell, that should have normally taken 20 seconds for a Saint-tier to cast, was released within only 5 seconds.

[Frost Dragon Smite - Boosted]

The magic circle turned pale blue and with a wave of his staff, a massive blue lightning bolt in the shape of a dragon came out of the magic circle and followed wherever Isaac's staff was pointed at. He made it circle around them once and pointed his staff to the sky until the dragon-shaped lightning was pretty high before bringing it down on the Dragon. It only took 2 seconds for all that to happen.

The moment the lightning landed, the Dragon was frozen instantly and a 200-meter radius from where the Dragon stood was completely encased in magical ice.

"Woah, that's a pretty wide AOE for a single target spell. That's Draconic Magic for you" Kyuu marveled at the spell's power.

"I'm still far from what Master can do with that level of spell" Isaac gave a light chuckle while descending towards the dragon popsicle.

"Dude, just take the compliment. I know Master taught us to never get complacent, but taking one shouldn't be a problem" Kyuu commented while also descending towards the frozen Dragon.

"Anyways, you want it?"

"No, you take it. I'm not in need of any dragon materials"

"Alright, to the tower's storage room it goes" Isaac cast [Telekinesis] to lift the frozen Dragon off the ground before tossing it into a [Dimensional Gate] that is connected to the Sage Tower's storeroom.

The two of them then teleported back to the tower byways of Space magic for Isaac and Dark magic for Kyuu. They arrived in Isaac's personal office on the floor below the Teleportation Gate. Isaac sat at his desk while Kyuu transformed back to their dark round smile blob form and hopped onto a sofa near the door.

"By the way, where are the three others at? I haven't seen them for 2 years now" Kyuu asked about Ren's three other disciples.

"Hmm... Well, I heard about a Black Phoenix being spotted in the Far East side of the continent 3 months ago, so I assume Aizel is probably at the Dread Mountain Range. As for Cynthia, I got a call from her a month ago requesting some very rare materials, so she's probably still in her country. I, unfortunately, lost contact with Kural half a year ago, but he did leave a note saying he was going to clear the Abyss" Isaac gave all the info he knew while also doing some paperwork.

"Hmm… Well, I guess it'll be a long time before we meet them again then. Anyway, I should also get going to the Land of Freedom. See you next time Isaac" Kyuu turned back to their human form before heading out the door.

Isaac just kept on signing documents; he only gave a nod as Kyuu left.


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