Volume 2. Chapter 23. Fresh Air.
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The resurrection was a success. I only needed to heal the dead brain cells that he received from oxygen deprivation before restarting his heart.

" Now that's done it-ughh!"

This human, she is fighting for control!

Slowly I lost the sensation of her body, leaving me only with her hearing and sight.

"I am so glad you are okay! "

She didn't waste any time, she hugged the unconscious boy so hard, I was afraid he will choke him to death. 

How can a punny human push me out of his mind? This is the worst!

While she was making sure that guy is back, I decided to look through her memories.

Her name is Sakura Ito, 15 years old, student who just got accepted into the- oh my, she is going into the Giga Suppression Academy, an establishment specialized in nurturing future giga killers.

It's quite pointless considering that the last nest was destroyed, but whatever it's her future.

I quickly ran through the rest familiarize myself with the world, formulating a plan.

Okay for starters I will use this brat to learn more of this world's magic and technology while also calling more avatars into this world. Slowly I will slip my way into this world's political power taking it over. The three heroes that I brought here will do a lovely distraction for the GSC. If I could even infect that called Ash, that would be great!

When she calmed down, smiling happily as she watched the boy sleep, I tinkered a little bit with her vision.

On the bed that was under the window, I manifested the cat(in which I left I little bit of my avatar), liking his palm.

'He is going to be okay. His memory might be a little bit in disarray for a while.'

"How are you-"

'This is an illusion. I thought that it would be preferable for me to talk like this, rather than directly from your head.'

I made the illusion lick its paw again.

'So now that you have the guy and the demon, what now?'

"...I will stay here with Steve for the rest of my life, make sure we die together."

Steve? Seriously Steve? No wonder the kif killed himself with this kind of name!

'Yeah, why did he kill himself? Did his girlfriend break up with him or did he get a bad note in history?'


Wow, she is angry. So much so that it made the illusion faze out from existence for a second.

She quickly collected herself before breathing in.

"His application for the academy was rejected."


He killed himself because he couldn't get into his dream school. Is he actually a moron or something?

'Can't he just reapply next year?'

The girl shakes her head.

"It's not the problem of knowledge. Steven doesn't have any special ability."

Ahhh, he has no mana! Right, going into a wizard school without having any magic those sound though.

'All right, I won't pry even more into the subject. Just put him into the bed, we need to talk about our situation here.'

She did as I said, making sure he was perfectly tucked in.

...It's been a while since I slept.

Technically speaking, I was sleeping in my throne room, but this was only to facilitate control over my puppets.

Maybe when I1m done concerning this world I will take a nap. Hehe, I wonder how long I will sleep.

The girl sat at the table that was in the kitchen.

I materialized the image of the black cat in front of her.

'I believe that I should introduce myself again. I am a crossroad demon, called by your friend. You may refer to me as Dealmaker.'

" I am Sakura Ito. Nice to meet you." She bowed a little, reinforcing my belief that this was a Japanese country.

' It's a pleasure as well. From today onward, I will be staying in your body till you die or somebody exorcises me out.'

" Like in the movie?"

So, there are films in this world. I want to ask about them, but I should act like someone who never saw technology before. It might get her pity.

'Movie? What is that?'

"Oh, sorry I forgot that you-"

'Yes, I have been stuck in hell for a while, so I am not quite up to date with this world.' I made the illusion scratch its ear with its front paw before continuing. ' Which is why we need to be careful. You know possess the powers of a demon. Holy magic will hurt you while most dark type magic will be negated. You need to figure out what power you have and how to use it.'

"Can't you tell me?"

I made the cat shake his head while stretching.

'It's impossible. The powers you receive are random. All I know is that it's tightly connected to your personality or past.'

I will keep quiet about the avatar armor and Demonification for now. I am really interested in how she will call out her abilities.

'Aside from that, we need to decide when will be my turn to control your body.'

"Ehhh, how about never?" She looked away from me, looking out of the window.

T-This bitch!

'We agreed. I will bring back your friend and in exchange you allow me to possess you.'

"Actually, what I promised was to let you stay within me and do your work. There was no mention of you ever controlling me."

...She is trying to scam me! ME?! I will spread her into pieces with her own hands! ...No, calm down, me. Stay calm and act like an adult and not like a shield.

'Very well. What do you want? Money? More power? The eternal love of that boy over there?'

The last one was a joke, but I could feel how her face became hot.

"...C-Can you give powers to Steve?"

Really. No love?

' Yes, I can give him powers. But what will you give for it in exchange?'

"I will let you use my body for three hours under certain conditions!"

'...Name them.'

Is this girl studying to become a layer or something?

"First, you can't use me to do...nasty things."

Why is her face getting hot again?

"Next, you can't use me to harm me or Steven. As for others you can attack them but don't kill them if necessary."

'Sure? Anything else?'

"Yes." She became serious, leaning closer to the illusion." No satanic magic in the house."



'...Seriously? Can I do drugs?'



"Under supervision.


"Under supervision."



'...Damn it. You are lucky that I have no energy to change bodies for a while. You have a deal. But if we are doing things like this then...'

I concentrated.

Soon the black cat which was unconscious now woke up and ran to us, jumping onto the table.

I made the illusion disappear and switched my perspective to that of the cat, using the small amount of avatar fluid I left in its system.

When I was done, I saw through the eyes of the cat.

'Can you hear me?'

"Yes, but your voice is a little bit strange."

'I bet. I left some energy in this cat, allowing me to hope back into it. While you are using your body, I will stay in this feline's body.'

It also allows me to wander around the streets without being noticed and if I can eat, I can secret more avatar fluid, making me able to infect more people.

'Now then, to give your friend superpowers I will need some dead bodies. Are butchers still a thing around here?"


Samurai POV:

It was hot, even underground and the moisture made it even worse. It reminded me of those rainforests where I camped when I was still a captain in my first life.

The inside of the ruins was surprisingly clean of sand, with strange symbols decorating the walls.

"Where does this light comes from?"

It should be pitch black, yet I could see perfectly.

The passageway led me deeper underground till I arrived at a stone door, that didn't seem to be able to open.

"Slithering Slash."

I cut a small opening through the rock and with a kick, I entered.


It was an underground paradise.

From the cliff, I stud I could see green trees and rivers flowing all around with what seemed to be a sect palace in the distance.

The cavern's ceiling was high up with crystals shining with bright yellow light.

"This is crazy, to think that there are places like this here."

I jumped down, safely landing onto the grass. The second I touched it my senses screamed at me, warning me about the danger.

I jumped a meter away from where I landed a second ago.

The grass there grew a few inches longer, becoming little green needles.

"An intruder?"

The grass started to grow more and more, while tangling together, forming what seemed to be the contours of a female. On its neck, a black collar formed which looked very familiar.

"You are the first to arrive here. Your corps will be perfect nourishment. Die!"

I once again jumped into the air, avoiding the attacks that came at me.

"I don't want to cause any trouble. Just tell me what this place's goal and I is will be out of here."

Like hell, I will tell you that!"

Under me, the grass became several green tentacles like appendages, able to reach me.

"[Breaker of Heaven]"

Using the skill, I learned from my past life, I cut the tentacles into bits, then I aimed my sword at the creature.

"Combined Strike: Flaming Qi Wasp Strike."

From the tip of my blade, a red laser came out, setting ablaze the grass creature.

I softly landed on the ground only to notice that several similar monsters emerged all around me, looking quite angry.

"Well, I guess this mission isn't secret anymore."


????? POV:

This is such a blessing!

To suffer in the emptiness of hell for hundreds of years, slowly going mad, because I loved God too much. I was born to serve him, my entire being created to cleanse this world from the infidels and heretics that polluted this land. And for that, I was stabbed in the back by one of my own disciples, the shame!

If it wasn't for that Dealmaker, who was definitely a messenger of God, I would have been stuck there for eternity. He even bestowed me with the blessing of God and a holy mission.

Kill all magic users who aren't possessing the same energy as me.

I have been just doing that, burning heretics one after the other. They all have been noisy, especially those who were using those horseless carriages.

No doubt, dark magic was moving them!

Right now, 3 days after I returned, I stud before my old church. Time hasn't been merciful to this place. When I was alive there used to be a town around the church, filled with happy and devoted people, who would give their lives for God.

Now nature has taken over the place, leaving only the ruins of the church behind.

I carefully pushed the doors open entering the great hall.

This is the place where I lived for so long, where I have cleaned the floors so much my hands started to bleed, where I prayed endlessly now lazed ruined before.

"Ohhh, my old home, how I missed you. It saddens me to my core to see you in this state! To think that even our great God, would abandon his own house to fight for his people! I am so touched!"

I walked to the altar that was now covered by some sort of plant.

"If God fights for our sake, then, as his noble follower I also need to arm myself up."

Channeling the power, I got from God's Messenger, I broke through the altar grabbing the object that was hidden in it.

It was the holy scepter that contains the power of our lord. Without noticing, the temperature in the church climbed drastically, some plants even setting ablaze by themselves.

"I can feel it! The purifying power that will cleanse this world of all evil!"


'Ash, I felt something.'

"What?" The young man woke up immediately hearing his lifelong partner's voice.

'I think they found me.'

[End of Volume 2]

[Volume 3. School Arc]