Chapter 1
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Ryotaro is the youngest member of the bandit group. Who raid carts with goods, murder, kidnap and stuff.  These groups of eleven people can simply be called bandits full of. This group, however, stands out from the rest, not only because it consists of many races, such as humans, dwarves, insectoids, beasts, humans and elves. No, there are few such groups, but it is not these groups that distinguish them.

Well, fifteen years ago, when they were burning a village at the request of some nobleman. They found the boy ... it was the very beginning of the invasion. Back then, a resident did not know what was happening. It turned out that the bandits found a six-year-old boy who ... well, killed a nobleman. Pretty young gentleman from the neighborhood house who was the enemy of their client.

Like later, after the slaughter and returning to the camp with the boy. The bandits found out why Ryotaro because he introduced himself as such. He did what he did. It turned out that in front of his eyes, the already dead nobleman raped his mother. It really touched the heart of their leader because he had gone through something similar himself, with only a different ending. Because a leader named Zoltan couldn't get his revenge like Ryo did.

But then he decided to keep him, his people were not optimistic about it. However, with the decision of the leaders, they could not argue.

Over the years, the whole group liked Ryo and everyone, even the ever-cold elf Victor. He took Ryo like a son, as did his companions. Ryo even wanted to call them all dad at some point, but after the conversation only Zoltan got that name, and the rest of the group considered themselves his uncles.

Each member of the group taught Ryo something different. From the fact that he did not have the rare innate skills as anyone in the world. They decided to teach him as much as possible, he even learned the Insectoid language from their mantis companion.

Each of them taught him something different, and they all tried to raise him to be a proud man. However, they were not perfect themselves and he grew into a proud, sometimes arrogant asshole. Which, for reasons of his past, did not hesitate to kill himself. However, thanks to the care shown by members of the "Blood Mantis" group, Ryo was also capable of empathy.

However, he had learned the matters of the heart from two very bad teachers. From a praying mantis named Rico who only dreams of some woman biting his head off. And from Leo, half a man of the fields of a lion, who taught him that a strong man must have many women ... Ryo didn't ask him why he didn't have a rare one. Because all his wives and father-in-law were murdered and his property destroyed, he ended up in this group anyway.

Thanks to his companions, Ryo has learned to use many weapons, minimum on a basic level. And thanks to Victor, he even knew the theories of magic and the basic magic of fire. However, without leveling up, this skill range develops quite slowly. Ryo couldn't go to fight the monsters because the group had many missions. And the killing experience is only slightly better than low level monsters, of course it depends on the human.

However, a carefree life, full of "fun" with companions, was interrupted. When together with the team, Ryo kidnapped a rather rich daughter of a nobleman. To obtain a ransom, for which the team was to buy the wife of one of them, who had been captured in the past. now it is up for auction in a nearby town.

However, not everything went as it should. The "blood praying mantis" instead of ransom, were attacked by the nationally known hero Satoru who, accompanied by his harem .... team, stormed their camp to save the noblewoman.

The hero's team consisted of two human mages, twin sisters with red and blue hair. And as their hair colors indicate, one wields the magic of fire and the other uses water. Their names are Diana and Donna. Two monsters responsible for the deaths of some of his friends.

He also had one swordsman, girl, half man, half fox. With beautiful blonde hair, tied in a ponytail. She was dressed in skimpy armor revealing her belly but covering her long breasts. She wielded a two-handed sword, which she decapitated Rico and several others.

Leo died at the hands of what was probably the least expected person. Elf, this is funny because they tried to save the daughter of a nobleman whose father is responsible for capturing entire villages of elves and turning them into slaves or prostitutes. And she is a dark-skinned elf with white hair, wielding a bow, Seris hypocrite. Who shot two arrows in the eyes of Leo, the person who freed more of their brothers than their minor hero. Behind whose back, all rescued elves are sold ... hehe ... politics.

Finally, Satoru, dressed in shiny gold with white heavy armor, wielding a great sword, decapitated Ryo's father, stripped him of his arm and a piece of body and left for death.

Ryo has been lying in a pool of his and Zoltan's blood, lying next to his father's decapitated body.

(Ryo)-hehe ... that's what I am .... poor dirt on the way of a legendary hero .... nothing but a side character .... this bitch .... * cough * daughter of a nobleman ... Lili ... sure tonight he will end up in bed ... that ... fucking hero ... Haha ... * cough *

(Ryo)-She did not even protest when this dick took my arm away ... no ... even though I cared for her, I gave her a bed ... I set her up ... and she hid behind the hero ... and like a virgin in love she allowed him to do it .

(Ryo)-Fuck it ... it's not worth it ... maybe I look like shit compared to this hunk ... but ... but ... whatever ... this fucking hero ... will pay ...

[Notification] [Due to fatal wounds, first family trait has been activated]
[Unlocked] [Hyper Regeneration](Passive)[LVL.MAX]

Ryo's body began to regenerate, all the blood lying around began to flow back into his body like a stream. His hand and insides shot towards his body surrounded by a red aura and smoke. To become one with the body again. The pressure Ryo felt and the shock of the new ability. He just made him pass out.