Volume 1 Chapter 8
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(TL) Hi, I tried to translate this  nice WN. It is just a fan translation

1.as a meaning to re-brushing my rusted Japanese 2. I like it & 3. to escape from boredom.

Something about this chapter:
1.The job class Zegen is a joke on 1987 dark comedy film Zegen.
In that film,mc built brothels for the Japanese military.
女衒 Kanji literally mean woman/lady but author says to read it in pimp or Zegen.
2.In <Infinite Dendrogram>, they call player, <Master> and NPC, tian.

<Infinite Dendrogram >
Chapter 8 [Zegen] and Bad Luck

Kingdom of Altea [Holy Knight] Ray Starling

It is 10 o’clock in the morning, the next day after I went to the <Tombstone Labyrinth>.
It is a check-out time so I left the inn as I rub my sleepy eyes.
I haven’t slept until dawn as I was polishing Nemesis.She is still soundly sleeping.
The current Nemesis is not in human form or weapon form, but in the emblem on my left hand.
Up until now Nemesis was always beside me, but it seems that she feel more at home in the emblem of her master .
If you think about it, this is obvious.
Otherwise, my brother and others will always carry gatling guns and tanks .
It will be too noisy to even ask question and stuff…
Yesterday, Nemesis freaked out so much she was out of her wits but now she is dead tired and sleeping.
Zombie fest is ended for good.
But thanks to it, my level is risen to 12. I got 2 new skill too.
Those two skills are <Protection of the Holy Knight> Lv 1 and <Instant Equip>.

<Protection of the Holy Knight> Lv 1 :
Decrease physical and magical damage received from enemies during battle by 10%.
It will be ineffective if you change a job to jobs other than knight style.
Passive Skill

<Instant Equip> :
Equip the stored weapon in a flash. The weapon that was equipped until then will be stored instead.
After activating, there will be five-minute cooldown time before next use.
Active Skill

<Protection of the Holy Knight> is a constantly activated defense skill.
It is a nice one that reduce damage by 10% regardless of physical or magic, it seems to be a typical skill of [Holy Knight].
As it is a passive skill I won’t need to spend mana.It will be in effect as long as I activate it.
And another one <Instant Equip> is a skill to instantly equip weapon.
For example 4-Dimensional Bag — It can be equipped without a trouble to take out from the item box.
It is not a skill from [Holy Knight] class, but it seems to be a handy skill as weapons are used to some extent.
It is necessary to note that <Protection of the Holy Knight> will be ineffective if you change job other than knight system and that you will need five minutes cool-down time once you use <Instant Equip>.
Well…….. we don’t even have an alternative weapon for <Instant Equip> in the first place.
Nemesis is now bothered by that.

“Un Hmm, if you cheat on other weapons, I won’t forgive…”

She is sleep talking… …

The first thing I do in the town was investigating what Figaro said yesterday.
He said that tomorrow PK terrorism in the south will be managed somehow.
I don’t doubt him but I gather the information to confirm the fact.
It is as he said.
PK terrorism in <Sauda Mountain Road> is ended.

There are three other PK terrorism beside that.
“In the south too……”
Like <Noz Forest> where I died…
Well, it is almost certain that Figaro managed to do something about the south. But for other regions, I didn’t feel the same.
When trying to collect more information…

” Hey,Ray. Morning! ”

” Hmm? ”

I hear a familiar voice from the shop front desk.
I wonder who is it? Oh Luke, the one I met before I met that PK, is standing there.
Today, there is no soil dirt or irritation on his face.
Somehow he is wearing a uniform of the store tian manage…

“Hey, What are you doing?”

“Part-time job! Skill Leveling…”

As I hear his story, it seems that the job Luke got from job diagram is both Merchant and Demonologist related one.
Looks like you can get various merchant skills when working in a store.
Indeed, even if you cannot use a hunting ground,you can increase your skills this way.

“So what kind of job you got?”


Pimp ……….to manage bro-brothel?
Hey, why is there such a job?
As a minor,am I even suitable for that job?
First of all, is there even a job like [Zegen]?

” Because I have a bad luck, isn’t it… …”

Nemesis say so sleepy in the storage.
Indeed there is a point.
But what is this sparkling face, did Luke even understand the meaning of [Zegen]?

“Tell me what skills [Zegen] got ?”


<Male Temptation> Lv 3 :
Add Abnormal Status [Charmed] to humanoid gender ♀.
The lower opponent’s mental tolerance (determined by the sum of MP, SP, [Mental Resistance] skill), the higher the success rate.
In the case of a demon of gender ♀, Taming is possible with low probability.
Active skill.

<Enhance Demoness> Lv 3 :
The ability of subordinate monsters of gender ♀ rises.
Passive skills.

<Enhance Female Slave> Lv 1 :
The ability of slaves of gender ♀ rises.
Passive skills.

<Mediation: [Zegen]> Lv 2 :
Price and wage of your female subordinates increase.
Passive skills.

<Eye of Appraisal> Lv 1 :
Appraisal of item becomes possible.
In Lv 1, you can appraise items other than rare items.
You can not see the camouflaged items.
Passive skills.

“… …”

“… … … …”

[Zegen]… … what a bossy skill composition.
He even level up some skills to level 3.
Above all, state abnormality [Charmed] is scary.
According to game help, [Charmed] is even better than [Confusion].
When Someone is in a charmed state, he protect the one who charmed him and will fight for him.

In other words, it is a state of opposition that protects enemies and attacks allies.
It seems like players are not exceptions, as the body moves arbitrarily.

“Isn’t it too OP ? Isn’t it a monstrous job ?”

“Seems like it.”

Woman  can be scary.
By the way, I show him my learnt skills.<Protection of the Holy Knight> and <Instant Equip>.
When Luke looks at them and he has shining eyes saying “Cool!” ……
He is a straightforward and good child but I wonder what [Zegen] is all about?

Luke seems to have resting for a lunch break, so we decide to go for the lunch together.
I also gain skills and things are okay as I am asking him his story from the start to the end of PK terrorism.
After the incident end, the store have some unease,but it seems to have no problem overall.
For three days, every time Luke stood at the shop front desk, customers came five times than usual , so it was enough for profit and now he is loaded.
Incidentally, all increasing customers were woman regardless of  <Master> or tian.
Even now, as we are walking, gazes are on us.
More specifically, eyes of all women are concentrating on Luke.

“So cute baby … … He is too cute I’m feeling naughty.”

“Is it not too late to make? How can I make such a beautiful baby! ”

” There isn’t any flaw when making it . ”

As I hear the surrounding voices, I take a look at Luke’s face.


When I first met him, there were dirt and stuff on his face, so I only know that he was a boy.
But now that I look at him carefully, he is so beautiful I can clearly say that he is a “bizarre” boy.
That is a face that applies to both cute and cool looking.
The age between childhood to adolescence, a beautiful boy created by the passage time!
He also seems like a fairy that embodies the transience of snow.

“Hey Master. Looks like that appearance is more detailed than when I first saw it.”

It may be my over thinking…

“By the way Luke, do you change your appearance from irl …”

“Character Making? There are too many  confusing sliders so I just change the color of my hair.”

Does he exist in reality? This young good looking boy.
His <Embryo> is Babi of bad luck, and his job is also [Zegen].
It may be because everything about him is bizarrely beautiful.
There has to be a clear condition like [Zegen : Only limited to beautiful boy].

“What kind of relationship he has with mr. blonde beside him?”

“Ohhhhh. Isn’t it pitching and catching?”

“Who do you think is catching?”



“As I thought, beautiful boys tend to pitch while smiling, isn’t it ?”


Somehow, I feel like I am hearing a conversation that makes my spines cold, but I decide not to listen.

“By the way, I haven’t seen Babi, where is she?”

“Babi is also working part-time. At a massage shop of my acquaintance.”

“Massage Shop… …”

The misleading word “Massage Shop” is too obscene.
But when we actually arrive there, it is just a healthy shop located at the main street.

“Luke! My work here is done now.”

Babi fly toward Luke making a flapping sound.

“Oh Hi… Ray and Nemesis!”


“Em, it’s been a long time.”

Nemesis has already left my left hand and is returning to human form.
Babi also join us as we enter the mass eatery facing the street.
It is one of the delicious shops my older brother recommends so I am looking forward to it.

We talk about the dishes of the store and continue the information exchange and stories.
Luke and Babi talk about the story when they worked at the NPC store in the past few days.
Me and Nemesis talk about the information of hunting and <Tombstone Labyrinth> taught by my older brother.

“Today, I got more skills.”

Apparently, Babi can also learn skills separately from Luke.
As  she is closer to a Gardner type, she seems to learn skills by doing work and training as often as a human being.
By the way, the skill composition of Babi was like this…

<Temptation of Demoness> Lv 3 :
Added status abnormality [Charmed] to humanoid of gender ♂.
The lower opponent’s mental tolerance (determined by the sum of MP, SP, [Mental Resistance] skill), the higher the success rate.

<Draining of Demoness> Lv 3 :
Drain HP, MP, SP from opponent in a state of charmed.

<Angel ‘s massage> Lv 1 :
Restore state abnormality such as [Fatigue].
HP and SP are also recovered by a small amount.

As I thought, the skill levels are high.
And Luke and Babi seem to have really good combinations.
They have a very good advantage over both men and women when these two are together…
Even if Luke use charmed, may be it is possible for Babi to use drain, it is dangerous.
Charm is scary. Temptation is scary. So so scary… …

“I was wondering about something while seeing Nemesis’ s skill.
Can Nemesis use <Counter Absorption> and <Vengeance is Mine> alone?”

Oh, that reminds me.
<Counter Absorption> was used when we met for the first time.

“Nope. <Vengeance is Mine> can’t be used by me alone.
That is for weapon form, so it can only be used while I was equipped with master.”

Oh, we couldn’t use it like that eh…
According to Nemesis’s extra explanation, the former is said to be close to Gardner’s and the latter is to Arms skills.
Gardner is an independent type, but Arms and Chariots have many skills to equip equipment.
So Maiden with the nature of Gardner is also possible to fight in human form in certain circumstances.
Looks like it is inferior to pure Gardner, but I will consider applying it into future battle patterns.

“You have seen the skills but can you guess what level is Luke now?”

For some time, I can’t raise my level except for <Tombstone Labyrinth>, but may be about 5 level from the last time we met?

“It is 25!”

“Wow, so brilliant!”

More than mine?

“Where do you farm the level, you didn’t go to hunting grounds, right?”

“No, I haven’t hunt. But when I completed the quest of [Zegen] guild, I got the experience points.”

“[Zegen] Guild’s quest? ”

What was that? I didn’t know about it but it looks like if you get a job, you can receive a job related quest from the respective guild .
And when you clear it, you will get experience points.
Of course, jobs other than merchant and production-related jobs are usually subjugation and escort ones.
So it seems like there is no meaning for low-level newbie players.
In my case, even though it is not related to skills, it is still a senior job [Holy Knight].
So, much more harder.

“Well … …”

Still something is worrying.

“A quest only for [Zegen]?”

Isn’t it R-18?

“The quest I completed was a job to introduce a model for painting.
See here.The details of the quest.”

“Let me see.”

[Master Granzian Vareno’s Model Recruitment Difficulty: 6]

Granzian, a great artist hailed by Kingdom of Altea, is looking for a model for new paintings.
Please bring a model that can be approved by Granzian.
Some model may be required to be nude.

* Granzian is extremely hard to please. Please note that hurdles are too high like clouds.

“… …”

Difficulty: 6! It is even more difficult than when I do Miliane quest … …

“So, at this request, do you introduced Babi and cleared it?”

“No, at first I was planning on doing that…”

“Excuse me.
I am called Luke.
I was dispatch from [Zegen] guild to introduce you a model…”

“Ohm. Another weird fellow that reeks of incompetence, thinking only about the lower body. So don’t beat around the bush. What busi… … …”

“Umm, do you have a problem sir?”


“For some reason, I had to model.
My level has gone up and I was glad that Granzian also got a good inspiration, but is it really fine?”

“Yeah, it is…”

Really… It is one of those things “Only limited to beautiful boy” … …