Character Glossary (of sorts)
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I made this for readers who might have problem remembering names of the character(s). Please let me know if I missed any.



  1. Jacob: – Our protagonist. An average-looking 18-year-old high school student. Straight black hair, dark brown eyes, and slightly above-average height. A certified pervert with an almost broken system. 
  2. Ryan Briem: – One of Jacob’s two male best friends and as perverted as him. He’s rather lanky with hair so short he’s effectively bald.  
  3. Leo Klien: – One of Jacob’s two male best friends and as perverted as him. He wears glasses and is nerdy-looking. 
  4. James Winde: – Principal of Jacob’s school and a rare human to have reached level 5 in his system. 
  5. Alex Kremer: – Jacob’s biggest bully in school. He’s tall, blond, and handsome. His favorite hobby is bullying people weaker than him along with his hoodlum friends. 


  1. Rebecca Woods: Jacob’s first woman. He met her right after his System ceremony in a rather ‘unexpected’ situation. She owns a bakery. 
  2. Anna Hall: She’s a police officer. Jacob met her when he entered the women’s coach of a train to collect points. Seems to love S&M and has both masochistic and dominating tendencies. 
  3. Layla White: She’s Jacob’s first love and his (and Maya’s) guardian. She loves Jacob unconditionally and always puts him before herself. 
  4. Maya Cox: She lives with Jacob and Layla. She has feeling for Jacob but gets flustered in front of him, acting harshly instead. She goes to the same school as Jacob and is his senior. 
  5. Aria Woods: She is Rebecca’s sister and is very possessive/protective of her. She’s also Jacob’s classmate and seems to dislike him a little. 
  6. Laura Corrina: Jacob’s homeroom teacher. She is strict but very caring towards her students and is liked/respected by them as well. She always considers her student’s well-being above anything. 
  7. Kate Bailey: She’s the most beautiful girl in Jacob’s school. She’s also Alex Kremer’s girlfriend.  
  8. Riley Cooper: She used to be the school’s slut but stopped sleeping around after developing a crush on Alex Kremer. 
  9. Rose Kremer: Alex’s mother. She dotes on her son but doesn’t care much about her daughter. She doesn’t get along with her husband either and likes younger men. 
  10. Arora Kremer: Alex’s sister. She absolutely loathes her asshole brother and thinks he needs to learn a big lesson. She dislikes her mother as well. 
  11. Evelyn Carson: Owner of the most luxurious brothel in Jacob’s city, The Nux. She inherited this business from her father and has seen certain things in the industry that makes her keep a certain distance from men. 
  12. Piper, Lydia, and Alexa: High-class prostitutes in The Nux. 
  13. Madeline Briem: Ryan’s mother.  
  14. Sophie Briem: Ryan’s sister.  
  15. Eliza and Amaya: Workers and co-owners of Rebecca’s bakery. They are Rebecca’s childhood best friends and aren’t affected by her system. 
  16. Debbie Sherman: She’s a junior state-level powerlifting champion. Over six feet take and absolutely ripped. She’s in the same school as Jacob. She’s also Leo’s girlfriend. 

Monster: – 


  1. Nina: She’s a Harpy. Jacob paid 3000 Yeux to have sex with her at The Nux. 

Vampires: – 


  1. Zakira Vondrac: She’s the princess of the Vampire kingdom. She tried kidnapping Jacob after getting smitten with his blood, but things didn’t exactly turn out as she planned. 
  2. Marianne Cairnfate: Zakira’s mother. According to Zakira, she’s not very powerful magically but great at managing political matters. 


  1. Lucias Vodrac: Zakira’s dad and the King of Vampires. He absolutely adores his daughter and is very overprotective of her. He will go to any lengths to punish anyone who even glances at her wrongly. He’s one of the 10 most powerful beings among the system-dependent countries. 

Elves: – 


  1. Ilyrana Grimzephyr: Princess of the White Elves. She’s proud and extremely talented in magic. Her personality is a little cold. 
  2. Leena Strombrewer: Princess of the Dark Elves. She’s got a major inferiority complex towards Ilyrana and is willing to do almost anything to surpass her. 
  3. Ilsevel Grimzephyr: Ilyrana’s mother and the queen of the White Elves. She’s the most beautiful woman Jacob has ever seen. She’s also the strongest even among the 10 most powerful beings. 
  4. Meira Trisqen: She’s the personal assistant of the queen of White Elves. Also a part of the 10 most powerful beings. 
  5. Shalia Strombrewer: Leena’s mother and the queen of the Dark Elves. One of the 10 most powerful beings. 
  6. Saria Venvaris: One of the students at the Elven magic academy. 


  1. Aeson Daeron: One of the students at the Elven magic academy. Friendly and approachable personality. 



  1. Naomi: One of the two goddesses of the Beaktkins, also known as The Great White Fox. Have a sly and playful personality. Loves to tease people who interest her. 
  2. Mia: She is Naomi’s assistant/disciple.   
  3. Lillian: One of the two goddesses of the Beastkins, also known as The Great Shadow Fox. 

Jacob’s system: 

  1. Pink: – It is unclear whether it’s just a personification of Jacob’s system or something else. It just communicated with Jacob through the system’s pink text (hence its name) and seems to know a lot about the abnormalities within the system. Personality-wise, it’s lecherous and very talkative. It also guides Jacob as much as it could. 
  2. Black: – An entity similar to Pink, but acts much more subservient and solemn towards Jacob. It communicates with Jacob using the system’s black text, hence the name. It wants Jacob to level up and grow stronger no matter the action or consequences. 


  1. Epryae: Human Country. 
  2. Clayacre: A city in Epryae where Jacob lives. 
  3. Ieproalia: Elf country.