Encounter 00: The Mistake
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Verde: Ah, guten tag Jad Novus. Wie geht’s?

Oh, erm, es geht Mir gut, danke Verde. Any reason why you decided to greet me in German?

Verde: I recalled that you took a German class during Freshman and Sophomore years, and wanted to see how well you remember it.

It was 1.5 years ago, so I’m surprised I remembered that much. Anyway, why exactly have you called me to this little pocket dimension of yours, Miss Verde Dusk?

Verde: No need to be so formal, Jad. Didn’t I tell you that last time? 

Yes, yes, you did. Sorry, it’s just that for the past month I’ve wondered if our last meeting was just an especially vivid dream. A dream wherein a shape-shifting woman left a body-swapping remote on my front doorstep. It started out as fun and games, but quickly morphed into a period of self-actualization where I realized that I was truly dissatisfied with my life… When you put it that way, it sounds a bit silly, don’t you think?

Verde: You can word just about anything the wrong way and make it sound absurd. Regardless, would you care to begin the next… calling it an experiment makes you sound like a lab rat, so perhaps… adventure?

Um… What’s the proper definition of adventure? I’m not sure if the whole ‘travel’ aspect is directly tied to the word or not.

Verde: Adventure: an exciting or very unusual experience. 

Oh, that works then. So, what will my second adventure be like?

Verde: It will involve you dealing with… a rather stressful situation that will push you through the wringer. Much like your previous adventure, you will have no memories of agreeing to this. You will not remember me in any way, any memories of our last meeting, and will be waking up on December 19th, 2014.

So, yesterday?

Verde: Yes, but I trust you will find some major differences between the yesterday you experienced, and… Actually, I was debating whether I should give you the ability to experience this as this… adventure is quite a difficult one to go through.

It’s okay Verde, I trust you enough to go through with this. 

Verde: No, Jad, you see… I really was too eager to grab you, wasn’t I? What I have in store will push you well out of your comfort zone. But after last time… I believe you’re strong enough to handle something like this. I’m sure that if I really wanted to push you, you could handle just about anything. 

Oh. Thanks, Verde. I’m glad to see you think so highly of me. 

Verde: Admittedly, you had a bit of a breakdown last time, but you learned from the experience and have been on a self-improvement kick in the intervening month, haven’t you?

I talked to my friends about how I was dissatisfied with myself as a person, and they all helped convince me I was great, as I expected. I started learning a bit about cooking from my mother, I started rearranging my room, and have already sold a lot of things I didn’t need. I also tried writing some more short-form fiction as I have been complimented on my writing in the past, and would like to improve it. Although, I still feel that what I’m doing is still nothing special… 

Verde: Oh, really? Do you just want to talk this time? I have no problem with having a traditional therapy session with you.

No, no. Maybe some other time. For now, I really want to know what this adventure you have planned is.

Verde: Okay, but, don’t say I didn’t warn you about things possibly getting a teensy bit intense, even for somebody like you.

I’m up for the challenge.

Verde: In that case… ready-three-two-one-go!


Verde: … 


Verde: Oh my goodness Jad, I am so… so sorry for what happened, please, please, please don’t… No, I deserve it. I’m the one who loaded up that Scenario when I shouldn’t have. I don’t even know why I even made that horrible thing. I wanted to test the strength of your resolve, but… not like this. I… I am such an idiot!

Verde… Please leave.

Verde: I… Okay, but why?

I want to do this by myself. No. I need to go through this without your interruptions and excuses. I am not going out that door behind me just so I can wake up like this never happened. I need to go through this week and a half on my own. Just… leave me alone for a few hours, and let me dredge up these bad memories myself.

Verde: Yes Jad, I’ll just be… *poof*

This past week… where do I even… okay, yes, focus on the first day. On the fear and dread filled beginning of this adventure of yours, Jad. This is the story of a malicious… creature by the name of Abigale Quinlan, and… everything she put me through.