38. New Family
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Misaki shouted happily as she hugged a cat.


Unfortunately, the cat doesn't seem to share the same happiness when he trying to get out of her arms.

"Stop hugging him like that, he could die. Though that might be better..."

Said Kazuto who saw it.

A week has passed and Misaki is finally able to contact her parents to share her desire to have a cat. At first, it was opposed by his father. But after being persuaded by his mother, and Misaki pleading in a sweet voice made him give up and let it go.

So, officially they have a new family now.

"Ahh, yes. I'm just thinking about it now. We haven't given him a name yet."

Misaki said.

All this time he had only called him mister cat because he wasn't her pet, but now she needed to give him a new name.

"What name should I give you. Hmm, Kurama? Elizabeth? Nyanko? Happy?"

Misaki thought in bewilderment to give it a proper name.

"No, please don't give him one of those names. They've all been used by animal characters in the Shounen anime, so we'll get copyrighted if we use them."

"Then what name should we give it?"

As they continued to discuss the name, the cat with a sigh jumped up onto the cupboard and pointed at something with his tiny hand.

"Hmm? What's wrong Mister Cat?"

Misaki asked while watching him.


The cat kept tapping on the same spot as it spoke.

He pointed to a calendar that had pictures of the 4 seasons in Japan. Which consists of spring (Haru), summer (Natsu), autumn (Aki), and winter (Fuyu). To be more specific, the cat tapped its hand on the picture of the summer atmosphere in Kyoto, precisely on the Kawayuka river.


"Uhh, you want to take a name there?"

The cat nodded as a sign.

From there, the search for the pet's name began.

"Could it be that you want to be named Kyoto?"

The cat shook its head.

"No? Erm, Kawayuka?"

Again, the cat shook its head.

"Ahh, could it be that you want to be called Na..."

The cat widened its eyes thinking Misaki have finally found his name.

"Nakamura? Look, there's Miss Maiko Nakamura in that picture, so it must be true!"

Misaki answered like sure it is the answer.

However, the cat's eyes went flat again and exhaled discontentedly then shook his head.

"Eh, isn't it?"

That obviously disappointed Misaki because she felt she had been right.

"Then what about..."

Misaki kept saying things that might be his name, but the cat also kept shaking his head until she said the name he wanted.


The cat widened its eyes and nodded excitedly after hearing that. Having a new name was fine with him, but having a name that came from his past was even better.


It was the name he had been waiting for.

"Ahaha, alright. Now your name is Natsu, that's a perfect name for you, especially since we found you in the same season. You picked a good name."

Misaki said as she patted his head.

You kid, I'm older than you. Natsu thought, but kept quiet because Misaki seemed to like it.

Natsu is a cat who was reincarnated from a human. That was the reason he was smarter than the other animals.

Yes, and there's the soul of a 30 year old uncle in him.

"Hey, Onii-chan. I've decided his name! Ahh, I mean the cat has decided on his own name."

"Is that so? So he's really smart, huh."

Meanwhile, Kazuto who was paying attention to the communication between a human and a cat was trying to get used to it. However this will probably become a part of his daily life from now on.

"Yes, he is very smart!"

"It's good then. Let's take him to a scientist and have his brain dissected for examination. It's very rare for an animal like this to exist."

"That joke isn't funny Onii-chan."

Ignoring the two of them, Natsu preferred to sit on the sofa and watch TV and switching to the news channel. During his lifetime as a human, he had never the time to have the luxury of living like this. So enjoying leisure time by doing this kind of thing is a joy for him.

"By the way, we need to take him to the pet shop to buy him tools and toys, we also need to sanitize him so we know he's sick or not."

Kazuto continued to explain the things she needed to do as a pet owner to Misaki, even though he actually only knew the basics because he looked it up on the internet.

"Hmm, I see. It's troublesome too, huh."

Said Misaki who was listening.

"Like I said before, you have to have a responsibility if you want to raise animals. Now you and I have to bear that too."

Kazuto said with a wry smile.

"Fine, but when can we go to the pet shop?"

"How about this weekend? It's only 2 days away anyway."

"Okay, weekend."

Misaki nodded in confirmation.

"By the way, Misaki."


"From where did you get those clothes?"

Kazuto asked curiously.

Since she lost her old clothes, Misaki had to wear a dress or clothes that looked feminine even though she didn't like it.

But today, she was wearing a plain t-shirt and short pans so he wondered where Misaki got it from.

Wait, I think I recognize that shirt. he thought.

"Ohh, this. Hehe..."

"I took some of Onii-chan's old clothes from the closet, they look good, don't they?"

Misaki said with a smile while playing with her hair in a twintail.

That smile was so alluring that Kazuto had to blink a few times for his mind to return to normal.

She must be smiling like that for get him to allow herself to wear his clothes. Kazuto thought.

"You... Entered my room and took clothes from the closet, without permission?"

Kazuto asked while covering his face. You can see that his cheeks are a little red.

"Ahh, don't worry. I didn't find anything suspicious in Onii-chan's room."


It was clear from her sentence that he had searched his room. Luckily, he didn't keep perverted things in his room like Endou.

"And rather than not being used it would be better if I put it on, the size isn't much different from mine either. Onii-chan's smell isn't bad too."

Misaki said with a grin.

"Your words can misunderstand people, you know."


Misaki tilted her head in confusion for not understanding.

Kazuto sighed with a flushed face. When will his sister understand that?

"Haaa, ignore what I said just now."

Misaki could only nod in confusion after that.

They focused on the TV and watched with Natsu afterward. Kazuto took the remote and switched it to the sports channel.

This clearly made Natsu look at him sharply because he was enjoying watching.


Kazuto asked Natsu.

Without speaking, Natsu turned back to the news channel and sat back comfortably.


Kazuto didn't give up either, he switched it back to the sports channel. And didn't stop there, he kept the remote in his arms and didn't put it down.

Natsu and Kazuto glared at each other. There is clearly a difference in taste between the old and the young.


Natsu growled at Kazuto, but it didn't stop there. He then stood up and went to the TV, and switched it to the original channel manually by pressing a button, then he stood in front of the TV so that Kazuto couldn't change the channel again.


Kazuto couldn't help but be silent at this, then raised his hand in surrender.

"Okay, fine. I'm giving up, so get out of there so we can watch."

Natsu with a triumphant smile, stepped aside in front of the TV and returned to the sofa.

He snorted at Kazuto before sitting down comfortably.

Know your place young man. He seemed to be trying to tell him that.

"Who really owns the house here?"

Since when are cats superior here? Kazuto thought.


Misaki, who was just watching them, giggled because Natsu was play with Kazuto.

The three of them casually watched TV after that. Accompanied by snacks and cakes made by Misaki made them not bored.

All was going well until Misaki heard the news which made her freeze.

"A criminal who has escaped from prison with a sexual harassment case has finally been arrested. The suspect has been secured in..."

Misaki widened her eyes in disbelief. This news should have come out two months later, but for some unknown reason it is happening now.

Why did it happen so early?

Misaki is blessed with good memory skills, so she can remember all events as long as she has seen them. That ability had become a blessing, and a curse at the same time.

Because of her memory ability, she can know the future that will happen well. At least that information until she died.

So far she had never tried to change the future, except for those around her. For example, she knows of events that will shock the world with a terrorist bombing, or criminals on the loose and the people who have fallen victim to them. To be honest, it made her feel guilty for knowing what was going to happen but not spreading it. Moreover, remembering the names of the victims of the crime added to the burden on her heart.

But what can be done? There's no way anyone would believe her, right? Even Misaki would probably be considered crazy if she did, and then if people believed her, they would definitely ask where she got that information from. There's no way she could say she's from the future, right?

But still, there is still a bit of a burden that must be kept in her heart because of that.

If only she could find someone to share the same secret with, then the burden might be lifted.

"What's wrong Misaki? Why do you look dumbfounded?"

Kazuto snapped her out of her daydream.

"Nothing, just thinking about something."

"If something happens, then just tell me."

Kazuto said with worried face. Whenever Misaki daydreams like that, it means that she is thinking about things that have been weighing on her mind like last time. He couldn't help but worry because it always made Misaki sad. He didn't want that to happen to her.

"I told you I'm fine."

Misaki said to convince Kazuto.

Well, there's no way I'd say that to Kazuto. How is he going to believe that I'm actually his ex from the future? Misaki thought as she looked at him with a warm gaze. Their relationship has changed. In the past, they would never have been like this because of a misunderstanding that came from those who were not related by blood. Now that the misunderstanding was gone, it was because she was still hiding the fact that they weren't siblings. One day, it might come to light because she couldn't hide that fact forever. And she would follow Kazuto's decision, whatever it was.

Yes, whatever it is.

If he chose to hate her for hiding it from that fact, then she would let it go. If he pretended not to know about it and remained his older brother, she would certainly be very happy about it. And if....

And if? Is there anything else besides those two options? Misaki thought in confusion.

Whatever it was, she would follow Kazuto's decision as his former self. For now, she just had to wait and see.

Ignoring the above, for now she needed to think about the matter right in front of her. She needed to know why future changes could occur.

"Is this some kind of coincidence?"

Misaki muttered as she watched the news.

The changes she made couldn't possibly have created such a large butterfly effect. Unless it was purely a coincidence, or someone else had deliberately changed the future. She could only come to those two conclusions after thinking it over properly.

"Well, that must be a coincidence."

Trying to get rid of the big question in her head, Misaki reassured herself.

Thinking about such things would only make her old faster.